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Chrones - The Other IBD


									                                     Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                           Chrones – The Other IBD
                                                 By Julia Tanner

   When it comes to Inflammatory Bowel Disorder (IBD), most people are aware of ulcerative colitis.
This is a disorder in which the damage occurs in the colon as a result of inflammation of the tissue.
However, chrones is a prevalent disorder that is often misdiagnosed as ulcerative colitis, as they share
many of the same symptoms.

Basically chrones and ulcerative colitis are very similar disorders. They are both forms of IBD in which
the body’s immune system overreacts and causes tissue to swell excessively. Ulcerative colitis,
though, is only found in the colon. On the other hand, chrones can literally be anywhere in the digestive
tract. It is, however, most often found at the beginning of the large intestine and the end of the small

With chrones, when the wall of the bowel becomes swollen and inflamed, it is easily damaged by
waste as it travels through the system. This damage sometimes results in scare tissue, which steadily
narrows the passages even more than the original inflammation. The primary problem with chrones is
this domino reaction – inflammation occurs, damage is done, scare tissue is formed, more damage is
done, more scare tissue is formed, so on and so forth. The ending result is often blocked passages in
which no waste can pass. When a blockage occurs, the threat of a rupture is a very serious concern for
chrones sufferers. For this reason, if blockages are not resolved quickly, surgery is often used to
remove the damaged area and the blockage.

On the other hand, there is still quite a threat even before any scar tissue forms. When damage is done
to the bowel wall, ulcers and/or fistulas may form. An ulcer is a type of sore on the tissue which can
easily become infected. On the other hand, a fistula is a severe ulcer that tunnels into surrounding
tissue, such as the vagina or bladder. If an infection occurs, it could be deadly if not treated properly.
Meanwhile, feces may pass through the fistulas which only compound the problem.

Patients with chrones are not necessarily sick all the time. They tend to have bouts of inflammation
followed by calm times in which their system works fine, or at least as well as a damaged system can.
However, this roller coaster often makes it difficult for someone with chrones to function and deal with
daily life, as interruptions are always a possibility.

Julia Tanner is a professional writer. More articles can be found at:

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

                              Available Treatments Of Chrones Disease
                                            By Julia Tanner

 Chrones disease is a disorder in which the bowel system becomes inflamed and damage is often
done as a result. The exact reasoning is unclear as to why, but the body’s immune system seems to
react abundantly to a portion of the digestive tract that is actually quite healthy. As the area is pumped
with white blood cells in preparation to fight a nonexistent enemy, it becomes inflamed. This
inflammation allows the tissue to become damaged as stool passes through the digestive system.

There are several courses of treatment available for chrones disease, which typically fall into one of
two categories: medication therapy or surgery. Of course, surgery is self-explanatory – when an area
becomes damaged excessively, it may be necessary to remove the portion of bowel to prevent a
blockage or to remove an existing blockage. However, medication therapy is used considerably more.

Anti-inflammatory drugs are often used to reduce the swelling of the tissue in the digestive system.
Unfortunately, many of these have horrendous side effects, such as vomiting and severe headaches.
Sulfasalazine, Mesalamine, and Corticosteroids are examples of medication often used to control
inflammation in the bowels.

The immune system overreacting is the cause for the inflammation of the bowel walls. For this reason,
some doctors will use a course of treatment that involves repressing the immune system to stop the
problem before it starts. However, this does not come without side effects. Whenever you suppress
the immune system, you open your body up to be attacked. Even a common cold could be a problem
with no immune system to fight it off. Some of these medications also cause high blood pressure, liver
damage, and other complications.

Another option is the use of antibiotics. These are used to lessen inflammation and to eliminate any
infection that arises. Also common are medications that simply treat symptoms of chrones disease.
Laxatives or anti-diarrhea medications are often used to provide some relief. Similarly, pain relievers
are sometimes effective in controlling stomach cramping. Because chrones disease patients often
have nutritional deficiencies from not being able to properly absorb food, they may also need vitamins
and other supplements.

While some of the treatments for chrones disease come with complications and side effects, many
patients prefer to live with those consequences as opposed to having the disorder disrupt their lives.
The important thing is for patients to remember there is treatment available and they do not have to
suffer forever.

Julia Tanner is a professional writer. More articles can be found at: , ,

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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