Virtosoftware Announces the Release of Virto Ajax List Form Extender 1.0.1 - a New Version of a Web Part for Customizing SharePoint List Forms by associate6


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									Virtosoftware Announces the Release of Virto Ajax List Form Extender
1.0.1 - a New Version of a Web Part for Customizing SharePoint List Forms

Virtosoftware has released a new version of its newest Microsoft
SharePoint web part for customizing SharePoint list forms - Virto List
Form Extender.

San Francisco, CA, February 11, 2010 -- Virtosoftware presents a new
version of its most recent Ajax and Java Script based web part for
Microsoft SharePoint. The web part is designed for quick and simple
customizing SharePoint list forms for creating, editing and viewing list

For all SharePoint lists and libraries there are assigned default forms
that are displayed when a user wants to add, edit or view a list item.
These forms sometimes contain a very restricted amount of information
about the list or the item, have some problems with usability or just do
not always look nice enough. With new Virto List Form Extender web part
by Virtosoftware you can easily design your own list forms and replace
with them the default ones to fully satisfy your specific needs and
requirements. The web part is extremely easy to install, adjust and use.
Additional features include autofill fields, defining default field
values and setting up security rights for restricting the access to
specific tabs and fields.

Virto SharePoint List Form Extender 1.0.1 offers the users a number of
new features. First, there is a plenty of new visibility setting for
fields that can be placed on the list forms. Now Virto List Form Extender
allows user to adjust access to the fields of the list. It’s possible to
select groups of SharePoint user or a single user who will be able to
view a field on an item form (new form, edit form, view form). Second,
the autofill option is extended. Now there is an autosuggestion feature
allowing users to choose an existing field value when entering text in
the field. Finally, new tooltips for form fields have been designed. Now
they look much better and can contain any text including URLs.

The web part is based on Ajax and Java Script technologies which
guarantees among quick access to a list form data without postback. It is
important to know that Virto List Form Extender does not fully modify the
default list forms that are stored on your SharePoint server, but rather
extends the list form features and functionality on the client side,
keeping the option to restore the default forms available at any time.

The new version of Virto List Form Extender is already available at Visit
the website for more information about the product and other Microsoft
SharePoint web parts by Virtosoftware, trials and demo versions as well
as installation and user guides.

Visit: for more details or contact us:

About Virtosoftware:
VirtoSoftware designs and builds innovative web parts for Microsoft®
SharePoint® 2007 and 2010. It's compiled using the best Ajax and
Silverlight technologies. The very first Virto Web Part was released in
April, 2009, and the current comprehensive lineup includes calendaring,
alerting, collaboration, workflow and administration capabilities for
SharePoint users.

Press Contact:
Ms. Olga Kiner
PR Manager
San Francisco, CA 94101
+1 323 319 511

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