IndM5212 - Production Operations Management

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					IndM5212 – Production & Operations Management
Course Description: Production/operations concepts with emphasis upon systems, systems design
and analysis, strategies, productivity, planning, forecasting, deterministic and stochastic inventory
control, MRP scheduling, and project planning.

Course Outcomes

The student upon completion of the course Production & Operations Management will be able to:

   1. Understand the impact of manufacturing configuration and processes on planning, scheduling,
       and controlling.
   2. Know the Process Life Cycle and applications.
   3. Know the Product Life Cycle and applications.
   4. Understand the problem of estimating capacity, requirements and be familiar with methods
       used in deriving estimates.
   5. Understand Operations Systems Management.
   6. Understand forecasting methods and know their advantages, and limitations, and know how to
       apply inventory control methods.
   7. Understand and apply the concepts of inventory management and control.
   8. Understand the basics of Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and Supply Chain
       Management (SCM).
   9. Understand and know how to apply scheduling methods including Intermittent Process
       Schedule and Aggregate Scheduling.
   10. Have an overall understanding of planning, controlling, organizing, and scheduling for
       production operations.
   11. Be able to conceptually build an operation.

Content Outline

      I.   The Strategic Importance of Operations
           A. Introductory of the meaning of POM
           B. Roles of operations relating to the other business functions.

     II.   Ensuring Quality
           A. Foundations and strategic implications of Total Quality Management (TQM) &
           B. Quality techniques, &
           C. Statistical Process Control (SPC), &
           D. Human Resources issues in Operations Management.

    III.   Designing the Operating System
           A. Key strategic decision in operations, such as…
           B. Product and service design, &
           C. Processes and technology, &
           D. Capacity and facilities, &
           E. Project management.
    IV.   Managing The Supply Chain
          A. Issues to cover include Supply Chain Management, &
          B. Studies in Inventory Management, &
          C. EOQ modeling, &
          D. Material Requirement Planning (MRP), &
          E. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, &
          F. Lean Systems.

Contact: Dr. Jeff Ulmer; Asst. Professor – University of Central Missouri,