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									              Sub: Biology                                                                                   Topic: Genetics

              What is the probability (percentage or fraction) of each of the following sets of parents
              producing the given genotypes in their offspring?

              Parents                    Genotype                    Probability

              a. AA x aa                 Aa
              b. Aa x Aa                 Aa
              c. Aa x Aa                 aa
              d. AaBb x AaBB             AaBB
              e. AaBb x AaBB             AaBb
              f. AaBb x AaBb             AABB

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              a) AA x aa                                   Aa

                        When AA x aa is crossed, it will result in offspring with genotype Aa, which could be
              clearly seen in the following punnet’s square. The gametes which will be donated by either
              parents will be A and a.

              Cross between AA x aa


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