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                                                                                                                Volume Number
                                                                                                        June1999,    8,

Council A&M-Kingsville  Research
ofDripIrrigation    in"         Clay
               Systemsshrink-Swell" Soils
     Aresearch  proiect underwayTexas University-Kings- gather
                         now             at       A&M                      to        roughly  three            from
                                                                                                     samples asmany these     of       systems as
villemay provide  criticalinsights theperformance, failure, possible.
                                   into                    and         of            Samples betaken triplicate qualiW
                                                                                               will            in           for        assurance
subsurface irrigation
           drip            systems           in
                                     utilized on-site    wastewater treat- purposes.  Water  quality  parameters arebeing
                                                                                                                     which            monitored
ment distribution
      and               systems theTexas Coast.
                                along             Gulf                     include chemical  oxygen   demand      (COD),  biochemical oxygen  de-
     TheTexas    On-Site  Wastewater   Treatment    Reseafch           is
                                                               Council mand     (BOD), suspended and
                                                                                         total                                  In
                                                                                                            solids, salinity. addition,    asuite
        the             The       is
funding research. study ledbyA&M-Kingsville                  researchers soils
                                                                           of                   is
                                                                                  informationbeing       collected          for
                                                                                                                     on-site such   values soil
Andrew   Ernest theEnvironmental
                 of                       Engineering    Department moisture, exchange
                                                                      and            cation            capacity,              andthe
                                                                                                                   soiltexture, shrink-swell
Duane           of Agronomy Resources
       Gardiner the                and             Sciences  Department.   capacityof expansive             The               will
                                                                                                  claysoils. researchersanalpe data      this
A&M-Kingsville    graduate    students  Alondra    Barnes   and Krishna bystatistical deterministic
                                                                                       and                   methods.
            are participating.
P anandan also
 av                                                                               a
                                                                               As result   ofthis  research, hoped new
                                                                                                              it is       that insights becan
     AccordingErnest, goal
               to         the ofthis      project tocollect danallze gained how types wastewater generated,wellthe
                                                  is          an                 into the             of              being            as
performance  datafrom    subsur{ace irrigation
                                     drip            systems usedfor  on- nature clay
                                                                                  of      soils, influence performancesubsurface
                                                                                                            the                of           drip
sitewastewater treatment disposal, researchers identified irrigation
                          and            The               have                      systems, information will begeneratedthis
                                                                                               Other                 that                 by
20individual           sited
             systems throughout Texas Coast,
                                         the        GuH        including project             how
                                                                                   includes dripirrigation                   may
                                                                                                                     systems bemodified        to
systems treat
        which waste individual multiple-family
                           from              and                  homes,   perform  betterandwhether cost
                                                                                                        it is              to         or
                                                                                                                   effectiveimprove rehabili-
convenience and                       "Ffom
            stores, restaurants. conversations had tate      wehave           these hoped theproject laytheground-
                                                                                               It           that             may
withmanylocalregulators, thatsomethese
                            it appears            of      systems maybe workto develop      improved    design    parameters these
                                                                                                                             for      systems.
failing,"Ernest says. "Apotential  problems    seems bethat, some
                                                      to         in            "It is essentialknow precise
                                                                                                to        the           properties clay
                                                                                                                                   of     soilsat
cases,systemsmayhave installedsites
                         been           at      thatwere appropriatespecific inorder predicthowwell irrigation
                                                          not                      sites          to                   drip          systemsmay
for dripirrigation  systems. is a need better
                               There             to        manage   these function,"  Ernest "There besome
                                                                                             says.          may            marginal shrink-swells
        We also            to
systems, are trying identiff inwhich ismost
                                       sites          it       likelythat which allow systemsworkwelland need identi$r
                                                                                 may         drip                             we       to
dripirrigation          may
              systems successfully wastewater."
                                          treat                            where these exist."The
                                                                                        soils                project conclude theendof
                                                                                                                      will          at
     Currently, researchers gathering abofithe
              the                are             data          quality August Fordetails,
                                                                       of         1999,               contact          at
                                                                                                               Ernest       or
efluent whilewithin  treatment before enters dripirrigation $6t1 593-304r)or Gardiner (36r) 593-369ror
                                units,        it       the                                                            ^t
system, following
        and                       The of phase theproject,
                       treatment. goal this               of           is

Council             TAEX
            Contructto toReview                                                                                  i n .   t h i . c . i s s u e
               Shallow       Tables
    Synthesizing                     presence shallowgroundwatertables
                              aboutthe       of                          andhowtheymay                             PrairieViewA&M          3
affect operations on-site
                 of      wastewater
                                 treatmentsy$ems is theaimof a literature    now
                                                                        search being
                                                                                                                   TNRCC Enforcement       4
                                        dce(TAEX). project ledbyJohnJacob is
                                                   This        is               , who                               Actions
                                         located theArmand
                                                at           Bayou   Nature    in
                                                                          Center Clear                             Meetings                5
                                         rasOn-SiteWastewaterTreatment  Research
                                                                               Council.                            Ff,ATURf,:              6
                                                                                                                   Sand     Designed
                                                    groundwater   in    is        difficultto
                                                             tables Texas currently

