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									New Book on Business and Sales - Author Interviewed on Selling Power TV
Unconventional Approach to Sales is Helping Close More Deals.
(Vocus) February 11, 2010 -- The new sales book - The Market Has Changed, Have You? Sales Strategies That
Work; is helping companies win more business. Paul D'Souza makes a stand in the market place that may
surprise conventional thinking ... yet makes too much sense to ignore.

 D'Souza suggests that sales people put themselves and their families at the foundation of their "Go-To-Market"
strategies. This market is a predator he says and it is important to put the needs of ourselves, our families and
children first and foremost, when considering how we choose to address the challenges in today's market place.

 Many companies, the unemployed and small business owners nod their heads in approval when reading this
fascinating book. "It just makes sense to get clear about your goals and your sense of purpose first," says Linda
Bunner, a Global Independent Distributor with the Amway Corporation.

 Paul D'Souza was recently interviewed by the Selling Power Magazine's Founder and Publisher, Gerhard
Gschwandtner about the book and the Wha-Dho Philosophy that D'Souza invented. Some of the key ideas that he
suggests we consider embracing today are 1. Stop taking "Short Cuts", 2. Get Clear about your personal Goals, 3.
Embrace Technology, 4. Be Real and finally 5. Embrace Change like a butterfly which is the symbol on the book.

 Forced Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners are enjoying this new approach to sales, because it gives them
more than just hope. The Wha-Dho Sales Strategy empowers people to get clear about what they want to
accomplish in life and "Why?" Taking the time to get clear about these fundamental ideas, helps people increase
their "Resourcefulness and Creativity" or their "Creative Genius" that is required to compete in today's market

 Amway, ACN and other Multi-Level marketing company Distributors, Small Business Owners and Franchisee's
are becoming fans of this new book and its sales strategy because it is helping them find strength in themselves
while helping them move powerfully in the market place while bringing in revenue.


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