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									Summer Safety Tips Just For YOU!
Sun Safety
Did you know that when you get a suntan, your skin is being damaged by the sun? Just lying out
in the sun for one day can cause skin cell and DNA damage if you don’t wear sunscreen. And too
much sun exposure can result in skin cancer, eye problems, or old looking skin later in life.

If you want to keep healthy, young-looking skin for years to come now is the time to protect your
skin from the sun. Before you go outside, apply sunscreen that has a sun protection factor (SPF)
of at least 15 and blocks both UVA and UVB rays. If you are spending a lot of time outdoors, wear
sunscreen and reapply it every two hours. If you go swimming you should reapply sunscreen
when you get out of the water. You should also wear sunglasses and a hat that shades your face
and neck. Not only will you look cool, you’ll be keeping your skin cool as well!

If it has wheels–it’s usually fun! And the best way to have fun is
to know what you are doing.
First you learn with training wheels, and then you master two wheels. You’ve almost learned all
you need to know – but did you know that there is a lot more to riding a bike? Ask your mom
and/or dad to help you log on to This site will teach you what
you need to know before you head out on your bike.

In-line Skating
Before you slip on your in-line skates, you need to learn how to stop. Just imagine rolling down
the sidewalk, seeing a big rock in your path, and not knowing how to stop! Ahhh! The best way to
learn how to stop is to practice.

There should be brake pads on the heels of your skates – if there aren’t, don’t use the skates! To
stop, slightly bend your knees with one foot a little bit in front of your other foot. Then, lift up your
front foot and push down your heel so the brake pad touches the ground and you come to a stop.

You watch your brother grind and do ollies with his skateboard, and you want to do that stuff, too!
But before you jump on the board and show off your tricks, you’ll want to make sure you are good
at them! After all, you don’t want to fall and make a fool of yourself in front of your friends. So ask
your brother for some tips and take enough time to perfect your moves. And remember: if you
start to lose your balance, crouch down low and try to roll as you fall–so you don’t fall as hard.
Scooter Cruising
If you haven’t tried a scooter yourself, you’ve probably seen someone cruising around on one.
They look really fun, but a lot of people don’t know what they are doing and they end up in a
scooter-squish. Ouch! If you ever go scooter cruising, don’t try risky moves and hurt yourself.
Make sure the handle bars and steering column are locked in place, keep your feet and body
straight, and have only one person on the scooter at a time.

Wheelin’ Tips
No matter what your wheels of choice are, here is some advice you should keep in mind when

• Pick dry, paved surfaces that let you fly! You don’t want to take your wheels out onto wet, rocky,
or bumpy ground. Not only could you trip and fall, you won’t go as fast as you would on a smooth

• Let there be light! How can you navigate if you can’t see? Don’t ride, skate, or cruise at night.
Just repeat this little reminder: If there’s light, take flight!

• Don’t let traffic get in your way! The best way to have fun–and be safe–is to pick a place where
there is no traffic or people. That way, you don’t have to always stop and wait.

Gear Up
Just like you need to put on your seatbelt when you get in a car, you need to strap on some gear
when you plan on skating or riding your bike or scooter. Why? Well, just think what would happen
if you tripped or crashed. Your head could bash onto the ground – and it wouldn’t bounce like a
basketball…it would crack like an egg! And your knee or wrist could get bent–the wrong way. Or
you could scrape your elbow and it could feel like sandpaper was used on your skin. But if you
wear the right stuff, a fall might cause only a little bruise or injury. So put on a helmet, strap on
some knee and elbow pads, and get ready to fly!

Quick Safety Tips
Home Safety

    •   Wear sunscreen when you go outside on sunny days and play in the shade.
    •   Always wear shoes outside. Stay away from lawn mowers.
    •   Take a first aid course and a babysitting class if you baby-sit.
    •   When home alone, obey your parent’s rules. Don’t talk with strangers or open the door
        for them. Call an adult if you need help.

Water Safety

    •   Never swim alone or in an unsupervised area.
    •   Obey the rules and the lifeguard.
    •   Check water depth before jumping in. Then, go feet first.
    •   Help someone in trouble by reaching with a pole, a towel, or rope. Do not jump in and
        become part of the problem.
    •   When boating, always wear your lifejacket. Learn about boating before you go floating.
    •   Sign up for swimming lessons.
Road Safety

   •   Always wear a bicycle helmet when biking. Make sure the helmet is properly fitted and
       fastened and that it is approved by ANSI, ASTM, or Snell.
   •   Before going across the street (on bike or foot), you should stop, look left, look right, look
       left again, and listen to be sure no traffic is approaching. Cross only on green in the
   •   When riding your bike, walk it across the street at crosswalks.
   •   Know and use hand signals.
   •   Obey all traffic rules. Always be alert!
   •   Wear your seatbelt in the car.
   •   Keep your arms, hands and head inside a moving car.
   •   Don’t play in the street!

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