Fun with Public Speaking

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					Fun with Public Speaking

1. Talk to your partner next to you about a story of a scar on your body.
    - Where is it?
    - How did you get it?
    - What happened then?
    - Any treatment from the doctor?
    - What does the scar look like?
    - How do you feel about the scar now?

2. Stand far apart from your partner across the classroom now.
   Retell the story again to the same partner. Make sure that he/she can hear you
   and be sure to remain eye contact.

3. Please describe your experience speaking close together and far apart.

              Close together                               Far apart
Eye contact                                 Eye contact

Voice                                       Voice

Body language or movements                  Body language or movements

4. Based on your conclusion, make a list of helpful tips for your public speech.