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Simple and effective mobile CRM

Your customers may call at any time, even when you are out of the office. FullContact auto-
matically displays the relevant customer information on your phone as it is ringing. With a
glance, you are up to speed, just as if you were in the office. No hassle, just look, prepare and
close the deal.

                               FullContact has a powerful feature
                               set that is simple to use and very

                               While ringing and during call
                               • See relevant customer data
                               • No fumbling – just look and
                               • Be prepared before picking up

                               At hang-up
                               • Do summary and wrap-up
                               • Minimize typing – customer,
                                time etc. added automatically
                               • Open your mobile web-based
                                CRM-system directly after the call

                               At any time
                               • See log of previous calls
                               • Manual lookup of customers
                               • Add new activities, comments,
                                etc. to customers

                               All views are fully customizable

CRM – Extend to mobile for a more effective sales force
The CRM market is growing rapidly. By going mobile, your sales force can be even more
effective. Customer contact is improved and sales activities logged. Close more deals and focus
your sales efforts even better!

Support most Business handsets!                                         Fast and flexible!
FullContact supports Symbian and                                        FullContact is very fast and easy to use.
Windows Mobile phones*.                                                 The core functionality is immediately av-
                                                                        ailable without starting and waiting for a
Simple installation!                                                    browser. It has a small memory footprint,
Smooth installation through our installa-                               uses little power and is fast to download.
tion service. Just enter user name,
account information and phone number                                    No need for synchronization!
and the application is seamlessly installed                             The application is online and the data you
on the user’s handset. She provides her                                 see is always current.
password and is good to go!
                                                                        Fully customizable!
Security!                                                               Information displayed and actions avail-
All network traffic is encrypted and pass-                              able are configured on the serve. Views
word protected. If the handset is lost, the                             and actions are fully customizable at ser-
service can be deactivated. Only a very                                 ver side at any time. Need a new action
limited set of data is ever stored on the                               button at hang-up? Just add it! Want to
phone.                                                                  change the details shown before picking
                                                                        up? Easy to change.
Simple integration!
The mobile client can uses already                                      Easy client management!
existing API’s on most CRM-system. We                                   Our management server allows for easy
provide out-of-the-box support for many                                 management of your mobile clients. Do
CRM-systems and will integrate to yours.                                installations and upgrades easily and stay
                                                                        updated on the status on all your devices.

* Support for: Series 60 3rd edition, i.e. NOKIA N96, N73, N78, N82, E51, N95, N81, 6220, 6110, 6120, 6121, E65, 6110, N93, E60,
N80, SAMSUNG SGH-G810, SGH-i560, SGH-i550, SGH-i450, LG KS10. Windows Mobile 5 and newer with keyboard input, i.e. HTC
MTeoR, S710, Touch Dual, TyTN II, S730, SAMSUNG SGH-i600, and more.

Favourite Systems thinks large for small screens

FullContact – Simple and Effective Mobile CRM
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