Closed Circuit Television Camera _CCTV_ – Closed circuit by malj


									Closed Circuit Television Camera (CCTV) – Closed circuit television cameras
are used to provide visual information to the traffic operations/management centers.
They are an integral part of the incident and traffic management system. The closed
circuit television cameras are operated by local or regional traffic operations/management
centers and have pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities. They give viewers real time color
pictures of critical portions of the interstate and national highway system.

General Cost: CCTVs have installation costs that range from $3000 - $30,000. The
average cost for a CCTV site is near $7000.
The variables in the cost are due to a variety of factors including a variety of video data
transmission methods and how the CCTV is mounted. The mounting costs depend on
whether an existing structure is used or a new light standard structure is installed.

Typical applications and placement:
    Closed circuit television cameras help the traffic management centers identify and
      verify incidents and observe traffic volumes.
    Closed circuit television cameras should be used to view high incident areas and
      recurring hazardous weather areas.
    The visual images from closed circuit televisions are used to provide traffic
      information to the public via the news media.
    Alternate uses for closed circuit cameras include observing traffic movements
      within signalized intersections to observe the effectiveness of signal timing
    They should be mounted on high viewing points such as traffic signal poles,
      located at major structures, such as tunnels and bridges, major intersections, and
      to verify operational status of variable message signs, highway closure gates,
      then, every five miles along a major interstate corridor.

Resources: (See the resources and references under ITS Assessment and the
     CDOT ITS Branch – ITS Standards and Specifications

Power supply and communication:
    Closed circuit, pan, tilt, zoom, television cameras require power supplies and
      telecommunication systems such as fiber optic cable or telephone to provide data
      and control for the traffic operations centers.

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