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					Mamadaliev captured WBO Europe Welterweight title in war; Sjomkin upset Selesmaa in BBU
International fight

On Saturday night at Vaasa Finland Petro Koskimies with his quickly developing and rising Finnish
professional boxing stable Caramelito Promotions built up an very entertaining and dramatical show which
was co-promoted with St. Petersburgh (Russia) –based Jab Promotion –stable.

There were four pro fights on card including two title fights. In the 12-round scheduled fight for vacant
WBO Europe and interim PABA titles in Welterweight division Alexander Yagupov managed boxer Sherali
“The Lion” Mamadaliev and Frenchman Frederic Serre really set the audience on fire with their combat.

In Finland it is very rare that the audience is inspired over fight between two foreign boxers but on show
which was called as “Amarillo Boxing Night 2 – Battle for the Championship” made a real exception. While
Serre started a bit slowly and checking Mamadaliev´s style, the Tajikistan-born fighter showed the reason
for his nickname “The Lion”; Mamadaliev was the aggressor since the opening bell by hitting very heavy
punches especially to Serre´s body.
Although Serre had great defensive skills
Mamadaliev dominated rounds 1 to 4 with
more active and heavier punching. Also the
corners of his eyes for Serre started to bleed
partly because of punches partly because of
possible clash of heads.

In the fifth round Serre started to rise his
tempo and was able to connect Mamadaliev
many times and this way the Frenchman
took the round to himself. In the sixth round
Serre continued his pressure and was able
to cause some problems to Mamadaliev
while it was seeming that Mamadaliev
would have hit already by this his most dangerous punches.

In the fifth round the referee asked doctor to check Serre´s condition with eye corners and while the
bleeding increased during the next stanza doctor adviced to stop the fight because Serre´s unability to
continue in time 2.02 on the 6th round.

After a great performance from abroad boxers they both gave big applauses from audience which was a
very rare gesture from Finnish people while abroad fighters fighting.

In another title fight for vacant Baltic Boxing Union International Super Middleweight title Estonian Anton
Sjomkin was taking his second TKO-victory over Finnish boxers in Vaasa. Back in December 2006 Sjomkin
stopped Harri Okkonen and this time he upset experienced former amateur boxer and undefeated as pro
fighter Sami Selesmaa in two rounds. n the first round both men were quickly round but when in the
second round Selesmaa was twice more knocked down the referee had to stop the fight.
In another bouts Caramelito Promotions´ heavyweight
boxer Janne “Finnish Butterbean” Katajisto fought
with this far the most difficult opponent on his pro
career. Katajisto was although able to step up in next
level and won every round against Ladislav Kovarik
(CZE) who dropped to 9 (4 KO) – 6 – 0 while Katajisto
improved to 4 – 0.

In the first fight of the show Jab Promotion´s light
heavyweight boxer Elis Idrisov was knocked down
once in the first stanza and soon after that the fight
was stopped by the referee absolutely prematurely
when Latvian Andrejs Barabanovs (now 4 – 0 with 3 KOes) was again attacking without special stoppage-

Next time Caramelito Promotions´ boxers are on action already on Saturday when our welterweight boxer
Roope Puumalainen will square off with bigger size Latvian Levs Rozdestvenskis. Heavyweight boxer Janne
Katajisto will take his first 6-round scheduled fight at Narva Estonia on the 20th March in a show promoted
by Jab Promotion.

Caramelito Promotions´ next own show will be promoted again at Vaasa on Sunday 11.4.2010 where at
least Roope Puumalainen will be on action.

Petro Koskimies
manager and promoter

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