                                 I;teruture    (page
                                          Search 8)
                                             New       Describes
                                                Brochure           Historv.
                                             Mission,           Opporflrnities
                                                 A new,attractive             has
                                                                   brochure been       developed  rvhich describes mission,
                                                                                                                  the          goals,and
                                             progrlms oftheTexas   On-Site Wastewater  Treatnent  Research                  in
                                                                                                            Councilprogram aneasy-to-
  TexqsOn-siteInsights                       readmannet.
                                                 The brochure,titled "lmprovingOn-Site     Wastewater   Treatment Reducing
                                                                                                                  and            Costs by
Editor        -       r(1CJensen             EnhancingTechnology    Transfer Facilitating
                                                                             and             Research," published September
                                                                                                        was           in           1998.
TWRI Director -       Wayne Jordan           Briefsummaries presented
                                                            are            aboutthe        ofthe
                                                                                     history             as
                                                                                                 Council wellasitsauthorizing  legislation
                                             andstatutory            how
                                                         authoritv, Council                                and
                                                                                  members appointed, Counci.l
                                                                                           are                         meetings.
      Texa,On Insighls published
                site        i'
                                                 h addition, brochure       describes the Council funded, types grants
                                                                                       how              is        the       0f       and
quarLerlyby the Teras Wdter Re-
sources   Institute,which is a unit of &e            the
                                             contracts Council award, Council's
                                                                   can          the           work in supportifigtraining centers,annual
  exas Agricultural Experiment Sta-          conferencessponsored theCouncil, TWRI's
                                                                     by               and         rvorkto produce nervsletter the
                                                                                                                   this          and
tion (TAtS;.The newsletter funded
                                ic                   WorldWide
                                             Council's             Web  site.
by grantsfrom the feras           On-Site                                                   infomation peoplewho
                                                 Thebrochure anexcellent to present
                                                               is              way                       to            maynotbe  arvareof
Wastewater Treatment Researcl'
                                             theCounciland programs, desire briefover"view
                                                           its            but       a               ofCouncil            may
                                                                                                              activities.It beespecially
Council (TOWTRC).
      Subscriptionsdre fueeupon re-          usefulforstate
                                                          andlocal   environmental agencieswhich withon-sitewastewaterissues,
                                                                                                   deal                            sothat
quest. contact editor,call(40q)
        To          the                      they better
                                                 can       explain Council's
                                                                    the           operations to professionals thepublic.
845-8571, (409)845-8554, e-mail
            fa\                  or              Toobtain copy
                                                          a       ofthebrochure formoreinformation,
                                                                                  or                             warren
                                                                                                           contact       Samuelson  ofthe      TWRI's mailing
                                             Texas Natural Resource Conservation              Commission^t (512) 239-4799 or
address is: TWRI, 301 Scoates       Hall
Teras A&M Lniversity,College         Sta-    wsamuels@tnrcc.state,
tio\, TX 77843-21.18.
      This newsletter and much more
information about TOWTRC and on-
site wastewater issues irl Texas are
also on the WIAil/Vat
      / /
      You can also subscribe to an In-
temetlist serverthat discusses     on-site
wastewater issues in Texas called
"TWRI SepticTalk." Contact us if you
want to learn more aboutthis service.              of Texas
                                             Membersthe    On-SiteWastewater
      Finally, TWRI is always looking
for story ideas{rom its readers.Ifyou                     Council
want to suggestan a*icle for the news-
letter, pleasecontactthe Editor.               VarenSamuelson                                              lohnR.Bloxnl
                                                                                                           Harris Counl_r        Dept.
                                               lnslaller calion
                                                       Certifi    Section   zuT
                                               TexasNaturalReso!rce                          H$-a.,
                                                                                                 #J00      PermiiDilision
                                                                            912Capital Texrs
                                               Consenation jssion
                                                           ConrD (T\RCC)    Ausln,fi78746                  9900                   103
                                                                                                                 Noflhvest .,suile.
                                               ?.O.Bor  13087               ('l2) J27-9840                         TX77092'861
                                                                                                           llousron,          t
                                                             l'301t7                                        (7ll)95G3015
                                               Ausiin, 7871
                                                     TX                     ra\ (512)
         Disclaimer                            $t2)23947y)
                                               Fai(5t z) 2J9'6J90

     Thearticles thisnewsletter   do                                        BarryD.Bedwell                      A.
                                                                                                           Glenn TLlmer
notnecessarily theofficial
               reflecl          poli-                                       BedvellConstrucfionlnleriors
                                                                                             &             TNRCC, Region  l0
                                                TomDrciss                                     Suile
                                                                            5T00EnterpdsrCircle, l3I                         I
                                                                                                           J870nasreri . Srdtc l0
ciesof theTexas   On-SiteWastewaler                I$mRd.
                                                116l                        tunadl0,fi79105
                                                                                                           Bea!nronl. 71703
TreatmentResearch theTexas
                    Council,                            TX
                                                SmAntonio, 78216            (8,06)
                                                                                35G7088                    (409)89&3818

Natural Resource   Conservation C0m-            (210)828{565
                                                                            TeriH.Malhis                   The(€seBaer
mission, theTexas    Agricultural Ex-           l,oislbock                  BioTe\           Corp.
                                                                                  tsnvironmental           BaerEngineering
periment Station.featureafliclesoften           ?.0.Boi{1083                1034 Streer
                                                                                 2nd                                       I 107
                                                Mason,TX768i6               Roseoberg,fi7747l                    fd787l3
present usefulinformation  about 0n-                                                                       (512)453-37JJ
                                                 ot5)34i 5)47               l28r)342477
siteissues, may always
           but      not       identift
systems endorsed theTNRCC the
                  by           or                   Ray
                                                Dann! Moss                  MarriceP.Short                 Br€ntonVade
                                                1300 Lane
                                                   Bo^z                     Cardinal        & Markeurlg
                                                                                  Engineering              TNRCC
Council.                                        Haslel,]X76502                 Box
                                                                            P.0. 5,i88                                    #202
                                                                                                           301V. Beauregard,
                                                (817)952'21.(J                       TX
                                                                            Texarkana, 75505               Sxn      Tx
                                                                                                              Argelo, 76903
                                                                                83&7024                    (91t)655-9479

