Climate Change Adaptation Projects

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					 Climate Change
Adaptation Projects

     AIACC Workshop
        24 March 2003
Major projects
in the region
 Testing vulnerability indices
 National Adaptation Programmes of
  Action (NAPAs) & Workshop
 Capacity Building for Observing
  Systems for Climate Change
 Asia regional workshop on Adaptation
 Adaptation for Agricultural Productivity
 Indonesia mitigation-adaptation proj.
 Financial barriers
 Institutional/legal barriers
 Social/cultural barriers
 Technological barriers
 Scientific barriers
 Informational/educational
Conditions for
Adaptation Funding
 Appropriate economic, institutional,
  legal and socio-cultural contexts
 Level and aim of development
 Broader, integrated resource
  management framework
 Integrated cross-sectoral policies that
  lessen pressure on resources, improve
  management of environmental risk,
  and enhance adaptive capacity
Adaptation Funding

 Support cross-cutting adaptation
 Strengthening the Enabling
 Synergy
 Engaging Stakeholders
 Phased approach
Multilateral Sources of
 GEF Trust Fund
 New Funds
  – LDC Fund
  – Special Climate Change Fund
  – Adaptation Fund