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									             What is RSS?

And how do I use it to make my life easier
   But First My Conclusion…

By the time
 I am done
   you will
know what

RSS is a popular way to pull in news and information from across the
Web. "Really Simply Syndication" allows web sites and blogs to push
content to you easily.

Say you come across a blog you find fascinating. A click or two and it
now feeds directly to your My Yahoo! page. Works the same for
major media outlets like the New York Times as for thousands of
other sites across the Web.
RSS is a marked up language just like HTML
HTML                         RSS
• Open and closed tags       • Open and closed tags
• Few required tags          • Some required tags
• Many optional tags         • Some optional tags
• Can be read by a           • Can be read by a
  browser                      browser or aggregator
• Very free form in nature   • Very structured in
• Usually hand coded           nature
                             • Usually generated by
      RSS Example Step by Step
• Information can be entered into a database
• A script uses this data and generates an RSS

               Static HTML can also be ‘parsed’ by a script to
                       generate an RSS formatted file
  All you need is the RSS URL:

 Sample RSS
 file with one
 (RISCA) and
 three items.

For each item:
• Date
• Title
• Description
• Link
            Making it look nice…
• Parsers – Allows you to display the RSS file
  on a web page
• Aggregators – Allows you to display multiple
  files on a user configurable web page like My
  Yahoo or in a desktop RSS reader like Sage
• XLS Files – Formats the actual RSS file to
  look good in a web browser, much like CSS
  does for an HTML page
A parser is a script which tells your webpage
 how to display an RSS feed on that page.

      RSS Parser
  Example: Rex Parser,
An aggregator is an application or host which
  is designed to display multiple RSS feeds

   RSS Aggregator
Exp: MyYahoo, Sage, Pluck
 An XLS file can be linked from within an RSS
file and will give a browser a default style sheet
         of how to display the raw feed

   RSS               XLS

    Within Browser
             Show me the Content!

•   Look for the orange icon
•   Yahoo search results
•   RSS in Government (
•   RSS in News (
•   RSS in Blogs (
•   RSS in RI (
 Embrace the Possibilities

• Information available on:
• Other webmasters can help you
• We at are ready to help
  as well

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