         Tex6sOn-Site             .June
              at           Examines
                     ViewA&M       How
long-Term DisposalEfluents
                 of      MayAffect
     Aliterature         is
                 search now     being conductedaPrairie
                                                 by          ViewA&M isneeded protect
                                                                                   to         public      and                    rates
                                                                                                    health theenvironment, atwhich
University              to
           researcher assimilate     information   about thelong- effluenls
                                                         how                       havebeenapplied     overtime,andthe amount land       of
termdisposal efluents sites at     where         wastewater
                                           on-site           treatment required properly
                                                                                   to                  of
                                                                                               dispose efluents      without  causing   environ-
systems being             may       the
                    used affect environment.                             mental damage.
     The       is
         study being                 by
                         undefiiken researcher      Raghava  Kommala-                     to
                                                                             Indddition identifingareas     where  additional            may
                                                                                                                               research be
patiandgraduate      student Ahmed   Noman thePrairie
                                              of             View Civil needed,  Kommalapati    suggests project alsohave
                                                                                                         the          will              practical
[ngineering  Department. project funded theTexas
                            The          is        by          On-Site applications. example, goal this
                                                                                       Ior          akey of proiect tocompare is              the
Wastewater   Treafinent  Research  Council.                              information long-term
                                                                                      about                      rztes
                                                                                                     infltration against Texas the        on-site
     Theoverall of thispro,ect to review
                                      is           literatureaboutthe wastewater                to           if the      are
                                                                                     regulationsdetermine rules scientifically              valid
broad  topicof hydraulic                                                                                               should
                                                                                                   orif modifications beconsidered,
and orgadc  loadings  from                                                                              "I amenthused thisproiect,"
on-site  systems. this
                   In                                                                              Kommalapati "becauseis obvious
                                                                                                                  says,            it
proiect,I(ommalapati                                                                               thaton-site  wastewater   qaitems being
hopes gather
       to        in{orma-                                                                          used extensively              rural
                                                                                                                     throughout areas          of
tionabout theuse         of                                                                        Texas. challenge to geta better
                                                                                                           The              is
differenton-sitewastewa-                                                                                           of
                                                                                                   understandingtheextent whichtheto
ter systems impact                                                                                 longlermuseof these         systems bemay
long-term  nutrient loads.                                                                                  the
                                                                                                   affecting environment time, over         espe-
Heis alsotrying com-
                  to                                                                               cially     Jittle
                                                                                                         since monitoring existing
                                                                                                                                 of          s)s-
pilepublished   literature                                                                              is
                                                                                                   tems taking    place."
about long-term        dis-                                                                             This project conclude fte end
                                                                                                                      will            at
posalof effluents      may Raghaur     Konmqlapati PrairieYiea
                                                    of           AEM carrying 6literuturc
                                                                    is        out                  ofAugust and summary litera-
                                                                                                             1999 a                 ofthe
presentwater quality rex'ieuaboattbelo          g-temdiEosalofefilrcntsfromo-snesJtstems. Heis     turereview bepublished. is hoped
                                                                                                                will                 It
problems   throughout 6lsoa        equippinga speciliu llforcn-$te wasteuater
                                              kb                             rcsearch, uhich       thatthe resultsofthis literature search   may
                               lnclades aerobic
                                       this              (shownahote).
variety soils. ofthe
       of      Part                                                                                helpprovide   recommendations       for future
project involves  gathering about depth groundwater research thisarea.
                             data         the       to             at             in
Texas where
      sites        efluents been
                             have applied, well information
                                                 as as                       For details,    contact Kommalapati (40D 857
                                                                                                                     zt                -2418   or
about composition        ofwastewater   atthese            0ther
                                               locations. issues
which beexamined
      will               include whether  pretreatment disposal

Council            TWRI        Production
          Contractwith toContinue
of.       Insighls
     On-Site     Newsletter, WVW
                         Update Site
    The  Texas  0n-Site   Wastewater  Treafinent Research  Council  re- is verysatisSing helpinformregulators,
                                                                                       to                          professionals, dre
cently          its           with
      renewed contract theTexas               Water Resources Institute public much-needed
                                                                              with                         they use.
                                                                                                information can There'stremen- a
(TVRI)toassure itspublic
                    that          information  materials,including this dousneed educational
                                                                                  for              resources about on-site           in
newsletter, continue beproduced thenell twoyears. Texas wehope arefillingthat
           will             to               over                             and         we              void. "
    TheCouncil             to          its
                    voted continue contract TWRI that
                                                    with        so           During next years,
                                                                                   the two           Jensen hewants include
                                                                                                            says          to      more
In-formationSpecialist Jensen keep publishing leras arlicles thenewsletter have suggested
                         Ric         will      on           the                in             which been                          Ifyou
On-Site Insigbts               until
                   texsletter atleast      August I .
                                                  200                   have ideas topics should featured, freeto contact
                                                                             any     for       that       be
    In addition, Council's
                  the           acdon provides tomaintain Jensen hewillbemore happy discuss concepts
                                       also          funds                     and               than       to        these        with
itsWorld      Web ( firsttime, you.
         Wide site                                   Fordre
thecontract includes, to support demonstrationsthe
                         funds              live                 of          Subscriptions
                                                                                         toTe.{as       Insigbts
                                                                                                  On-Site                upon
                                                                                                                  arcfree request.   To
T0WTRC    WVW atmeetings conferences.
                  site              and                                 receivesubscriptionthenewsletter speak Jensen,
                                                                               a            to               or      with        conact
    "Obviously, elated wecankeep producing
                  we're          that               on             this himat (409) 845-857I
newsletterwellas VWW and
          as          the       site related          "Jensen "It
                                                efiorts,       says.

