Safety Tips For Street Smart Kids

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					                              Safety Tips For
                            Street Smart Kids

                                Basic Street Sense
˜ Know your full name and the names of your parents or guardians, your address (including
  state), and your telephone number with area code.
˜ Wherever you are B on the street, in a building, a mall, waiting for a bus, or driving - be
  alert to your surroundings.
˜ Send the message that you are confident and know where you are going.
˜ Trust your instincts. If you feel something is not right with a person or situation, avoid
  the person or leave the situation.
˜ You are in charge of your body. No one has the right to touch you or talk about your body
  in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable or that you think is wrong. Use the Power NO!
  and tell someone.
˜ If anyone tries to hurt or move you, make sure you scream, kick, fight and yell, You are
  not my dad (or mom)!
˜ When you are home alone, keep the door locked and closed to everyone and do not answer
  the phone B let the answering machine do its work.
˜ Know the neighborhoods where you live, play, and go to school. Check out the locations of
  police and fire stations, public phones, restaurants and stores.
˜ If you find a gun, do not touch it. Leave it alone and tell someone. If a friend wants to
  touch it, or wants you touch it, use the Power NO! and tell someone.
˜ Do not be fooled by adults who offer you treats or gifts or want to show you a puppy or
  ask you for help or directions. Adults do not need help from children.
˜ Do not go near, or get into any car with someone you do not know.
˜ Do not go into a public restroom by yourself.
˜ Do not go alone to movies, arcades, parks, or a mall.
˜ If you get separated from your parents in a store or mall, stay where you are and yell for
  a clerk. Give the clerk your parents= name and ask for help.
Never! Never! Ever! Hitchhike. If you are stranded, call the Corvallis Police Department at

                                     Safety On Foot
˜ Stick to well-traveled streets. Avoid shortcuts through wooded areas, parking lots, or
˜ Do not flash money, jewelry or other tempting targets.
˜ Carry your purse close to your body, not dangling by the strap.
˜ Put your wallet in your front pants pocket, not the back pocket.
˜ Use ATM machines in the daytime. Have your card ready and do not approach the machine
  if you feel uneasy about other people near by.
˜ Have your house key or car key in hand before you approach the door.
˜ If you think you are being followed, change direction or cross the street. Walk to an open
  store, restaurant, or lighted house. If you are scared, yell for help.
˜ Walk in groups, at least in pairs, especially at night.
˜ If anyone tries to hurt or move you, make sure you scream, kick, fight, bite, squirm, and
  yell, NO! Stop! You are not my dad (or mom)!

                                     Home Safety
˜ Do not open the door to any stranger.
˜ Always lock the door after you get inside.
˜ Do not open the door to any stranger.
˜ Never tell anyone you are home alone.
˜ If you are home alone, keep a radio or television on.
Call 911 if a stranger tries to talk you into opening your door.

                                       School Safety
  Have your mom or dad walk with you the first couple of school days to find the safest
  route and to locate where you can go if you feel scared.
˜ Do not wear expensive jewelry or clothing to school.
˜ Do not take more money to school than you need for the day.
˜ Do not put money in your book bag or backpack.
˜ Do not stay alone in hallways between classes.
˜ Do not play alone on playgrounds B leave when other children do.
˜ If you miss your bus, tell your teacher or principal.
˜ If you see a stranger around your school, tell a teacher or your parents.

                              Corvallis Police Department
                                  180 NW 5th Street
                               Corvallis, OR 97339-1083