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					Dan Roberts                                                                               2-8-10
Curricular Innovation and NYS Standards                                         Professor Mason

Comments on “Failing Our Schools”
   Teachers are worried about their jobs in an already poor job market. There are many
    confounding factors besides a student’s intellectual ability that attribute to their overall
    academic performance that are scaring teachers.
   In New York State, it is illegal to evaluate teachers based on a student’s performance.
   Privatization is looming over the heads of public school administrators according to
        o Students in New York City’s charter schools are doing better than their public
            school counterparts.
   In order to maintain a just democratic society, everyone needs to be well educated and to
    maintain this strong education, all facets of society must do their part

Comments on “Development of theme-based, interdisciplinary, integrated curriculum: A
theoretical model”
    Within the theme-based school, all subjects should work together to facilitate a richer
       understanding of all subjects and how the difference subjects rely on each other
    Main goal is to build an understanding of larger issues that “transcend subject matter
    Themes must satisfy three criteria:
           o Validity within the disciplines – appropriate and important
           o Validity for the disciplines – interdisciplinary
           o Validity beyond the disciplines – understanding larger issues
    Best basic theme to structure a curriculum around is any type of mapping

Relevant NYS Standards to Compare:
   1. Interconnectedness: Common Themes
 Students will understand the relationships and
      common themes that connect mathematics, science, and technology and apply the themes
      to these and other areas of learning. 

   2. Interdisciplinary Problem Solving
 Students will apply the knowledge and thinking skills
      of mathematics, science, and technology to address real-life problems and make informed
   3. Cultural Understanding 
 Students will develop cross-cultural skills and understandings.
   4. Integrated Learning
 Students will demonstrate how academic knowledge and skills are
      applied in the workplace and other settings.
   5. Integrated Learning
 Students will demonstrate how academic knowledge and skills are
      applied in the workplace and other settings.

Concluding Remarks:
    Theme-based curricula can provide effective tools for children to understand issues
      within certain disciplines and their relationship to larger community and global issues
    New York’s standards focus on the important aspects of learning, but it is up to the
      teachers to implement these standards into an effective curriculum

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