                                                                                                     1999. Texas
                    TNRCC Aggressive toEnforce
                        Takes      Actions
                       Rules, Fines Suspensions
                    OSSF Issue and
       SAMUEIS)N,       AND
                    BRACH, RICIURD                                        RECENT    TNRCC      ENF0RaWNT           ACruONS
CR4IG,                                                                                   May and 1999, complaints filed
                                                                               Betrueen 1996 May                      481               were with
                                                                          individuals were
                                                                                      who          registered theTNRCC Program.
                                                                                                                 with              oSSF              0f
TEXAS NATaRil     RESoanu       Cousnnwnou        Couutsstou                                                          or
                                                                                                            findings,default     orders   beingissued.
                                                                          these, resultedagreed,in
(WRCC),                                                                   In addition,  another arepending
                                                                                                   17%                  while29%     wercstill under
ON-S|TE FActuw
         SEVAGE                (OSSF)    Pnoeneu,                                                                that
                                                                          investigation.should noted 20% thecomplaints
                                                                                          It          be                     of                  were
AUSNN,   TX                                                               closed to insufficient
                                                                                  due                               In
                                                                                                         evidence.Mav               one
                                                                                                                             1999, certificate       of
                                                                          registration revoked trroyears another suspended
                                                                                      was             for            and           was              for
                                                                              months.  Overall,   seven   certificates registration been
                                                                                                                       of                have       re-
    The intentofthis  article toprovidebriefsummary tlpes six
                             is            a                 ofthe
                                identified a review theactions voked one
                                                          of                     and has        been   suspended.
of wrongdoing have
               that      been              and
                                                                               Administrative  penalties this totaled142 I 5.Twenty
                                                                                                           during tine              $ ,4
whichtheTNRCC takenhas                    the
                               regarding On-Site        Sewage   Facility
(OSSF)                                                                    agreed   orders  totaled   roughly   $2s,660, findings
                                                                                                                          four            orders  were
                                                                                 for            and
                                                                          issued $25,397, l 7default             orders  totaled $88,62   3.
    Muchof theinformation thisarticlewaspresented the
                                 in                              by
                                                                               What  qpes    0fwrongdoing most were         often        by
                                                                                                                                  cited theTNRCC
TNRCC the 1999
       at             Texas  On-Site   Wastewater  Treatment    Council
       Conference   in Vaco.                                              in developing processing orders?
                                                                                           and                 these           Often,  installers took
                                                                          depositsfrom                                      the
                                                                                                    but abandonedinstallation
                                                                                          owners, then                                       ofsystems
                                                                          before werecompleted. othercases,
                                                                                  they                        tn                installers   began  the
BACKGR\UND      INF)RMATIqN                                                                                  wiftoutapproval the from       permitting
                                                                          installation on-site
                                                                                      of           systems
    Through  formal  enforcement the action, TNRCC issue letter authority. yetother
                                                       can       a                   In             instances,   systems irrstalled repaired
                                                                                                                          were             or
ofreprimand program or it may
             from             staff               one
                                             issue ofthree           of
                                                                types which notmeet minimum
                                                                                  did            the              requirementstheTexas
                                                                                                                                  of            Health
orders. orders issued fte TNRCC
        The          are          by            Enforcement     Division and  Safety forOSSF ities.
                                                                                     Code             facil Some        individuals  installed systems
againstindividuals may
                    who       have   violated agency regulations.even
                                                     OSSF                      though  theywerenotlicensed                       t0do Sometimes,
                                                                                                                  orregistered so.
Thetypes orderswhichthe TNRCC issue
          of                               may         include  agreed, improper                        used
                                                                                     materialsw€re toinstall            systems.
findings, default
         and                                may        a
                      orders. TNRCC issue letterof repri-
maldafter corrective                         in
                       action occurred atimely
                              has                       manner.
               "agreed                                                    SaM,trARv
    Under   an           order,"   people  neither         to
                                                    admit nor deny
                                                                               These           by TNRCC
                                                                                      actions the               confirm everyonetheon-site
                                                                                                                         what             in
charges whichare brought       against  themanddreorderdoesnot                                                            - namely, theagency
                                                                                      industry Texas       should  know                 that
become offteir compliance          history. agreed
                                           Still,        orders require wastewater
                                               penalty may                is committed enJorcing rules that will take
                                                                                         to             0SSl         and it                actionwhen
individuals pay deferred
           to a               administrative           and require
                                                                          theregulations willfully
                                                                                            are           violated.
corrective toresolve
          action                         within
                            complaints aspecfiedtimeperiod.
                                                                               It should beapparent individuals have
                                                                                          also                 that             who         broken  the
    When "findings
          a             order"is issued,   individuals  either admit to
                                                                                                                           them, incurred
                                                                                                                  against have                   fines,
wrongdoing have a case
             or        had                      by
                                      reviewed the State       Officeof regulations hadorders
                                                                                       have                taken
                                                                          and, some
                                                                               in        cases,  hadlicenses    suspended    or revoked.
Administrative Hearings a judge determined violations
                         and             has              the
                                                                               Clearly, bottom isthat best
                                                                                        the            line                           of
                                                                                                                   dre course action on-        for
were      However, licens€ atriskif future
     valid.           their         is               violations occur.A
                         parl                                   record. site
                                                                              professionalsto make
                                                                                               is             suretheyarecomplying all the with
findingsorderbecomes of anindividual's             compliance
              penalties beassessed conective                               regulations on-site
                                                                                       for          wastewater    systems.
Administrative           may              ald                    may
                                                          action be
                                                                               NOTE: more
                                                                                        for          inJormation theTNRCC Enforce-
                                                                                                                   about                OSSF
    A "default order"is typically   issuedwhen   people         to
                                                         refuse work
                                                                           m€nt Program,          contactBrach at (512) 239'2150ot
withdreTNRCC resolve        complaints. law,individuals are
                                          By                    who
                                            whicharebrought      against rbrach@    tnrcc.state.L{.us atrcraig@tnrcc.state. (512)
                                                                                                        ,Craig                           tx.usor
issueddefault orders          that
                       admit charges
                                                                 penalty 239-2328, or Samuelson                     at (512) 239-4799 or
them valid.
     are       Normally,default
                          a          order        an
                                           carries enhanced
                                                                           wsamuels@tnf     cc.state.b(.us.
andan indMdual's                                  is
                      certificate registration oftenrevoked
                                  of                                 or

