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       Inflammation is a process that occurs in the body when injury or infection occurs. Acute inflammation is a
         result of the body’s white blood cells acting to protect against infection. It has been related to ailments
                                              including rheumatoid arthritis.
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                                                    Cherry Juice Can Alleviate Arthritis
                                                            By Richard Douglas

    Drinking just one ounce, or two tablespoons, of tart concentrated cherry juice every day can help
alleviate arthritis pain. That's because tart cherries, specifically Montmorency tart cherries, contain
anthocyanins and two important antioxidants: isoqueritrin and queritrin.

Anthocyanins create cherries' dark red pigment. Arthritis inflammation and pain is caused by the
hormone prostaglandin; it is directly related to two enzymes that cause tissue inflammation and the
resulting pain. Anthocyanins inhibit those two enzymes, decreasing inflammation and joint pain.
Remarkably, the pain-inhibiting strength is comparable to ibuprofen and naproxen. And laboratory tests
at Michigan State University find that tart cherry compounds are at least 10 times more effective than
aspirin in reducing inflammation--without any of aspirin's side effects.

Queritrin and isoqueritrin are flavonoids. Flavonoids function as antioxidants, meaning that they
destroy free radicals within the body to generally help prevent cancer. Queritrin and isoqueritrin help
eliminate the byproducts of stress, and they help slow down the aging process in general. Queritrin
also possesses anti-inflammatory effects similar to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs,
such as aspirin or ibuprofen. Queritrin can also inhibit the body's production of inflammation-causing
leukotrienes and histamine.

Anthocyanins possess additional beneficial properties. They are powerful antioxidants, meaning they
destroy free radicals within the body to generally help prevent cancer. Anthocyanins are even more
powerful than vitamin E. Tart cherries boast a whopping 26.5 grams of anthocyanins--the highest of all
fruits. Anthocyanins also help prevent plaque buildup in artery walls, which in turn helps prevent heart
disease; they're more potent in this regard than vitamins C and E. Also, tart cherries are a
low-glycemic food, so they're diabetic-friendly.

The antioxidant queritrin also possesses additional beneficial properties. It is one of the most powerful
anti-cancer agents known. Its antioxidant properties are superior to vitamins C and E.

And if these powerful antioxidants in tart cherry juice weren't enough, it also contains ellagic acid,
which may be the most potent substance to prevent cancer. It has been found to inhibit cancer cell

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

Drinking two tablespoons of Montmorency tart cherries daily is the equivalent of eating 60 cherries.
The tart cherry juice can be added to any other beverage, such as water or tea. Or you can even add it
to a fruit smoothie for breakfast or as an afternoon pick-me-up.

The highest quality Montmorency cherry juice available is a measurement known as 68 brix. Look for
juice that's clear and sediment-free. Who knew alleviating arthritis pain could taste so good?

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                         Manage Arthritis and Gout Pain with Tart Cherries
                                           By Russ Anderson

According to the National Arthritis Foundation, one in five American adult’s suffers from arthritis. This
means almost 45 million American’s feel this excruciatingly pain consistently. In addition, as the
population ages, the number of people experiencing arthritis pain is expected to increase dramatically.
So with all of the prescription drugs available to help fight joint pain, why is a tiny fruit grown in
Northern Michigan get so much attention from gout and arthritis suffers?

The Tart Cherry - Mother Nature’s Joint Pain Solution

For years, the tart cherry has been the source of legend and folklore. The natural pain relieving
properties has been handed down from generation to generation for natural joint pain relief. Just as
the old saying goes, “an apple a day will keep the doctor away”, tart cherry believers may soon be
saying, “Twenty cherries day will keep the pain away”. In fact, according to research from Michigan
State University, as few as twenty cherries can make a difference in relieving inflammation in the body.

So what takes the tart cherry so legendary to fighting joint pain? Although food scientists are not
absolutely certain on the specific compound that is 100% responsible for the natural pain relieving
properties of tart cherries, several encouraging studies have revealed some very compelling facts.

 Ongoing research points to the unique make-up of the compounds found in the tart cherry that helps
to fight joint pain. So in other words, the compounds found in the tart cherry are natural COX-1 and
COX-2 inhibitors. In addition to fighting joint pain due to arthritis and gout, research also shows tart
cherry juice helps to soothe sore muscles due to physical exercise. In addition, tart cherries are a
natural and high source of Melatonin. This helps to regulate circadian rhythms and maintain nightly
sleep patterns.

In addition to fresh cherries and cherry drinks you can also choose from tart cherry juice concentrate
and dried tart cherries. One of the benefits of tart cherry juice concentrate is it takes approximately 100
cherries to make just one ounce of tart cherry juice. So the tart cherry juice is a highly concentrated
way to get your daily dose of cherries. One source of a complete line of tart cherry products is
Traverse Bay Farms. The company only specializes in fruit-based
products including tart cherry juice, dried tart cherries and more.

In addition the tart cherry juice, you may consider tart cherry capsules as another way to get joint pain
relieving properties of tart cherries. Tart cherry capsules are made with tart cherry powder. The tart
cherry powder uses the whole cherry, including the skin and the pulp of the fruit.

One source for tart cherry capsules is Fruit Advantage. The company uses the freeze dried process to
produce the tart cherry powder. This process is the best way to capture 100% of the nutritional value of
the tart cherry. The leading super fruit company in the U.S. is Fruit Advantage. The company offers a
complete line of super fruit capsules including tart cherry capsules.

Russ is an avid writer on the natural health benefits of food.

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