Apple Upgrade to Logic Express 7.2 (MA606ZA) by mln17564


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 Apple Upgrade to Logic Express 7.2 (MA606Z/A)
  Upgrade Logic Express 6 > Logic Express 7.2, EN, Mac

                                                Price details:                              PDF generated on: 11 February, 2010

                                                  Price excl. VAT: 71.28 €
                                                  Eco fees: 0.00 €
                                                  VAT 21 %: 14.97 €
                                                Product details:
                                                  Product code: MA606Z/A
                                                  Manufacturer: Apple

                                                                         86.25 €
                                                                         * VAT included

  Logic Express 7, Apple's feature-packed software for music composition and production, delivers affordable,
  professional-quality audio and MIDI tools. With the same interface and workflow as the highly acclaimed Logic Pro 7
  and more than 50 software instruments and plug-ins, Logic Express 7 provides precise control over recording, editing,
  and mixing. It's also perfect for GarageBand users seeking to step up to a more advanced application, with a studio-
  style mixer and the ability to edit and print performances using standard music notation. Since projects and skills
  learned in Logic Express 7 are directly transferable to Logic Pro 7, it offers a smooth transition to high-end audio

  Logic Express 7.2 Specifications

  - 37 high-quality audio plug-ins including Guitar Amp, Channel EQ and PlatinumVerb
  - 18 expressive software instruments including EXSP24 mk II sample player, ES1, EFM1 and all the GarageBand
  - Over 1,000 Bundled Apple Loops
  - Audio resolution of up to 24-bit/96 kHz
  - Up to 255 stereo tracks
  - Up to 64 simultaneous software instruments
  - Track Freeze to expand plug-in capacity
  - Support for up to 12 input and output audio channels
  - 8 buses
  - Score editor with comprehensive notation creation, editing, and printing
  - Adaptive Track Mixer that displays tracks in use
  - 5 unique windows for MIDI editing and processing
  - High-resolution automation system for mixing, effects, and software instruments
  - User-definable key and MIDI commands
  - Screensets and interactive edit windows
  - Setup Assistant for easy system configuration
  - MP3, AAC, and Apple Lossless import and export
  - Universal application runs on both Intel- and PowerPC-based Macintosh computers

Main specifications:

 System requirements
  Minimum hard disk space:                      6000 MB
  Minimum RAM:                                  512 MB
  Minimum processor:                            PowerPC G4
  Mac compatibility:                            Y
 Technical details
  Platform:                                     Mac
  Media types supported:                        DVD
  Compatible operating systems:                 Mac OS X v10.4.3
 Language version:                                                       EN
 License quantity:                                                       1 user(s)
 Software type:                                                          Upgrade

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