           Texas                    .June
TEEX   Snwten
   Ou-Sm   tuurrrus   Counsn  -    1 -
                  (OSSF) ScnnouuJuur999 Swrnnsnn
                                              I 999
    TheTexasEngineering  Extension       (TEEX) offering
                                   Service      is       the     Inaddition, TELXis       anew,
                                                                                  offering eight-hour            educa-
        classesthedates locations
following      at         and          shown below.                    (see
                                                             tionclass article   below). dourse,
                                                                                         The       "OSSF  Operationand
    The         I
       Installer course betaughtJune inAbilene,
                         will            23-24         July Maintenance    ofSurfaceIrigation Systems withAerobicTreat-
7-8 Houston,
   in        August inWeslaco, September in BlPaso. m€nt," will betaught 28 in Bryan,
                    3-4            a.nd        7-8                                JLrly          August in Weslaco,
                                                                                                        5          and
    The                is
       InstallerII class being           13-
                               offeredJuly 15inBryar,                   9 in
                                                     August September Mesquite.
U-19inAbilene, September in SanAntonio.
               and            28-30                              lor more            or         contact at(800)252-
                                                                           information toregister,     TEEX
       Site            class
    The Bvaluator willmeet 20-22 San July     in Antonio, 2420or     (409 845-6246. can e-mail
                                                                                    You also        GregoryLewis
August in Mesquite, September in Houston.
                       and            7-9                        information.
    TheDesignated                   course
                    Representative is being            Sep-
      14- in
tember 17 Mesquite.

   OffERS Counuutuc
        NEw       EotatnN CussFocrsES Af,RoBrc
                                    oI      SrsTEr'ts   & MULTENANCE
     A continuing              (CE)
                  education class been     has        developed the they beapproved theTNRCC.
                                                                 by        can           by              Aerobic unitsspecificallyap-
Texas Engineering Extension    Service (TEEX) provide
                                               to         on-sitewaste-proved theTNRCC spray
                                                                             by         for                are
                                                                                                  irrigation explained  individually.
water professionals regulators theknowledge need
                     and              with                 they     to     "Wehopethiscourse a number needs," Gregory
                                                                                              fills          of         says
manage grorving
         the          number aerobic
                                of         treatment throughout Lewis, coordinates TEEX training
                                                       units                who           the         OSSI                 "As
                                                                                                                  program. more
Teras. Thecourse,  titled"Aerobid    Surface Irrigation Systems 0pera- aerobic are
                                                                             units installedthroughoutTexas,  it becomes necessaryto
tionsandMaintenance."was    It      developed Paul
                                               by       Morris, TEEX proyide
                                                                a             accurate
                                                                                     technical information  abouthowthese     systems
instructor, lheassistance Texas
            with               ofthe        OnsiteWastewater                                                  time,
                                                              Associa- should used maintained.thesarne werecognize
                                                                             be    and              At                           that
tionadvisory               The
              committee, commitee           consists members
                                                      of                      professi0nals regulators required theTNRCC
                                                                  with industry           and             are          by
extensive  experience in aerobic  treatmentand irdgation. regulationsreceive
                                                 surface                        to      continuing  education course provide
                                                                                                             ,This       will
     The  course firstoffered
                was              earlier year. providesgeneral another
                                         this     It          a               opp0fiunity people thefield eam units."
                                                                                       for         in        to     CE
overuiew regulation on-site
                          of          sewage          (OSSF)
                                              facil.ity      systemsin     For details,contactLewistt (409) 845-6246               or
Texas, including provisions rules
                             ofthe       which  govern iffigation. at (713) 921-1665
                                                        spray                                     or Morris                        or
It aisoteaches   participajrts about  wastewater                   and
            A            portion theclass
                                   of                      how
                                                describes aerobic
qntems                   of
         work,thelevel treatment       needed   before          can
                                                        efluents be
spmy  irrigated, thecriteria aerobic must before
                 and               that         units       pass

                To  UP                                              TOWTRCSE(S   PUCE. 2OOO
                                                                                     FoR  AIIIIUU
          ToEARN CRhDITS
               CE                                                   CONFERENCE

    Asection theTexas         Resource
                        Natural                   Commis-
                                       Conserration            TheTexas      Wastewater
                                                                       0n-Site         Treatment       Coun-
sion(TNRCC) Wide (WWW) providescomprehen- cil recently
             World      Web       site       a                      announced dates site nerlyear's
                                                                              the   and 0f            Annual
   listing continuing
sive      of                  (CE)
                      education opportunities offerings
                                              and          Conference. Conference bein Waco will meet
                                                                     The          will           and
throughout Texas.                                          February28-March1.
    At thisWVW youcanfinda list of CE
                site,                    classes course
                                                and            Fewdetails available far,but Council
                                                                        are       so                Chairman
providerswhich have beenapproved theTNRCC,wellastheir
                                by          as             WarrenSamuelson that
                                                                           says continuingeducationcredits
names phone
       and       numbers. addition, ViWw alsolists once
                           In        the      site              again offered those attend.
                                                                    be       for   who
currentcourse        from Texas
             offerings the      Agricultural
                                                   Service     Moredetails the
                                                                         about Conference beamounced
                                                                                           will            in
andtheTexas  Engineering        Service.
                        Extension                                      as      as become
                                                           thisnewsletter soon thev        available.
    The       site       is
         WWW addresshttp:/fuww.tnrcc.state,€nforce-

