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        Bronchitis is coughing with mucous. Bronchitis is a respiratory disorder where the bronchi of the lungs
      become inflamed. Most people who suffer from this illness are people who are habitual tobacco or cigarette
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                                                        Chinese Medicine For Cough
                                                                   By David Klein

   Chinese medicines are widely used in the East for a lot of diseases. Common ailments such as
coughs and colds are no exception. There will always be Chinese herbs that can effectively cure usual
health concerns such as these. There are different types of cough. Some are due to phlegm while
others are caused by certain irritants.

 The Chinese herb Radix Platycodi is one popular herb that can expel pus from the lungs. Pus or
pleghm is the main reason why a person keeps coughing. The roots of Radix Platycodi are especially
prepared to make a concoction that can help treat cough fast.

 Biao Men Dong is another Chinese herb that can be used for coughs and colds. This herb can be
obtained from the roots of the She Xu tree. It is very effective in stopping the main cause of cough
while strengthening, releasing, and nourishing heat inside the body.

 Lily Bulb is the common name of the Chinese medicine called Bai He Gu Jin Tang. This one's very
effective for dry cough. It can also provide relief for the dryness of the nose and the throat. It is also the
cure for conditions like wheezing, bronchitis, pharyngitis, night sweats, sore throat, hot palms, and hot

 Er Chen Tang is another Chinese medicine you can use to treat excessive coughing. This is most
effective for coughs caused by white phlegm. Damp or phlegm that accumulates in the stomach and
the lungs is the main cause of coughs in most individuals. This Chinese herb is so popular and
effective that it has been used as the foundation of a lot of other medicines and formulas for cough.

 The Ding Chuan Tang formula is the one used for coughs associated with phlegm and wheezing. Use
this for chronic and acute bronchitis for best effects. It is also good for asthma and coughs caused by
allergies such as pollution, dirt, and smoke.

 Chuan Bei Pi Pa Gao is also known as the Fritillaria Loquat syrup. This is a long-established Chinese
medicine for coughs. It works by moistening the lungs to help loosen up phlegm. This medicine clears
the heat in the lungs and dampens it to stop coughing altogether.

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Cure Cough With Chinese herbs Fangfeng, chuanbie, gancao, jiegeng, and balibu

 These five herbs are the ones commonly used to fight off coughs. In a clinical study, women who
started to take these herbs as a drug to cure coughs report fewer problems that to those who are not
taking any medicines at all. These herbs are also more effective to older people ages 35 years old and

Herbal Treatment for Cough with Mulberry Blend

 Mulberry blend is a Chinese medicine for coughs that works to release the heat trapped inside the
body. It also moistens the lungs to avoid violent contractions. When the herb works this way, cough is
relieved easily and effectively. Mulberry blend is the best solution for dry coughs. In capsule form, four
pills thrice daily is the recommended dosage.

Natural Cure for Cough with Lonicera Forsythia

 Lonicera Forsythia, or more commonly referred to as Yin Qiao Jie Du Pian in Chinese, is an herbal
remedy that is very useful in combating the symptoms and effects of coughs. These are herbs that are
usually sold in the form of a pill so they are much easier to take. Four pills 2 to 3 times a day is the
recommended dosage. The therapy is supposed to be taken in a span of three days only. Medications
using lonicera forsythia Chinese tablets should be stopped after the third day. Lonicera forsythia also
has some detoxifying effects on the body.

 Using Chinese herbs for coughs have long been used in the Eastern region. The effectiveness of
these herbs has already been proven. Just make sure that you consult a licensed Chinese medicine
practitioner for proper guidance and dosage.

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medicines for Cough visit

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                                                   Chinese Herbal Remedies
                                                            By Ann Marier

 A lot of people are pretty casual about Chinese herbal remedies. It is true that Chinese herbs are
everywhere nowadays, so many people reason that they are always safe to take. Herbal weight-loss
supplements, immune systems support boosters, and many other drugs are all derived from herbal
Chinese remedies. In the last couple years, traditional Chinese medicine has become a big business in
this country.

Everyone wants to get into acupuncture, acupressure, Tai Chi, and of course, Chinese herbal
remedies. Nonetheless, just because something is a Chinese herbal remedy does not mean that it is
safe for everyone. These herbs are traditionally only given out by trained healers, so self-diagnosis can
be extremely dangerous.

The problem is that people are not very well educated about what natural herbal remedies are safe and
what aren't. For example, some of the most common ingredients in over the counter Chinese herbal
remedies can be dangerous when taken with the wrong things. Take ginseng, for example. In most
circumstances, taking ginseng is perfectly safe.

When it is combined with ephedra, another common ingredient in Chinese herbal remedies, it becomes
extremely dangerous. It can cause palpitations and even heart attacks. Nonetheless, people continue
to take ginseng and ephedra together without even realizing the damage they could be doing to their

The basic rule of thumb is that any Chinese herbal remedy that you can buy in the drugstore is
probably safe if used by itself in the manner recommended. After all, the more serious Chinese herbal
remedies are only available through herbalists. You can take ginseng, Echinacea, Chinese weight-loss
herbs, and other similar things without any serious problems with your health. If you're going to take
anything more powerful than that, you really should go see a Chinese herbal practitioner. Otherwise,
you can do serious damage to your health.

I would really like to see Chinese herbal remedies integrated more fully with mainstream modern
medicine. After all, both Eastern medicine and Western medicine have some things that they are good
at. Western medicine is excellent for the treatment of acute problems. If you suddenly have a heart
attack, a broken bone, a stroke, or some other medical emergency, you are much better going to a
Western doctor.

Traditional Chinese medicine, on the other hand, is much better at treating chronic conditions. Chinese
herbal remedies can be used to treat problems before they even happen. This is what is so great about
Chinese medicine.

Ann Merier writes articles about the home and family health.Article topics include mothers
day,diabetes,detox diet,yoga,pilates exercise

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