Winter Olympics WINTER CAMP by cnv15570


									                   “Winter Olympics”

                                               WINTER CAMP
                                            January 4-8, 2010
                                 Featuring a fun-filled field trip to
                                 Pump'd, an indoor inflatable fun center
                                 in Watsonville, and a special visit from
                                 Nunu's Clay for ceramic keepsake
                                 painting. Each day will offer a structured
program, starting with an assembly to review the daily schedule of activ-
ities which may include fine arts, science, organized games and sports,
drama and music, crafts, and cooking.

                                        Aptos Village Park     Grades K-6      January 4-8
                                        Full-time Program 7:30 AM-6:00 PM   $201 / $221 # 6907
    Please send your child with a

                                          Core Program   10 AM-3:30 PM      $130 / $143 # 6908
    daily lunch and snacks, and in
                                               AM Care   7:30-10:00 AM      $47 / $51   # 6909
    closed-toe shoes (e.g., sneak-
                                               PM Care   3:30-6:00 PM       $47 / $51   # 6910

    Be sure to fill out an emergency/information card to give to the program staff on

    the first day your child attends the program.

    AM and PM Care are not available as a separate program; You may register
    your child in the extended care programs (AM and PM Care) only
    if they are enrolled in the “Core Program”.

                       For more information,
           please call 454-7929 or speak with site staff.

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