                                                                                       June1999. Texason-Site
                 Developing forAustin Center
                         System       Arts   Proves
                         Due        Poor
                 Challenging toSlopes, Soils
      When firstview new     the Bafion                          it
                                              Creek Center,makes slntem 6,300        was                  per (gpd)Because flow greater
                                                                                                  gallons day            .          the was
 quite impression. Center,
       an               The                       be
                                     designedto ahaven       for perform- than 5,000 regulatory foron-site
                                                                                   the         gpd             limit            facilities, system
                                                                                                                                             the          fell
 inganJstswelJ atrendyoffice
             as as                    compler.           a
                                                sirsatoprocky inthe under lurisdiction theTexas
                                                                 hill                the                 of            NaturdResource         Consewation
 environmentally     sensitive  BarlonCreek    watershed.    Many the Commission's
                                                                     of                        \4unicipal  Wastewater   Division. where uasreviewed
 buildings theCenter        incorporate           glass
                                          st.ained andotherartistic byPhillipUrbany,                Louis  Herrin,andDaleWhite.         Even    though    the
 touches,  including"Southwestem" auditorium.
                      a                    style                                       plan
                                                             Designing revised hasscaled
                                                                        an                                down development, peak
                                                                                                                 the                and            flows  are
 on-site  wastewater    treatrnent distribution
                                    and               system thissite estimatedbeabout ,500 fte municipal
                                                              for                         to          2      gpd,                 pemitisstillin place.
 required ownartistry, t€rms creatiyity persistence.
            its              ir        of           and                       Asa result, sitedevelopers have hireanindividual a
                                                                                            the                   will     to                          with
                  to       Venhuizen, playedleadroleincreating Classwastewater tomonitor Derformance svstem.
                                        who         a                               D              license              dre                  ofthis
 theon-site    sys-                                                                                                          "We'll  monitor syjtem
 tem theCen-                                                                                                                       what flows
                                                                                                                             tosee the                  really
 ter,it was   chal-                                                                                                          are," Venhuizen "We   says.
 lenging de-                                                                                                                 willestablish thethat flows
 velop on-site                                                                                                               generated actually
                                                                                                                                          here            are
 system this                                                                                                                                  under
                                                                                                                             consistently 5,000
 sitebecause     of                                                                                                          grd.we should           thenbe
 siteconstraints,                                                                                                            ableto have permit the
 regulalory                                                                                                                  changed anon-site
                                                                                                                                        to                sys-
 hurdles,  andthe                                                                                                                         it
                                                                                                                             temwhen comes for         up
 desire de-
        ofdre                                                                                                                          in years."
                                                                                                                             renewal five
 veloper incor-
         to                                                                                                                       Theplanwasto use
 porate  environ-                                                                                                            sand  ftltertechnology       for
 mentally                                                                                                                    alltreatment.was  It       origi-
 friendlyfeatures                                                                                                            nallyenvisioled some  that
 intothiseffort.                                                                                                             flows           be
                                                                                                                                   might separated,
      "It was  dif-                                                                                                          and graywater         could be
 ficult to deter-                                                                                                                     in
                                                                                                                             treated a separate          unit
 mine design                                                                                                                 andthen                as
                                                                                                                                        utilized asup-
 flow ralesbe-                                                                                                               ply for toiletflushing.      An-
 cause func-                                                                                   PHOTO BY RIC JENSEN/ TWRI
                                                                                                                             otherstrategy      whichwas
 tionofthe  build-       Da d Venhuizen   pointsto an areaht uhicba dtipfreld uill besitedto disttibqte                      considered     included    post-
 ing wasunique elJlacnts tbeB1/tofiCrcek
                                  fron                 Alts (nntet in Austin.                                                         sand
                                                                                                                             treating filterefluent
 - there not
           are                                                                                                               witha slowsand          filter to
 many   design             for
                standards a meditation       center a0r  performing    arts   produce forflushing
                                                                                        water               toilets.       other
                                                                                                                     These options dropped  were
          he        "ln
 arena," says. addition, hadto deal we             widrsteep   slopes  and when project downsized,it is expected thefirstphase
                                                                                    the          was                as               that
 problem " soils.                                                             heatment            will
                                                                                          s)stem nowhandle entire    the                 flow
                                                                                                                                design ratefor the
      Some themost       pressing   physical challenges hillyAustin TKnManDgrunABoaT SYSTEM
                                                        atthis                                                    THE
 siteinclude   slopes'and Venhuizen that
                          soils.             notes slopes rangehere                In itsfirlalform, wastewater thefrom perfoming center   afis          first
 lrcm5'/.to30%Only .                soils present. wh€re
                          shallow are                 Even                          to
                                                                  suitable flows a I ,00O-gallon tank,   septic while       wastewater theoffice
 soildepth          soils oftenveryrockyand quality plant complex directed two 750-gall0n
             exists, are                          ofpoor         for                     is            to                   septic  tark. These         three
 groMh. compensate thelackof suitable thedevelopersprimary
          To                for                      soils,                             septic  tank areused settling
                                                                                                                  for          and  primary      treatment.
 are          in
     hauling 11,000      cubic  yards ofloamy toprovidesoildepth Effluent these flows
                                              soils            a                       from        tank         through diameter
                                                                                                                         small               gravity  sewers
 ofatleast footbelow dripinigation
             one              the                lines.                       totwo1,2   'O-gallon                        t nks,
                                                                                                    septidrecirculation which arranged    are              in
      The  permittingpr0cess system in 1996 permits series.
                                forthis        began          and                    Ultimately,  efluents intoarecirculating
                                                                                                            flow                        sand   filterwhere
 were             by
       0btained theendof 1997. original  The                  flow
                                                      design forthe they           receive  additional  treatment.  Effluent these flows
                                                                                                                            from          tanls          into
                                                                              thesand dosing where
                                                                                        filter         tank,         pumps  intermittentlv it onto
         SeeOn-Site  Qf$i;]                                                             filter
                                                                              thesand beds. sand    The        filtrationprocess  producesvery   a       high
Arts     (from
    Center    page
quality efluent.         of            is
                  Some thisefluent recirculated throughback           the ofemitter  clogging.
system,   ioiningtheseptic   tankeffluent flowthrough septic/
                                           to                 the              The  s)stem roughly
                                                                                           cost        $40,000construct.
                                                                                                               to          Although may
recirculation           The
               tanks. restof thesand         frlterefluentflows the sound a lot of money anon-site
                                                                   to            like                for           system,Venhuizen fte
effiuent where
          ank,          pumps it to thedripirrigation
                              send                           fields,       cost       be
                                                                              should lookedatinbroada       context."Withoutsuitable
                                                                                                                             a         on-site
     "I likesand  filtersbecause are
                                  they inherendy    stable, " Venhuizensystem,may have been
                                                                                  it    not       even     possible develop property,"
                                                                                                                    to         this
says. "They a very
              are         reliable consistent
                                   and            treatment   meth0d, hesap."Ifyoulookatthecost
                                                                        if                               oftheqatem terms thetotalcost
                                                                                                                      in      of
managed    properly.   Unlikemany   competing  technologies, sand ofthe
                                                              I feel            project, really
                                                                                        it's      pretty        It
                                                                                                        minimal. also             well
                                                                                                                       compares toother
filters much likelvtofail.
       are        less              "                                      qpes on-site
                                                                                of                  and
                                                                                          heatment disposal     which  would worked
                                                                                                                             have          on
     Twodripfieldareas       were               which
                                   established, cover area    an       of drissite." There beadded forweekly
                                                                                           will         costs                  of
                                                                                                                        testing biochemical
I 1,000  square The
                feet. amount driplines
                                   of          which  were totaled orygen
                                                            used                              total
                                                                                   demands, suspended         solids, otherparameters,
roughly   6,000 linear  feet.Efluents pumped dripfields 15 whichis a requirement themunicipal
                                      are          into             at                             of               pemit.Installation the
pounds square (psi) As as efluents
         per          inch      . long the                                        was
                                                         which into s)stem recently
                                                                flow                            completed it will be in operation
                                                                                                         and                         soon.
thedriplines ofahigh
               are          quality,            says should be
                                     Venhuizen there               not         NOfi: Venhuizen hehas
                                                                                                  sap        designed overseen instal-
                                                                                                                      and           the
a problem clogging. heanticipates driplines have lationof roughly systems thist]?e in Central
            with            Still,              the            may                           20         of                    Texas, of
to be flushed   oncea yearor sowithclearwater preventative
                                                        for                whichserve  single-family          He
                                                                                                      homes. canbe contacted more   for
maintenance anacidic                     or
                                 solution chlorine           is                        at
                                                     ifthere evidence

