6800 Watt Grid tied solar kit by pvguy


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Grid Tied Solar - Ballasted

                                                            Grid tied solar systems generate energy from the sun
            SGT-6800BAL                                     and feed that electricity into your home, selling any
                                                            excess back into the grid to offset your power bills. Grid
                                                            tied solar systems are the easiest renewable energy
                                                            system to install, own and maintain.

                        Kit                                 The SGT-6800BAL comes with everything you need to
                   Specifications                           start generating your own energy; fourty 170W panels,
                                                            coupled with fourty grid tie Enphase inverters, and
 Length                            64in / 162.6cm
                                                            ballasted racking system.
 Width                             32in / 81.3cm
 Depth                             4.5in / 11.4cm           The ballasted mount allows the solar installation to be
                                                            mounted on a flat roof with no roof penetration.
 Weight                           40lbs / 18.8 kgs
 Total Weight                   2080lbs / 495.60 kgs        Everything with the SGT6800BAL is plug and play,
                    Inverters (40)                          making installation and setup a breeze.
 Maximum Power Output                6800 Watts
 Maximum DC Voltage                   54 VDC
 AC Voltage                           240 VAC                                       •Install one, the rest just plug in
 AC Frequency                          60 Hz
                                                                               •Wires into a 2 pole 15 Amp breaker
 Peak Inverter Efficiency               95%
                                 UL 1741/IEEE1547                                •25 Year Warranty on Solar Module
                                FCC Part 15 Class B
 Approval                               CSA                                           •No roof penetration needed
 Warranty                             15 Years                                                    • Made in Canada
                Solar Modules (40)
 Maximum Power Output                7000 Watts
 Nominal Voltage                      24 VDC
 Approval                               cUL
 Warranty on Solar Module             25 Years
                 Ballasted Mounts
 Material                        Aluminum / Steel
 Hardware                          Stainless Steel
 Warranty                             10 Years

    Additional information available upon request.

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