Public Relations Process

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					        Public Relations Process

Management by Objective
  •   Driven by organizational goals
  •   Focused on stakeholder publics
  •   A function of management
  •   Seeks measurable outcomes
      Public Relations Process
What’s the first step?
What is research?
The systematic gathering of information
 to understand…
  • Client Organization
  • Problem/Opportunity; Issues/Environment
  • Key Publics
     Public Relations Process
How do we do research?
Secondary research      (from documents)

  • Taken from other sources
    – Library books & periodicals
    – Government documents (Census Bureau)
    – Trade & Professional Organizations
    – Other published research (scholarly pubs)
        Public Relations Process
How do we do research?
Primary research    (from people)
  •   Surveys and polls
  •   Intercept interviews
  •   Focus groups
  •   In-depth interviews
  •   Research by “walking around”
        Public Relations Process
Goal of Research: Understanding
Your client
  •   Operations & functions
  •   As a culture for employees
  •   Values & goals, internal & external
  •   History & traditions
  •   Use of communication
       Public Relations Process
Understand the problem/environment
  • Why were we called in? (Focus of PR project)
  • Key issues affecting client?
     – Internal
     – External
     – Are the issues controllable?
  • Primary opportunities, primary obstacles?
  • How has client solved similar problems?
  • How have others solved similar problems?
      Public Relations Process
Understand key publics
  Group of individuals with common
   characteristics and common concerns who
   have a stake in success or failure of your
      Public Relations Process
Key goal of PR…
  To improve upon and maintain mutually
   beneficial relationships between the
   organization and its key publics
  Words to live by:
  To be successful, all parties must benefit.
        Public Relations Process
Example: Key publics of KSU
  •   Full-time undergraduates
  •   Full-time graduate students
  •   Parents
  •   Alumni
  •   Board of Regents
  •   State Legislature
  •   Residents near the campus
      Public Relations Process
How do concerns of key publics differ?
  • Full-time undergraduates
  • Parents
  • Alumni
  • State Legislature
  • Residents near the campus
       Public Relations Process
How do you learn of these differences?
  • Study secondary research available
  • Study similar organizations
  • Surveys & Polls
  • Focus groups
  • Meet & discuss (research by walking around)
  • Be your client’s listening post
      Public Relations Process
Research phase:
  • Helps you understand client, problem & publics
  • Forms basis for PR plan you create
  • Brings strategy & creativity together
      Public Relations Process
What are other steps in the process?
  • Research
  • Planning or Objective Setting
  • Programming or Implementation
  • Evaluation
      Public Relations Process
R-A-C-E formula
  John Marston (1963)
R-O-P-E formula
  Research-Objective Setting-Programming-