The Eighth Grade Renaissance Project

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					                                           The Eighth Grade Renaissance Project1

   Term                           Define it!                         Use the term in a sentence                          Draw it!

                   a time of rebirth when things
Renaissance        such as a style of art or music,
                   become very popular again

         How will you use your talent to improve the reputation of middle
                    school students and the school as a whole?

   Before the 1920’s thousands of African American people fled the south to escape institutionalized racism.
   Many wound up in northern cities, especially Washington D.C. and Harlem. It was in these cities,
   particularly Harlem, N.Y., where they were able to find comfort as a community; some went on to use
   art to communicate their African heritage and significance as a people.

   The 8th Grade is at a social and academic crossroads. Unlike the African American people of the early
   20th Century, you are not oppressed. You aren’t subject to the horrors of legal bigotry. You are, however,
   in an important place where you can merge your talents with your intellectual abilities to enhance the
   community’s perception of our middle school.

   Poets—carefully write and photo-illustrate a book of poems designed to show off your perception of
   this time in your life, while simultaneously working to boost community members’ understanding
   and perception of hard-working PAML students.

   Painters—masters in this particular realm of art can channel their talents into paintings of middle school
   students or student life in a positive light for all to see.

   Drawing portfolio—those capable of creating eye-catching art with pencils, pens, and markers will
   demonstrate visitors to the 8th grade wing what we’re capable of doing. The goal of your work is a positive
   artistic portrayal of this grade.

   Multi-tiered Survey makers/analyzers—surveyors can begin to build a bridge of mutual
   understanding within the school. By creating questions based on mutual concerns, and targeting a wide-
   range of students, faculty, and staff they can begin to discover and sort-out underlying problems and

   Writers—do you tell a great story? Put your talent to good use by writing an engaging story about 8th
   grade students doing something right (socially and/or academically).

   Film Makers— those who already have a foundation of knowledge about filming and computer editing
   with Windows Movie Maker may create a well-crafted scripted short film or a documentary while
   representing Team Discovery in the school community.

   Comic Book Artists—combine your writing and drawing talents by creating a comic book that depicts
   the social, academic and emotional life of the average 8th grade student.

   Environmental Impact Study*—research how our school’s decisions affect the environment; find
   ways to better the school’s reputation. *Students who choose this must write a proposal.

   Other written renaissance proposals will be considered! Yes, you have to put it in writing if you
   want to pitch a different idea. Tell me how you will target the G.E.’s outlined.

       Be sure to have the written permission of everyone depicted in your work before you begin. Your final draft will be seen by all.
                   Possible Grade Expectations (G.E.’s) Assessed (based on route taken):                                         Positive Art (capital
                                                                                                                                 A) for the purpose of
                   Art:                                                                                                          boosting     self-and
                                                                                                                                 school- perception.
                                                                                                                                 Negative work will
                   A7-8:11   Students demonstrate skills by…                                                                     not be accepted.
                             -Selecting their own art work for a public exhibition and defending
                             their choice.                                                                                       POV must be
                             -Demonstrating individual point of view to create meaning in their work of art.                     grounded in its
                                                                                                                                 ability to bring about
                                                                                                                                 a positive outcome.

                   Language Arts: All writing G.E.’s may apply:

                   Social Studies (all will be assessed on these):

                             Students connect the past with the present by…

                   8:8            Explaining differences between historic and present day objects in the United States
                                   and/or the world, evaluating how the use of the object and the object itself changed over
                                   time, (e.g., comparing modes of transportation used in past and present exploration in
                                   order to evaluate impact and the effects of those changes).
                                  Describing ways that life in the United States and/or the world has both changed                Students will
                                   and stayed the same over time; and explaining why these changes have occurred.                  compare and
                                                                                                                                   contrast changes
                                  Investigating and evaluating how events, people, and ideas have shaped the United
                                   States and the world, and hypothesizing how different influences could have led to              brought on by the
As a group,
                                   different consequences.                                                                         Harlem
students will
                             Students act as citizens by…                                                                          Movement with
evaluate areas
                                                                                                                                   changes brought
that need to be    H&SS7-
                                  Comparing the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in another country to those of the     on by the 8th
addressed in       8:14
                                   U.S Identifying the various ways people become citizens of the U.S.                             Grade
the 8th grade as
far as inside                     Giving examples of ways people act as members of a global community                             Renaissance;

and outside                       Demonstrating positive interaction with group members.                                          students will
                                                                                                                                   analyze successes
perceptions                       Identifying problems, proposing solutions, and considering the effects of a course
                                   of action in the local community, state, nation, or world.                                      and failures in
are concerned.
                                                                                                                                   both cases.
Each will                         Explaining and defending their own point of view on issues that affect themselves and
create or                          society, using information gained from reputable sources
design projects                   Explaining and critically evaluating views that are not one’s own. i
to make                           Giving examples of ways in which political parties, campaigns, and elections provide
improvements.                      opportunities for citizens to participate in the political process. i
                                  Illustrating how individuals and groups have brought about change locally,
                                   nationally, or internationally
                                  Demonstrating how identity stems from beliefs in and allegiance to shared political values
                                   and principles, and how these are similar and different to other peoples
                                  Establishing rules and/or policies for a group, school, or community, and defending them


                   --Students will be self-directed and use time effectively; they will have a work plan during the course of
                   the unit.

                   --Students will come to class with a book to read (for potential downtime [magazines are not

                                                Student Determined Classroom rules:
                       1. We will be responsible for our learning.
                       2. We will be respectful and supportive of everyone.
                       3. We will create a positive environment so everyone can learn.
                                                        *subject to change.

      Monday                       Tuesday               Wednesday                  Thursday                 Friday
                        9                        10                       11                      12                   13
      Update notes             Brainstorm activity     Work Period              Work Period             First two-thirds -
 (interactive column)
 Review Assignment                                    following intro          following intro            -Work Period
      Finish notes               What is the              activity                 activity               and clean-up
    Countee Cullen            perception around                                                             following
   (time permitting)             the school?             Final 8-10               Final 8-10               attendance.
                              What areas do we
                              need to work on?          minutes is a             minutes is a
    Pick topic and
 determine what you
                                                         reflection               reflection             Second third—
need for supplies; some           Finish Notes                                                            class midway
 may not be provided                                                                                       assessment.
    by the school.              Countee Cullen
                               Langston Hughes
Write down three areas              poetry
    that need to be
      addressed.                 Homework:             Noonan and Slater        Trayah and Speers
                              Come in prepared
                              and ready to work            35 minutes               35 minutes              30 minutes
                    16                           17                       18                      19                     20

  Work Period                  Work Period            Last day to work          Display Fair &              Harlem
 following intro              following intro            on projects             assessment              Renaissance &
     activity                     activity                                                                 8th Grade
                                                      Work completion stats    Be prepared to talk-up
                                                       will be shared with                                Renaissance
                                                                                  your project and
    Final 8-10                   Final 8-10            parents on Friday’s      explain how it will       connection
                                                        progress report.
   minutes is a                 minutes is a                                     boost the 8th grade      assessment
    reflection                   reflection

      35 minutes                   35 minutes              45 minutes

                            Approximate in-class work time: 2 hours 50 minutes

                   = Days with laptop cart; plan accordingly. Most will not need computers

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