Developing Your PLN: Stage 1 Twitter by djainslie


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									                                                        Developing your PLN:

                                                            Stage 1 Twitter

1. Go to and click on ‘Sign up Now’

2. Fill in information to create an account: remember the
amount of information you add here is completely up to
you. You can add your full name, or a pseudonym.

3. Click ‘next’ button until you get to your home page, it should look like this:

4. You will be asked to confirm your email, so go to your email and click on the link twitter
sends you to go back to your account.

5. Back at your twitter home, send your first tweet by typing something into the ‘What’s
happening’ box and clicking the update button. When educators go to your profile page they
will see your tweets. You might want to start with one that says what you are going to hope to
get out of twitter. (ie “I’m building my PLN” or “I’m a teacher looking to network with others…”)

6. Go to ‘settings’ (top right) and fill
out information, including your
timezone, one line bio and location. Remember others will look at your bio to see if they want
to follow you, so you should fill out something there. (ie Second grade teacher, Special
education teacher working with K-5 students). Make sure you hit save after filling in your
account information.

7. Now click on ‘picture’ and upload a picture for your profile. The format supported is jpg, gif
or png and the picture needs to be less than 700k. If you don’t have a picture, return to this
later. Adding a picture will personalize your profile for others to see.

8. Click on ‘design’ and select a theme (don’t forget to ‘save changes’ before you go out).

9. From here you can also change your password, set up your mobile device and select your
notices. Notices will determine when you are notified via email. (see choices below)

10. Find people to follow: click on ‘Find People’ from the top menu. Here you can search for
people you know, if you know their twitter usernames. Since you probably don’t know a lot of
twitter usernames for educators go to the following links:

                                    and find
                                             others who teach in your field. When you see
                                             someone you might like to follow, click on their link
                                             and view their profile. If you want to follow them,
                                             click on ‘follow’ button.

After looking for teachers to follow there, go to:
List/ , enter your twitter information and click ‘follow’ at the bottom of this page. These are
people in education that are my followers who share great resources.

11. Now go back to your ‘home’ by clicking on the ‘home’
link at the top right of your screen.

  On the right side you will see your username, number of
followers, following, listed and links to the following:

      Home (takes you back to home)

      @username (shows you all tweets mentioning you)

      Direct messages (shows all direct messages to you)

      Favorites are those tweets that you have marked as

      Retweets are all retweets (by others, you, and your
       RTs retweeted)

You can also search twitter here if you want to see what others are tweeting about specific

12. Now that you are all set, go back to your home and check out what your followers have
                                            posted, if you see a good link check it out. If you like
                                            what someone says you can reply or retweet by
                                            clicking on the links to the right of the tweet.

Other thoughts:

      When others want to follow you an email will be sent to you, I suggest you check out
                                   their profiles before following. You can go to their profile
                                   by clicking on their name or picture. When you are there
                                   you can click on the gear and from there can mention,
                                   direct message, follow, block, or report them.

   At first it is ok to simply lurk (reading tweets, checking out links), but once you start
    feeling comfortable you will want to retweet good tweets and then add your own links
    to share. Remember to build a great PLN you need to give as much as you receive so if
    someone asks for information that you have, make sure you reply to them.

   For more information, and great twitter resources go to:

   Just like with any other online tool or service, be wary of phishing scams that have you
    click on unknown links that ask you to login again. Twitter had a scam a few months ago
    with direct message links. I would suggest not clicking on links within direct messages,
    and if you do and they ask you to re-login, I wouldn’t. If it feels fishy, it is probably
    someone phishing.

   To help organize your tweeter journey you might want to check out or (download).
    These apps allow you to have columns for search terms and to see various feeds in
    different columns. It also makes it easier to tweet and retweet.

                     If you have questions contact Dodie @djainslie


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