Dimensional Analysis Problems #1 by nak14542


									                                       Dimensional Analysis
                                       Problems #1

Use the factor label (Dimensional Analysis) to solve the following problems. Remember
to first state what you have, what you are looking for, and then the conversion factors
that will bridge between the two:

1. The price of fish is 25 US cents per inch at a Polish fish market. One US dollar is worth 16
Polish dollars. You are going to buy 355 cm of fish. 2.6 cm is equivalent to one inch. How much
will you pay in Polish dollars for the fish?

2. The price of candy is 65 cents per pound. You have 39 cents. How many ounces of candy can
you buy? (There are 16 ounces to one pound.)

3. A molecule is 8 x 10-23 m long. If 2.6 x 1012 molecules are laid end to end, how many cm long
would the chain of molecules be?

4. 75 zumbals cost 34 rubels. Each zumbal contains 13 woppels. Each woppel is worth 8 yorkies.
1 rubel is the same as 3 x 10-5 dupples. How many dupples will it cost to buy 892 yorkies?

5. To rent a canoe cost $0.35 for 15 minutes. You want to ride in the canoe for 3.456 x 105
seconds. How much in cents will it cost?

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