Dallas Hunter Jumper Scholarship Circuit

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					                          Dallas Hunter Jumper Scholarship Circuit
                                Las Colinas Equestrian Center
                                      July 19-20, 2008

                                                  Show Officials
                           (Management reserves the right to add to or vary from this list)

Judges:                    Bob Buxton
                           Kersten Lillejord

Manager:                   Michelann Tachibana

Course Designer:           Britt McCormick

Show Secretary:            Michelann Tachibana

Show Committee:            Rachel Morris, Tom Shanley, Julie Thomas

                                               ENTRIES DUE JULY 16!

                                                Mail entry forms to:
                                            Horse Shows of Dallas, LLC
                                2806 Oakmont Court ▪ Grapevine ▪ Texas ▪ 76051
                               Email entries to
                                     (469)628-3754 for additional information

                                                 DHJSC Guidelines

◊ It is the responsibility of the exhibitor, trainer, and spectator to conduct themselves in a civilized and
sportsmanlike manner.
◊ A horse may cross enter into divisions with fence heights of 6” difference, except the 18” division. A rider may
enter a maximum of 2 horses/ponies per hunter class except the open divisions.
◊ All children must be accompanied/supervised by an adult.
◊ Classic prize money is distributed 30% - 22% - 16% - 14% - 10% - 8%.
◊ Hunter Classics – two rounds, first round is the same round as the second hunter round, horses will be called back
in reverse order for final round, top three cumulative winners will be awarded at the year end banquet. Minimum 6
◊ A $15 service fee will be applied to open checks not closed by the conclusion of the show.
                                            Rules and Regulations
Schooling: Friday noon to 6 pm (outdoor arena) and 5pm (main arena). Saturday/Sunday day break to 7:30 am
outdoor arena only. No Schooling Saturday or Sunday in the main arena.

Stalls: Stalls are $75, available after 12 noon on Friday, July 18. Shavings $7/bag. NO OUTSIDE SHAVINGS
ALLOWED. Manure must be disposed of in designated places only. No manure in trash bins. $35 grounds fee for
haul-ins and non-showing horses.

Responsibility: Submission of entry to these shows constitutes an agreement to the following: Exhibitor agrees to
indemnify and hold harmless HSD, LCEC, and DHJSC officials against any claim, demands, costs, and expenses,
including reasonable attorney fees for the defense thereof, arising from the conduct or management of Exhibitor’s
business or it’s use of the premises or from any breach on the part of Exhibitor’s of any conditions of this
Agreement, or contractors, agents, employees, guests, or invitees in or about the premises. In case of any action or
proceeding brought against HSD, LCEC, and DHJSC Management by reason of any such claim, exhibitor, upon
notice, covenatnts to defend such action or proceeding by council acceptable to owner. Exhibitor is responsible for
his/her own property and HSD, LCEC, and DHJSC Management is not responsible for accidents, fire, or theft.

Entries: There will be a post entry fee of $5 per class if entered after July 16, 2008. Entry forms will not be
accepted unless signed by the owner/authorized agent, rider, and trainer. No numbers will be issued without an open
check. Current Coggins must be presented to the horse show office for all horses on the grounds. Please note barn
affiliation on entry form and check. Medal classes and Classics MUST be entered at the highest height being by
shown by the same horse/rider combination at this show.

Fees and Refunds: A $20 office/awards fee will be charged for every horse/rider combination. Once the show has
started, proper notification of the scratch must be made in the show office BEFORE the start of the class or classes
being scratched.

Dogs: There will be NO DOGS on the property that are not attached by a leash to a person’s hand.

Attire: SEI approved helmets must be worn by all riders while mounted. Riders must be properly attired – no
chaps. Numbers must be worn and clearly visible.

Ribbons, Trophies, Championship: All classes receive a prize and 6 ribbons. All divisions will be awarded
Champion and Reserve ribbons using the standard tally system: 10, 7, 5, 3, 2, 1. In the event of a tie, management
will break the tie by over fences points. Champion rosette and trophy will be awarded and Reserve rosettes.

Footing: Warm up and competition arenas are sand. Arena size will be posted at the gate the day of the show.

Changes: Management reserves the right to change, cancel, or combine classes, alter courses, and do all things
necessary to compensate for excessive or inadequate entries. Divisions with less than 3 entries may be cancelled.

                                               Hunter Divisions
           Classes will be judged on performance and soundness, unless otherwise noted in the prize list.
                                      Individual Classes - $15, Section - $45

Open Hunter – 2’                                     Sponsored by Cedar Elm Stables
Open to all horses and riders.
10, 11            Open Hunter – 2’
12                Open Hunter Under Saddle

Maiden Hunter – 2’                                     Sponsored by Dr. K. Arnold
Open to riders in their first year of showing in THIS division in DHJSC shows or similar.
13, 14             Maiden Hunter - 2’
15                 Maiden Hunter Under Saddle

Junior/Amateur Hunter 2’3”                       Sponsored by Treeline Stables
Open to junior and amateur riders.
16, 17           Junior/Amateur Hunter – 2’3”
18               Junior/Amateur Hunter Under Saddle

Pony Hunter                                          Sponsored by Jim and Doris Archer
2’ (Small), 2’3” (Medium), 2’6” (Large)
Open to junior riders on ponies.
19, 20            Pony Hunter
21                Pony Hunter Under Saddle

