New liquor licensing laws (Part 1)

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					FEBRUARY 28
                                 weekly law
                                 Contributed by Rebecca Greenland

New liquor licensing
laws (Part 1)
In July 2008 the New South Wales liquor
licensing laws were overhauled to create (in
theory) a streamlined process for business
operators to apply for a licence to sell and
supply alcohol.
The Liquor Act 2007 (NSW) and Liquor
Regulation 2008 (NSW) introduced new
licence categories along with a revamped
application process for liquor licences.
The new laws are administered by the NSW
Office of Liquor Gaming & Racing in
conjunction with the Casino, Liquor &
Gaming Control Authority.
An application for a liquor licence will only
be granted where the Casino, Liquor &
Gaming Control Authority is satisfied that:
✓ The applicant is fit to hold a liquor
✓ Practices will be in place at the premises
   to ensure liquor is served responsibly and
   that all reasonable steps will be taken to
   prevent intoxication, and those practices
   will remain in place; and
✓ The local council has consented to the
   intended business to be conducted under
   the licence.
The new licence categories under the Liquor
Act 2007 are a merger of some of the former
licence types, and include:
 • Hotel Licence
 • Club Licence
 • Packaged Liquor Licence (eg. bottleshop)
 • On-premises Licence (for both nightclubs
   and restaurants)
 • Producer/wholesaler Licence (eg. wine
   producers who have a cellar door or exhibit
   at trade fairs)
 • Limited Licence (for one-off functions)
To conduct a business under one of the
abovementioned licence types, licensees
must comply with the parameters of trading
set by each category relating to trading
hours, signage, trading entitlements and
responsible service of alcohol.
Next week we will provide an overview of
the liquor licence application process,
because Helping you is our Business.

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