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                                                 Coffee - To Drink Or Not To Drink?
                                                              By Ng Peng Hock

   Is coffee really bad for our heart? This is a question that coffee lovers keep asking their doctors
hoping to get an answer that can allow them to drink as much coffee as possible. This is also an issue
that is continuously debated over the years. Unfortunately, there is still no conclusive evidence on the
connection between coffee (caffeine) and heart disease. From time to time, contradicting reports were

For example, a study, conducted by University of Athens and published in the American Journal of
Clinical Nutrition in June 2005, found that coffee drinkers' major blood vessels were stiffer than those
of non-coffee drinkers. As such, the researchers urged those people, who have high blood pressure or
other risk factors for heart disease and drink more than three cups of coffee a day, to cut down on
coffee consumption. On the other hand, a report, published in Circulation Journal in May 2006, showed
that coffee drinkers did not have a higher risk of heart disease, even for those whose coffee intake
exceeding six cups per day.

Yet another interesting research, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in
March 2006, reported that caffeine in coffee is unhealthy for some but beneficial to others, depending
on a "gene" that determines how fast the chemical is metabolized. The study that was conducted by
the University of Toronto on 4,024 study participants living in coffee-rich Costa Rica between 1994 and
2004. According to the research, slightly more than half of the participants had the slow version of the
gene while the other half had the fast form. Individuals who had the slow-acting gene, as little as two
cups of coffee a day is associated with an increased risk of heart disease: two or three cups of coffee a
day increased the risk by 36% while four or more cups a day increased the risk by 64%. For those who
had the fast version of the gene, there was no increased risk, even with four or more cups a day. More
surprisingly, it is also found that individuals under 50 years of age who were fast metabolizers,
consumption of as little as one to three cups a day was associated with a "lower risk of heart attack".
Those with the fast-acting gene who drank two to three cups of coffee a day had a 22% reduced odds
of having a heart attack, but consuming four or more cups a day did not further reduced the risk.

The study also revealed that the liver enzyme cytochrome P450 1A2 which is responsible for
metabolizing caffeine, has slow 1F version and a fast 1A version. However, as tests to determine
which form of gene one carries are not readily available, one cannot feel how fast one's body is getting
rid of caffeine, it is advisable not to take more than 4 cups of coffee a day.

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In general, the minor change in blood pressure due to their morning coffee is likely to be harmless for
most people. However, researchers also warned that caffeine has a greater effect on blood pressure in
people with a family history of hypertension or with borderline high blood pressure. If you are not sure
which research is accurate or which gene you belong to, just stick to the lowest recommended one:
drink 2 cups or less of coffee per day.

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                                         What is Iced Espresso?
                                            By Sam Compton

Iced ‘Spresso brings out the new iced espresso drink, which is the perfect way to cool off on a hot
summer afternoon. Coffee is a worldwide drink and it has many different varieties and flavors. Iced
espresso is one of the most popular drinks in the range of coffee. The best part about this drink is that
it has low carbs without any added sugar. It is a natural drink which brings out the true taste of coffee
while cooling you out. It is a drink that can be used for all occasions and offers the great taste of coffee.
Iced espresso is also called as specialty coffee which is based on the common espresso drinks. Iced
espresso is a new combination of ice and the espresso coffee. Ice has been around since the
beginning of human life and coffee is in use for more than a thousand years. Iced Espresso is a
combination of the two and offers the best of both worlds. Iced espresso is a form of instant coffee
which is low in calories and does not have any added sugar or preservatives.

 It comes in unique varieties of flavors and brings the authenticity of an espresso. Iced ‘Spresso brings
to you iced espresso which will change the way people drink coffee. Colombian coffee beans are used
in the iced espresso which are whipped and used as a delicious latte. Iced espresso cools you down
and you will get charged up by the strong taste of coffee. Espresso is commonly used as the basis of
other coffee drinks. It is also used as a drink in itself and is a popular drink all over the world. The iced
espresso basically includes brown sugar, almond syrup and milk. Iced espresso comes in many exotic
flavors that are sure to tingle your senses and take you to a different world. Iced espresso is a real
treat for all coffee lovers who can enjoy the real taste of coffee without having to worry about the
calorie intake. Iced espresso uses the coffee beans from Columbia and has low concentration of carbs
and calories. No added sugar is present in the drink and you can have a natural experience.

 The iced espresso drink is said to have only 70 calories which is comparatively less for an espresso
drink. It uses a robust flavor of coffee which is energizing and tasty. You can also make your orders
online and purchase iced espresso in a dozen. One bottle of iced espresso will have a quantity of 281
ml. The basic ingredients of iced espresso include milk, Colombian coffee and natural flavors. No
artificial ingredients are present in the drink and you can enjoy a completely natural drink. The iced
espresso has an authentic taste of coffee along with the cooling of an ice. There is no fat content in the
drink which helps you bother less about your waistline rather enjoy the drink. You can indulge in the
drink without the feeling of guilt.

This article was written by Sam Compton. In this article Sam discusses the quality that goes into Iced
‘Spresso coffee drinks. If you like iced coffee you will love Iced ‘Spresso, check it out at and see why so many people are choosing the Iced 'Spresso brand.

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