Baby Green Hunter – 2’6”                                Sponsored by Wrozek Family
Open to horses and ponies in their first two years of showing.
22, 23           Baby Green Hunter – 2’6”
24               Baby Green Hunter Under Saddle

Junior/Amateur Hunter – 2’6”                     Sponsored by NorPeg
Open to junior and amateur riders.
25, 26           Junior/Amateur Hunter – 2’6”
27               Junior/Amateur Hunter Under Saddle

Modified Child/Adult Hunter – 2’6” – 2’9”          Sponsored by Joseph Parish, DDC
Open to any junior or amateur riders.
28, 29           Modified Child/Adult Hunter – 2’6” – 2’9”
30               Modified Child/Adult Hunter Under Saddle

Low Hunter – 2’9”
Open to all horses and riders
31, 32            Low Hunter – 2’9”
33                Low Hunter Under Saddle

Open Hunter – 3’                                     Sponsored by On the Bit Saddlery
Open to all horses and riders.
34, 35            Open Hunter – 3’
36                Open Hunter Under Saddle

                                               Jumper Divisions
                                      Individual Classes - $15, Section - $45

Puddle Jumper – 2’6”                                 Sponsored by Valhalla Stables
46, 47         Table II, 2b
48             Power and Speed

Schooling Jumper – 2’9” – 3’                         Sponsored by Rising Star Ranch
49, 50         Table II, 2b
51             Power and Speed
                                     Hunt Seat Equitation Divisions
                    All classes will be judged on seat, hands, guidance, and control of mount.
                                      Individual Classes - $15, Section - $45

Walk/Trot Rider Equitation – 18” (cross rails)

Open to riders in their first year of showing.
4, 5               Walk/Trot Rider Equitation – 18”
6                  Walk/Trot Rider Equitation Under Saddle

Short/Long Stirrup Equitation – 18”                Sponsored by Abingdon Park
7, 8            Short/Long Stirrup Equitation – 18”
9               Short/Long Stirrup Equitation Under Saddle

101     Maiden Equitation – 2’ O/F
102     Maiden Equitation – FLAT

103     Junior/Amateur Equitation – 2’3” O/F
104     Junior/Amateur Equitation – FLAT

105     Junior/Amateur Equitation – 2’6” O/F
106     Junior /Amateur Equitation – FLAT

107     Modified Child/Adult Equitation – 2’6” – 2’9” O/F
108     Modified Child/Adult Equitation – FLAT

109     Junior/Amateur Equitation – 3’ O/F
110     Junior/Amateur Equitation – FLAT

111    Medal – 2’ – 2’3”
112    Medal – 2’6”
113    Medal – 2’9” – 3’
All Medal classes sponsored by Horse Hardware

                                              Warm Up Classes
                                           Individual Classes - $15
                 A, B – 2’6” ■ C, D – 2’9-3’ ■ E, F – 18” ■ G, H – 2’ ■ I, J – 2’3” and Pony

                                   $300 DHJSC Scholarship Classics
              All Classic fence heights are by highest level jumped at this show, judged collectively
                   Amateur riders only, must be same horse/rider combination as in this show
                                       Minimum 6 entries, $40 per Classic

                                Class 115 2’ – 2’3” Pony Hunter Classic
           Open to Amateur riders ONLY. Must be same horse/rider combination as in this show.

                     Class 116 2’6” Modified Hunter Classic Sponsored by Fujitsu
           Open to Amateur riders ONLY. Must be same horse/rider combination as in this show.

                      Class 117 2’9” – 3’ Classic Sponsored by Justin Insurance
           Open to amateur riders ONLY. Must be same horse/rider combination as in this show.

                       Class 118 Jumper Classic Sponsored by Justin Insurance
                  Open to horse/rider combination entered in any jumper class at this show.

           Half of Classic fees will be held in the CLASSIC FUND for dispersal at Year End Banquet
                             Funds will be awarded to top 3 finishers in each Classic
                                      DHJSC Membership Application – 2008
                               Membership year runs from December 1 – November 30

Name: ________________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

City: _________________________ State: ________________ Zip: _____________________

Telephone (home): ____________________ (office/cell): ______________________________

Email Address: _________________________________________________________________
(we like to communicate via email, please print clearly)

Barn Affiliation: ________________________________________________________________

Membership Categories:

________ Junior Individual Membership (anyone who has not reached 18th birthday on or before 12-1-07)

Date of Birth: ________________________

________ Senior Individual Membership (anyone 18 and over on 12-1-07

                  (Junior Individual and Senior Individual Membership Cost is $40 per Membership)

________ Family Membership ($55/2 members, $75/3 members, $95/4 members)

Family Member 1: ______________________________________________________

Family Member 2: ______________________________________________________

Family Member 3: ______________________________________________________

Family Member 4: ______________________________________________________

Horse Registration – Please indicate name of horse, sex, and height. There is no charge for Horse Registration

Horse 1: _____________________________________________________________________________

Horse 2: _____________________________________________________________________________

Total Dues Included: ______________________ Check #: ___________________________________
                                                      (payment MUST be in form of CHECK)

                     Please submit this form with the appropriate dues, payable to DHJSC

                                    4508Dillehay Drive ▪ Allen ▪ Texas ▪ 75002

◊ A person may become a member of DHJSC and/or register a horse at a DHJSC recognized horse
show. Payment and applications must accompany the official horse show results. Points toward
the DHJSC Annual Awards will be valid once membership dues have been paid and the horse has
been registered.

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