Metric Measure, Dimensional Analysis, Meters Liters

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					Name                                                           Study Guide 1.3
Period                                                         A.1, Dimensional Analysis, Your Turn 1.1
                           Metric Measure, Dimensional Analysis, Meters & Liters

A.1 Measurement and the Metric System (p.6)
1. A modernized form of the metric system was internationally adopted in               .
2. (Circle T - F ) This measurement system, call SI, is now used by every recognized scientist worldwide.

Questions 3-8 refer to the picture at the right,
from p.6 in your text.
3. Object #1 is a beaker with graduated markings
   to approximately measure and hold liquid
   volumes. What are the numbers and names of
   two other numbered items which more
   accurately measure volume?
   a. #
   b. #

4. What are the numbers and names of items
   which measure
   a. mass? #
   b. weight? #
   c. A scale and a balance weigh and mass
      differently. Which one uses a spring?

5. Which object is concerned with angles (degrees)

6 a. Which object is concerned with degrees (but
     not angles)?
  b. What is this metric degree?

7. a. Which objects could measure the diameter of a quarter?
      #                                          ,#
   b. Which would do it more accurately? #

8. (Circle T - F ) There is a measuring device shown to measure every measurable unit. (length, volume,
   mass, temperature, time, and angle)

9. a. A meter is a little                 than a yard stick.
   b. To measure smaller objects, we divide a meter into               parts for cm.
   c. Even smaller objects can be measured in                  which is 1/1000 m.
10. The distance across your fingernail is about 1 cm. What are the approximate dimensions of and audio
    cassette in cm. (l x w x h)?
           x        x         =           c.c. (cm3 )

11. Your waist is about 1 meter (m) from the floor. A box which is 1 m3 would most approximately hold
    a                           (bicycle - tricycle - basketball) with a little space left over.

12. a. A liter is a little larger than a                 (pint - quart - gallon) and a little less than 3 cans of pop.
    b. If we divide a liter into             parts, we have useful chemistry volume unit called mL.

13. There is an important connection between c.c (cm3 ) and mL. How does 1 c.c. compare in volume to 1 mL?

Your Turn: I.1 p.6

1. A penny diameter =                mm =            cm       A nickel diameter =             mm =              cm

     A quarter diameter =             mm =           cm       A dime diameter =              mm =             cm

2.            cc =              mL =           L =             sugar cubes

3 a. Only U.S. customary volume units? What are they?

     b. Both U.S. and S.I. units. Include volumes.

4 a. One SI system advantage

     b. One SI system disadvantage