LaCie Pocket Floppy Disk Drive by nak14542


									                                                  LaCie Pocket Floppy Disk Drive

                                                                                    Convenient storage,
                                                                                    ultimate mobility

STORAGE ON THE GO                                                 CROSS-PLATFORM
The LaCie Pocket Floppy Disk Drive features an ultra-thin,        Compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems, this drive
portable design to provide true portability, allowing you to      is easily connected to Mac or PC systems. The Pocket Floppy Disk
move freely and take your data with you wherever you go.          Drive’s widely-compatible USB interface allows for simple setup,
No need for an AC adapter — simply use the power                  plug and play convenience and hot-swappable capabilities for
supplied by the USB bus for complete mobility.                    quick and easy data exchange.

SPEEDY STORAGE                                                    APPLICATIONS
Convenient USB 2.0 interface delivers fast transfer rates         Removable and compact, the LaCie Pocket Floppy Disk Drive
of up to 480Mbits/sec (4x Pocket Floppy Disk Drive),              is easy to use for universal, cost-effective data exchange or
while still allowing you to connect to earlier-generation         archival, and is also ideal for additional storage and
USB 1.1 devices.                                                  cross-platform data shuttle.

                                                               • Ultra-thin, portable design
                                                               • USB bus powered — no AC adapter needed
                                                               • Plug and play, no driver installation
                                                               • Hot-pluggable for Mac and PC
    LaCie USB Pocket Floppy Disk Drive

    • Simple setup without terminators or device IDs
    • True mobility with compact, portable design
    • Simple connection to Macs and PCs
    • Plug and play for Mac and Windows operating systems
    • Widely-compatible standard USB interface

               Speed          4x                                 1x
       Item Number            108045                             706018
           Interface          Hi-Speed USB 2.0                   USB 1.1
       Transfer rate          1000 - 2000kbps                    250 - 500kbps
Power Consumption             1.25 W                             1.25 W
             Weight           280 g / 0.62 lbs.                  280 g / 0.62 lbs.
System Requirements     Windows 98/SE, Millennium, 2000 and XP; Mac OS 8.6, 9.x and Mac OS 10.1

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