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					                               About Everyday Math

        We are currently using a math program called "Everyday Math" in our
classroom. This curriculum uses the "spiraling" technique, where new topics spiral back
into lessons at a later point in the year. This process encourages a more long-term
learning pattern, rather than teaching an idea for mastery during only one time period in
the school year. For this reason, please do not feel overwhelmed or frustrated if your
child is struggling with a particular skill, as it may be only the first time the idea was
introduced to him or her. Many topics will find their way back into lessons at a later
date, and most likely they will be easier to comprehend at this time. If you are
concerned, please feel free to talk with me or write a note on the homework sheet.

Some Suggestions:

      We will have a math home link almost every night, so please supervise and
       interact with your child at homework time to be sure he or she is comfortable with
       the topic of the night. It might be fun to have your child teach you the lesson! If
       you are unsure of whether or not there is an assignment for a particular night,
       please check your child's homework sheet. There will be occasions where there is
       no math homework.
      Please keep all Family Letters! You will get one at the beginning of each new
       unit. They hold valuable information that may help you with any upcoming
       topics in the unit that prove to be challenging!
      Look for ways to use math with your child in everyday life! Follow recipes, make
       change, take measurements for home projects! Show your child how important
       math is in the world around us!
      All year, we will be working on memorizing our basic addition and subtraction
       facts, as well as, advanced addition and subtraction. Please encourage your child
       to practice their math facts whenever possible!