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									The Lifeguard Towers                             District #1 – North Shore                       District #2 – South Side
Ocean Safety Officers are on duty everyday       Responds the coastal area from Kahakaloa        Responds from La Perouse to the Scenic
from 0800 – 1630 hours. As part of the           to Peahi (aka “Jaw s”). 15 full-time Ocean      Point on the Pali. 15 full-time Ocean Safety
island w ide 911 Emergency system, all           Safety Officers are stationed w ithin the 3     Officers are stationed at 3 tow ers w ithin a
OSO are trained above and beyond USLA            tow ers.                                        mile long area of beach in South Kihei.
certifications and all are certified AHA First
Responders. Each OSO is skilled in rescue
                                                 LG 8 - Kanaha Beach Park                        LG 1 – Kamaole 1
techniques using equipment such as rescue        Common Hazard War nings: 2, 3                   LG 2 – Kamaole 2
boards, tubes and fins, jet skis, 4-w heel       Located minutes from dow ntown Kahului,
drive ATV’s, and first aid supplies.             Kanaha is know n for great surfing and w ind    LG 3 – Kamaole 3
                                                 surfing conditions, w ith scenic beach areas.   Common Hazard War nings: 1, 2, 3
                                                 LG 7 - Baldwin Beach Park                       These 3 beach parks are very popular w ith
                                                                                                 both locals and visitors. Each beach has
                                                 Common Hazard War nings: 1, 2, 3                great snorkeling; how ever, strong afternoon
                                                 Just w est of Paia tow n, a very popular        trade w inds at all 3 Kamaole beaches are
                                                 beach w ith local families. Great for body      very common. In addition, each has its ow n
                                                 boarding, kayaking, and surfing.                unique characteristics:
                                                 LG 6 - Ho’okipa Beach Park                         KAM 1 is a great all-round exercising
                                                 Common H azard Warnings: 2, 3, 5, 6             beach, and location of the districts’ Jet Ski.
                                                 Minutes east of Paia, Ho’okipa is w orld           KAM 2 is a peaceful family beach.
                                                 famous for high level experienced surfing          KAM 3 features large open park areas
                                                 and w ind surfing.                              perfect for BBQ’s and gatherings.

Ocean Safety Tips                                Hazard Warning Signs                            District #3 – West Side
                                                                                                 Responds to the coastal area from the
  Sw im in Lifeguarded areas.                    1.    Dangerous Shore Break                     Scenic Point on the Pali to Kahakaloa. 10
  Never sw im alone.
  Do not dive into unknow n w ater or into       2.    Strong Current                            full-time Ocean Safety Officers are stationed
                                                                                                 within the 2 tow ers.
    shallow breaking w aves.                     3.    High Surf
  Do not attempt to dive over large w aves.                                                      LG 4 – H anakao’ o Beach Park
                                                 4.    Shark Sighted
  Ask a Lifeguard about beach and surf                                                           Common Hazard War nings: 1, 2, 3
    safety before sw imming.                     5.    Sudden Drop Off                           AKA “Canoe Beach”, north of Lahaina tow n
  If you are unable to sw im out of a strong     6.    Waves Break on Ledge                      and just south of Kaanapali Beach. Famous
    current, signal for help.                                                                    for hosting many championship outrigger
  Rely on your sw imming ability rather          7.    Man-o-war                                 canoe races.
    than a flotation device.                     8.    Jelly Fish                                LG 5 – DT Fleming Beach Park
  Look for, read, and obey all beach and
    safety signs                                 9.    Sharp Coral                               Common Hazard War nings: 1, 2, 3
  If in doubt, don’t go out!                     10.   Slippery Rock                             Just north of Kapalua, a very popular beach
  Protect the environment. Refrain from                                                          with local families and visitors. Great for
    touching all reefs. Help keep the                                                            body boarding, kayaking, and surfing.
                                                 In emergency call 911 immediately
    beaches clean and keep Haw aii beautiful.
Hazard Warning Signs:

         1        2                     7                      8
                                                                                     County of Maui
                                                                                  Ocean Safety Section

                                                                                                     Mayor    Charmaine Tavares
                                                                                                   Director   Tamara Horcajo
                                                                                          Deputy Director     Zach Helm
                                                                                         Chief of Aquatics    Marian Feenstra
                                                                                  Ocean Safety Operatio ns    Archie Kalepa
                                                                                      OS Training Captain     Jeffrey Silva
                                                                                     North District Captain   Dave Emerson
                                       9                      10                     South District Captain   Jeff Meadows
      3           4                                                                  West District Captain    Cary Kayama
                               To contact Ocean Safety:                                           www.co.maui.hi.us
                        In emergency call 911 immediately                                 Ocean Safety Mission Statement:
                                 Maui County Ocean Safety                            To provide and encourage
                               700 Halia Nakoa Street, Unit 1B                      ocean safety through public
                                    Wailuku, HI 96793
                                                                                  education and ocean recreation,
                        This educational brochure w as produced in the
                        interest of public safety and drow ning prevention and
                                                                                 and to assist in emergencies along
                        cannot guarantee or warrant y our safety at any of the     Maui coastal waters, thereby
                        locations described herein. That is y our ow n
                        responsibility. Maui C ounty Aquatics, P arks &           providing safer beaches for the
                        Recreation, and the C ounty of M aui accept no           people of Maui County and visitors
                        responsibility, express or implied for the use or mis-
     5        6         use of this educational brochure.                        who use Maui County Beach Parks.

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