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					Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games
         Insight Into the World of Hospitality

                                              Presented by:
                                    Mark Lewis – President
                       Peter Bambridge – VP, Client Services
                                              Jet Set Sports
                                          February 11, 2009

• Specializing exclusively in Olympic Games Hospitality,
  Jet Set Sports and its’ sister company CoSport have
  successfully provided packages and tickets for the
  past 14 Olympics

• The only exclusive hospitality and management
  company with a direct official relationship with each
  Olympic Organizing Committee since Sydney 2000
  (Official Sponsor/Supporter/Provider/Operator)
   – Ability to provide clients and guests with access to the highest
     level of hospitality assets traditionally reserved only for
     TOP/OCOG’s Sponsors

                          Jet Set Sports/CoSport Offices

Jet Set Sports Canada, Inc.      Jet Set Sports/CoSport       Jet Set Sports UK    Jet Set Sports/CoSport
Suite 612, Nelson Square         179 John Street, Suite 401   London               Stockholm
Box 12117, 808 Nelson St.        Toronto, ON M5T 1X4,         United Kingdom       Sweden
Vancouver, BC V6Z 2H2            Canada                       +44.1483.714.270     c/o Sub Agent
Canada                           +1 416 924 2225
+1 778 327 5879

                                                                                                   Jet Set Sports/CoSport
                                                                                                   Austria (EU)
                                                                                                   Marxergrasse, 25
                                                               Jet Set Sports                      A-1030, Vienna
                                                               Switzerland                         Austria
                                                               Rue de Bourg 20                     +43 (1) 713.35.34
                                                               3rd floor                                                    Jet Set Sports Consultants
                               Jet Set Sports
                                                               CH-1003 Lausanne   Jet Set Sports/CoSport                    (Beijing) Co. Ltd.
                              & CoSport
                                                               Switzerland        Sofia, Bulgaria                           Rm. 2605, Building 18, Jian Wai
                                                               +41.21.310.84.90   c/o Sub Agent                             SOHO, 39 East Third Ring Road,
                              196 Route 202 North
                              PO Box 366/PO Box 905                                                                         Chaoyang District,
                              Far Hills, NJ 07931                                                                           Beijing, PRC 100022
                              USA                                                                                           +86.10. 5878.7400
                              JSS: +1 (908) 766-1001
                              CS: +1 (908) 326-2660

                                                                                                                             CoSport Australia Pty Ltd
                                                                                                                             Suite 304, Level 3
                                                                                                                             220 George Street
                                                                                                                             Sydney, NSW, 2000
                                                                                                                             +61 2 9241 5500
    Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
   Jet Set Sports (Corporate) Hospitality Packages:
       2,886 Rooms; 53,626 Room Nights = 30,351 Guests
        (130,000 Tickets)
   CoSport (Consumer) Hospitality Packages:
       360 Rooms; 950 Packages = 1,800 Guests (10,000
   Rooms Only Sales:
       200 Rooms = 700 Guests
   Tickets Only Sales:
       21,811 Orders = 40,281 Customers = 186,099 Tickets
   Management & Staff:
       300 Rooms = 300 People (2,000 Tickets)
   TOTAL: 3,746 Rooms = 73,732 People (331,099
Olympism is ...

 Philosophy of life
      Balance of body, will and mind
           Blending sport with culture and education

  Respect for universal fundamental ethical principles

      Educational value of good example

           Life based on the joy in effort
Powerful leveraging tool for sponsors

  Successful Hospitality Programs are vital to
  a successful Olympic Games and can
  generate long-term benefits for:

• Olympic Movement and the Games
• Leave a favourable impression of the Host
  City and the Host Country
• Stimulate and enhance the economy of the
  Host City and Country years beyond the
  Olympic Games.
The Olympic Brand attributes ultimately develop
   into four main communication platforms
                The Olympics transcend time, and offer a hope for a
Hope            better world using sport competition for all,
                without discrimination, as a lesson for humanity

