Alexander the Great (Hellenistic Culture) by ves88494


									              Alexander the Great (Hellenistic Culture)

Name:        Katherine Yaksich                               Section ADO 594             #: 5
                                                              Time: Wed. 12:30

Educational Task: The students will explore and learn about the conquests of Alexander the Great
                   and how his influence allowed for the creation of a Hellenistic Culture.
Grade Level, approximate number of students, types of students:
   * 9th grade Global Studies classes
   * Approximately 17-20 students
Materials and Sources: World History text, Elmo Projector, handouts, Power Point Presentation

NYS Performance Indicator(s):
Key Ideas: SS2.1, SS2.2, SS2.3, ELA2. LR1

Performance Objectives:
  1. Students will be able to define key vocabulary terms by putting them in a three-column
  2. Students will be able to understand how Alexander the Great had an impact on Greek cultural
            diffusion by filling out handout with PowerPoint presentation.
  3. Students will be able to improve their writing skills by completing a journal entry with a critical
            thinking question.
  4. Students will be able to explain why Alexander the Great’s conquests had great importance
            and connections to modern day times by participating in a class debate/discussion.
Safety Precautions: N/A
Part of Lesson          Teacher and Student Actions                      Questions.           These can repeat for different parts
                                                                         of the lesson if appropriate. Include both lower order
                                                                         and higher order questions for each lesson. Include
                                                                         questions that indicate you have checked for
                                                                         understanding for both procedures and content.

Launch/Anticipatory     Teacher Actions:                                 1. Can anyone tell me what we are going to
Set/Before                * Go over key review questions from               be doing today?
                            previous lessons.
                          * Teacher will go over what the lesson         2. What are some of the topics or themes
                            activities will include.                        that we have discussed in this unit so
                          * Hand out 3-Coulumn Journal                      far?
                          * Make sure students understand the
                            key vocabulary terms.                        3. Does anyone remember how to use the
                                                                         3-Column Journal?
                        Student Actions:
                            * Students will respond to prompts given     4. What is cultural diffusion?
                        by teacher.
                            * Students will repeat what we are going
                        to be doing that day.
Explore/During          Teacher Actions:                                 1. Am I going to fast?
                          * Teacher will give students the Power
                            Point presentation with room for them        2. Why was Alexander so successful in
                            to write notes.                              Battle?
                          * Begin Power Point and direct the class
                            in a meaningful discussion.                  3. Did the people Alexander conquered
                                                                         accept him with open arms?
                        Student Actions:
                          * Students will take notes in whatever
                        way is most comfortable to them on the
                        power point sheets
                          * Students will participate in class lecture
                        and discussion when prompted by
                        questions from the teachers or comments
                        by the other students.

Summary/Closure/After   Teacher Actions:                                 1. How did Alexander the Great assist in
                          * Bring the class together and review the      cultural diffusion?
                            key points about Alexander the Great.
                          * The teacher will ask the students to         2. What do you think was Alexander the
                            write in their journal’s about which         Great’s most important conquest or idea?
                            conquest or event during Alexander
                            the Great’s lifetime do you believe was      3. What is the Hellenistic Culture?
                            the most important. And also if this
                            event has relevance to a modern              4. Why did so many cities name themselves
                            example.                                     after Alexander?

                        Student Actions:                                 5. What contributions did Alexander have
                          * Students will make sure they have the        besides military contributions.
                        key points of Alexander’s life written down.
                          * Students will write a journal entry?
Assessment                  * The students will receive a certain amount of points for each of the worksheets that
                              they receive. These worksheets will be directly related to the learning objectives
                              stated at the beginning of the lesson. Homework will be weighted more heavily than
                              class work because it requires more creativity/higher level thinking questions and
                            * Students will receive participation and class discussion grades.
                            * The student’s journal articles will also be handed in at the end of this class period to
                              check for understanding of content and themes.

Modification for         These students could have the option to make the journal entry into an essay. They could
Advanced Learners        do this and receive a free homework or some other incentive so that they would try to push
                         themselves further.

Modifications for two    * Sight impaired
types of disabilities-      - These students will receive the information in audio form so that they can listen to the
state the name of the         material and be able to orally prove that they comprehend the content and the main
disability here. You          ideas.
may include a            * ADD/ADHD
modification for ELL.       - These students will be given partially filled out Power Point notes so that they have
                              more direction and focus to where the class discussion is being directed.

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