Out of Harm's Way! For Client's Residents “Winter Safety by nak14542


									       Out of Harm’s Way!
     For Client’s & Residents
              “Winter Safety Tips “

                          Layer Clothing as this preserves body heat.
    Dress for the      
                        A hat, scarf and mittens or gloves are essential .
    Occasion            Protect exposed skin with sunscreen and lip balm.

                       For warmth and stability look for the following in foot wear
    Put your best

                        Well insulated and waterproof
    Foot                A thick, non-slip tread sole
                        A wide and low heal
    Forward             Light in weight

                       Once the snow and ice arrive, make sure your walking
                       surfaces are safe!

    Venturing out       Keep entrance ways & side walks clear of ice and snow
                        Carry a small bag of grit, sand or non-clumping cat
    Doors                 litter to sprinkle with confronted with icy areas.
                        Contact your SJHC for information with
                          transportation, grocery bus, & snow removal.

                                  Have a Safe and Happy

4                                        Winter!

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