TNRCC Program East
                 Helps Texas        Fix
wittr     On-Site      Treaftnent
               Wastewater      Systems
    Asubdivision Tyler justthelatest
                  near       is                example how "self- systems aerobic
                                                       of      a               with        units.
help"program    overseenthe
                        by Texas      Natural   Resource Conservation The       results dramatic.
                                                                                      were             Working         the
                                                                                                                within STEP     framework,
Commission    (TNRCC) replace
                       can           failingon-site wastewater   treat- theyqueried companies ftrmsthatwould
                                                                                                and                    perform needed   ser-
ment distribution     systems.                                              at
                                                                        vices reduced Aconstruction
                                                                                      rates.                 companywas    subcontracted  to
    Formany    years,        in Gresham subdivision
                    families the              Oaks              (south instzll main
                                                                             new      wastewater Later,
                                                                                                   lines.      Sanders Biggs
                                                                                                                        and       organized
ofTyler) were  faced ahost problems
                    with         of           centering around  failing ateam 10to20people spent
                                                                             of                who        manyweekends     crushing  existing
on-site          For
       systems, example.        paniallytreated  wastewater sur- septic
                                                            often            anksandlillingwiththendirt,digging       trenches, accom-
faced many     ofthehomes yards thesubdivision healy plishing
                             and        in                 after                many otherhands-on      lask. Oneof thebiggest       positive
rains,creating andpublichealth
                odor                      problems.  According fte features STEPthecost-savings results "sweat
                                                                 to            of     is                  which         when         equity'
organizers theproject, of theproblem thewidespreadis invested. example,lowinterest was
            of                                     is                             For            a             loan obtained The   from
presence clay in theregion.
          of     soils                                                  Rensselaerville
                                                                                     Institute  (TRI), which  originated STEP
                                                                                                                         the       program.
    InMarch    1997,however, began slowly around.
                               things       to       tum          Two Sanders  estimat€s thefinalcost replacing on-site
                                                                                         tha                of           the         systems
communityleaders, Sanders Carol     and        Biggs,contacted George using  STEP onlyroughly
                                                                                  was                 $38,000,  compared original
                                                                                                                           the          esti-
        of             and
Freitag the TNRCC learned             aboutthe Texas     Small  Towns matedcostof$   100,000.
Environmental   Program  (STEP),  Sanders Blggs
                                           and        began serving  as     "Texas offers
                                                                                   STEP        small  communities   affordable solutions for
"sparlplugs,"  organized  community               and
                                       meetings, began       liningup water wastewater
                                                                             and            problems utilizing
                                                                                                        by          self-helpwherever   pos-
volunteers, whichcouldcontribute             laborandmaterials,    and sible," TNRCC
                                                                              said                        Ralph
                                                                                          Commissioner Marquez.             "Gresham   Oaks
sources funding.    Smith County  Commissioner Emmett
                                                  Sharon           was residents had
                                                                                 have major      inpulintohow project progressed,
                                                                                                                this        has
                                                                                           gives a
instrumentrl working the community roadconstruction and undoubtedly them sense they avoice their
              in          with                   on                        this                                that have             in
options helpcut costs
        to                 significaltly. Consulting  engineer   Reese community's  qual.ity life."
Brown conlractor
       and            George   McKinney worked
                                          also         closely the
                                                               with         N0TE: partners theTNRCC ofterstate
                                                                                   TRI           with            and             agencies to
community           the
            to keep costs      withina  tighlbudget.                    implement throughout
                                                                                  SfiP              Texas. more
                                                                                                           For       information how
    The  technical          that decided was connect to utilizethisprogram yourcommunity,
                   solution was                upon to              all                        in                     contactFreitag the
thehomes thesubdivisionagravity
           in                 to          sewer, owned operated TNRCC Prograrn(512)
                                                         and                  STBP         ^          239-6123gfreitag@tnrcc.state.L{.us.
bytheTallTirnbers    UtilityCompany    wastewater  system. Individual
            and             are
     tanks drainfields nolonger
septic                                     being used,        for
                                                       except afew
instances which
          in       homeown€rs     previously            their
                                               replaced standard
                                                                                              June   t999. Texas    On-Site
 Groundwater          (from ;1)
                 Search page
. access interpret, though
         and           even       shallowgroundwater are
                                                    tables often       In thiseffort,Jacob focus gathering
                                                                                          will       on                     on
                                                                                                                information many
              by         wastewater professionals regulators. a topics,
                                                and          As           including  physical           of                  and
                                                                                             indicators soil watertables soil
        Jacob it isimportant develop
              says              t0                  sound
                                          technically informa- redoximorphic             (which
                                                                                  features              periods saturation reduc-
                                                                                                 indicate      of        and
  tionabout topic           can
                      which easily applied individuals
                                     be        by          making tion),Hewill alsoreview   information   dealing howhydrologic
  siteevaluations, and
                  local regional   regulators, professionals
                                             and            in the features thepresence shallow
                                                                           affect            of         groundwatersystems wellas
  on-site         in
         industry Texas,                                           theuseof cornputer  simulation         to        when where
                                                                                                   models simulate and
       "Thegoalof thisproject to identi$i
                                is                     gaps
                                             knowledge in the seasonally groundwater may
                                                                             high              tables exist.  Jacob wants look
                                                                                                                   also      to
  htenttnei'Jacob "Ihopeto, abroadway,
                    sap.         in           providesomeguidance a variety information
                                                                   into          of                       the
                                                                                                regarding topicof soilsaturation,
  intoareaswhere   research potentially needed allow tobetter including definition,
                          may           be       to     us                  its           methods accurately
                                                                                                   to          measure phenom.
  understand shallow  groundwater systems
                                                        important, enon thefield, howsaturation affect
                                                                        in          and               may       pathogensurvival.
        says, fheneed develop
             is          to         easily          "user
                                         understood, friendly"         The product this
                                                                           end          of project beareport
                                                                                                     will         which summarizes
  information willhave      apractical      to
                                      benefit thoseworking on- theliterature
                                                          with                  review makes
                                                                                       and        recommendations forfutureresearch
  site           issues
      wastewater in Texas,                                         about water
                                                                         soil            For
                                                                                   tables. details, contact at(281)291-9252
                                                                                                            Jacob               or

