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By Khalid

Health is the most valuable property, but many are unaware that the disease
afflicted chronic. Many also are not aware of the role that nutritious food intake to
ensure the health well. The major cause attack chronic diseases such as cancer
and heart disease are because not eating the proper foods and eat less nutritious

Pattern of food intake that should be regularly instituted sooner. Maxims have
said, "Self you are What You Eat" and this statement is true in matters of
health. Eating patterns determine our state of health because a diet that is not
organized health worsened.

A nutritionist from the United States, Frances M Lapp said people in the country
have unhealthy diet. In his book Diet for a Small Planet he said the country's
population is consuming too much meat, fat, sugar, alcohol, substance additive
but less fiber food. Attitude also start spreading among people of Malaysia who
generally eat eggs a lot of food process. Are you one of them? Is your diet has
the following characteristics?

Too much fat and cholesterol
Food such as meat and eggs dairy products such as butter and cheese is a
source of protein, vitamins and minerals is good but it also contains much
cholesterol. Fat and can cause obesity, leading to increase risk of heart attack
and attack cancer while cholesterol major source of heart disease. Food and
snacks such as fries and chips also contain a lot of fat and cholesterol as well as
hawkers selling food.

Too much sugar
processed food and sweet food such as chocolate cake and ice cream contain a
lot of sugar that provides large amounts of calories without nutrients or fiber food.
With sugar also replace nutritious foods and eliminate some vitamins and
minerals from sugar body. Eating excess means you bear the risk of
damage teeth, obesity and other problems associated with it such as diabetes,
heart attack and others.

Too much salt
Fast food, canned food, preserved meat and salted snacks such as fried
potatoes contain too many salt. Eating too much salt can cause high blood
pressure, which eventually can lead to heart attack or strok. Mostly people may
have problems too much water under the skin (edema).

Too little fiber
without fiber intake, food takes between 70 to 80 hours for the digestive
tract. Reduce the time taken for food through a funnel that can protect against
attacks colon cancer and rectum with melt material that is poisonous in large
intestine, and accelerate production of the body.

Every human has different needs, so you should determine its own what is best
for yourself. To make sure you eat excessive, you may need to consider body
weight from time to time or whether there are changes to note when dressed in
clothing that is either fixed or eggs as usual.

We need to balance the energy (food) that we get the energy used for daily
activities. If you come there to race each throughout the day, meaning you have
to use more energy than if you just sit around all the time. If you eat more than
your body needs, the excess food will be stored as fat.Diet you determine your
state of health as saying yourself is what you eat. Therefore important that you
practice well eating habits from a young stage.

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