                The Olympics provide humanity with the inspiration to
Dreams &
                achieve personal dreams using the striving, sacrifice and
                determination of the athletes as a model

                The Olympics provide examples of how humanity can
Friendship &
                overcome political, economic, religious and racial
Fair Play
                prejudices through the values of friendship and fair play

Joy in Effort   Through sport competition, the Olympics celebrate the
                 universal joy in effort to be the best you can be
Each communication platform provides a distinct set of emotional
and inspirational consumer leverage points for broad and
powerful marketing themes

              Hope               Friendship & Fair Play

           Peaceful                  Friendship
           Unity (Global)            Honorable
           Eternal                   Trustworthy
           Respectful                Respectful
                                      Dignified

        Dreams & Inspiration          Joy in Effort

           Being best             Participation
           Striving               Striving
           Dynamic                Celebration
           Celebration
                  Vancouver 2010

• Top Sponsorship versus Domestic Sponsorship
• Broadcast timing better suits the North American
• Easy to get to, with all the modern conveniences of a
  cosmopolitan city
• Destination city with existing recognition globally
• Technical transport standards
   Key goals of Olympic hospitality

Building better relationships:
– Business to business
– Business to consumer
– Internally within the sponsors organization
      What will visitors need?

• Accommodation
• Tickets
• Transport
• Restaurants/venues
• Shopping
• Activities
   – Olympic Live Sites
   – Pin Trading
   – Skiing
   – Tours
               How do they get it?
• Vancouver 2010 Sponsorship Agreement
     Accommodation entitlement access based on sponsorship level
     Event tickets, which are linked to number of guest rooms secured
     Access to accredited transport

• Official Hospitality Provider – Jet Set Sports

• Brokers - BEWARE

• Local Destination management companies

• Relationships with specific individuals in the host city
                         Key Targets
• Sponsors
    understand the sponsorship categories and how sponsors support the staging of the
    the Vancouver 2010 Olympic experience will last only 17 days – but the legacy can
   last a lifetime
    how will your service or product differentiate you from other businesses
    sponsors want to support other sponsors and business that will/do support them
• Media
    note that the media will have needs which extend well past that which can be
   provided by VANOC – especially in the case of non-accredited media
• National Olympic Committees
    note that most NOC’s are very cost sensitive, and will shop around
                     A day in the life…

• Vancouver 2010 Sponsors – very structured

• Sponsors of National Olympic Committees, Federations and Individual Athletes –
moderately structured

• Non Sponsors – moderately structured

• Media – very sporadic

• Olympic Junkies – spur of the moment, very sensory and as a result amenable to
adjusting their schedule

• Family and friends of teams and individual athletes – structured according to the sports

• BC/Canada residents – spur of the moment, dependant upon what is happening in the
              Planning for success

  Don’t be fooled – it is not about securing business during the 17 days of the

  In the years leading up to the Games, lots of groups will be shopping the city –
 looking for suppliers of goods and services, and in a lot of cases they may do it
                               as “secret shoppers.”

    Train your staff now to earn the business of companies and individuals.

There is money to be made. However, especially in the case of sponsors, NOC’s
and Federations they will be very experienced in determining fair market value for
goods and services during the Games. If you price gauge you will lose short and
                              long terms business.
                           Don’t forget

If you enter in to an exclusive agreement for goods or services during the Games,
how will you ensure that your already existing client base don’t feel left out in the

          It is a proven fact that clients often times speak with their feet.

 Don’t forget about the internal client – your staff. The Games period can mean
 long hours and additional stress – schedule/recruit wisely and ensure that you
                  develop programs to keep them motivated.
       Branding and promotions
  Olympic Sponsors enter in to sponsorship agreements to secure
exclusive marketing rights and entitlements. As a result they are very
          sensitive to ambush marketing by non-sponsors.

In order to protect their rights, VANOC has a brand protection team that
  regularly searches for branding infringements by non-sponsors and

  In addition to exclusive marketing rights afforded to sponsors, it is
important to note that there are several images, marks, and terminology
                    that make up the Olympic Brand.