Dimensional Analysis Exercise 1

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					                                   Dimensional Analysis Exercise 1

Use a dimensional analysis to solve the following problems. Because we are multiplying, your answer
should have the same # of significant figures at the value given in each problem. Circle final answers.

1. If you have 500. milliliters of distilled water, how many liters of distilled water do you have?

        500. mL          1L                0.500 L
                       1000 mL

2. Convert 25 cg to gram.

3. Convert 4.0 x 102 mg to Kg.

4. How many mm are in 30.0 cm?

5. 3500 seconds equals how many hours?

6. How many second are in 2.0 years? (Assume 365 days in 1 year).

7. How many cm are in 0.015 miles?
8. How many mL are in 0.75 L?

9. How many grams are in 6.42 Kg?

10. How many Km is a 7.2 x 103 m track?

11. How many cm3 of vinegar are in 4.2 Liters of vinegar?

12. A piece of copper pipe is 0.35 Km. How many centimeters is the pipe?

13. An official baseball weighs 142 grams. How many lbs. is the baseball?

14. In terms of length, how many football fields could fit in 1.00 mile?   (1 field = 100. yards)

15. A helium atom has a diameter of 62 picometers (pm). How many cm is an atom of He?
16. If a contact lens is 5.0 x 10-2 mm think, how many nanometers (nm) thick is the contact lens?

17. How many centigrams (cg) are in 150 Kg?

18. How many micrograms (μg) is a 26.7 gram tennis ball?

19. The bond length of a nitrogen molecule (N2) is 1.1 x 10-10 m. How many pm is this?

20. The mass of electron is 9.1066 × 10-28 gram. How many nanograms (ng) is the electron?

21. Blue light has a wavelength of 450 nm. How many meters is the wavelength of blue light?

22. The speed of light is 3.0 x 108 m/s. How many miles/hour does the speed of light travel?