 Interactive OnNSFC Site
                  WWW Features   Information
      Anew,          poster been
          interactive,    has  developed theNational
                                        by                        In       there alsoinformation
                                                    Small lagoons. addition,    is             aboutpublichealth,
 t'lowsClearinghouse(NSFC) WestVirginiaUniversity
                           at                   which lets financing funding wastewaler
                                                                   and      for        andwatet       training
                                                                                               systems,      for
           utilize Worldr$/ide
 individuals tlre              Web                                             system          and
                                                                                     opemtors mainte-
 to gatheredrcation  materialsabout                                                   staff, general
                                                                                nance and           news
 on-site small     community waste-                                             about       and
                                                                                      water wastewater
 water          and
      treatment disposal   options.                                             topics.
     Theposter,   "Small Community                                                            any
                                                                                    Selecting of these
 Uptionsand Resourc€srr'    4.nt.,t                                             choices (which shownas
 wastewater treatmentoptions well
                            as                                                  graphic icons) lead
                                                                                              will   you
 as resources  about such topicsas                                              todetailed          from
 wastewater  management,   environ-                                             NSFC newslettersorreports.
 mental          and
        training, funding.                                                          The  poster locatedat
           of specific
     Some the           topicswhich                                             http://www,         edu/
 arefeatured  includesepticsystems,                                                                 htrnl.
                      sewers, home                                                  Fordetails,       the
 aerobic system  units,
                      septic system                                                          ^t
                                                                                Clearinghouse 62(800) 4-
                                  treatment             or
                                                 and 8301 atnsfc

                                                                             CsISf NO3UNOII.CfHHOC

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