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									                            Board Meeting Agenda
                   Date: Tuesday, Feb 24th 2009 6:30 p.m.
                  105 NE 150th Street (573-2240 for directions)

1. Agenda Review
2. Minutes - Samantha
3. Officers Reports
       a. Treasurer Report – Merle
4. Old Business
       a. Update on incorporation as 501 (c)(3) – Dan & Barbara
       b. Name tags – Carrol & Barbara
       c. Fairgrounds Park – Avril, Samantha, Jennifer, Carrol & Barbara
       d. NSCNA New Boundaries – Dan & Barbara
       e. TIP - Plantation Road – safe walk to school
5. New Business
       a. Welcome to new board member Mitch
       b. HB1152 – protection for disabled (non-partisan legislation- Donna Brase)
       c. Resident suggestion – Farmers Market
       d. 2009 objectives / priorities (identify activities)
       e. March meeting agenda
               i. Parks Dept (C-tran and CRC moved to May)
              ii. Greeters
             iii. Door prizes
             iv. Status reports (currently provide 3 creeks & Team 99 are there
                  others we should add?)
       f. Newsletter deadlines
               i. Articles due no later than March 5th
              ii. To printer March 9th
             iii. This issue mailed so s/b to post office by 13th or 16th
       g. Locations for 2009 board meetings
6. Adjournment

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