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									Target Groups   The e-learning course on gender equality in practice is mandatory
                for all MFA staff that works with development cooperation,
                including those working at multilateral missions and Danida
                recruited advisers.

                Two main target groups:
                    Management in MFA, at embassies and at multilateral
                     missions. This target group includes heads and deputy
                    Staff at MFA, at embassies and at multilateral missions.
                     This includes all l staff including locally recruited staff at
                     representations and Danida advisers.

                Gender equality is a cross-cutting issue in Danish development
                cooperation, and the course is designed to meet the needs of staff
                members with some understanding of and experience with gender
                equality as well as those not familiar with gender concepts.

Objectives/     The overall objective of the course is to enable all MFA staff in
Outcome         development cooperation – in collaboration with partners - to
                promote gender equality primarily through mainstreaming, special
                interventions and policy dialogue.

                The overall learning objectives of the course are:
                    To understand gender equality as a goal in itself as well as
                      a means by which to achieve other development goals;
                    To understand and use the links between the Paris
                      Declaration and gender equality;
                    To master arguments for promoting gender approaches in
                    To be able to apply Denmark’s strategy “Gender Equality
                      in Danish Development Cooperation” and to use the
                      “Gender Equality Toolbox” for integrating gender equality in
                      all policy and programme related work, regardless of sector
                      or theme at country level, vis-à-vis multilateral
                      organisations and at MFA level

                          Asiatisk Plads 2 F, DK-1448 Copenhagen K
                          Tlf. + 45 3392 0000, Fax +45 3392 1976
Content             The e-learning course on gender equality in practice includes:
                     Course appetizer
                    Module 1: Gender equality – a different world and a world of
                    Module 2: Working with gender equality – at country level in an
                     international framework
                    Module 3: Gender equality in sector work
                    Module 4: Multilateral and bilateral agencies and cooperation –
                     synergy and global agendas
                    Module 5: Programming with gender equality
                    Next steps
                    Test, evaluation and follow-up

                 The course uses blended learning with real-life case stories, on-
                 screen exercises, references to the gender equality toolbox, small
                 self-tests and a group exercise.

                 Course participants will be divided into groups of three-five people,
                 which can be used for discussions during the course and which will
                 also constitute the forum for a group exercise. An external
                 facilitator will provide feedback on the group exercise and the
                 Gender Focal Points will help organise other follow-up activities
                 depending on the needs and wishes form the office or embassy,
                 such as one-day workshops, brown-bag lunch meetings, regional
                 seminars etc.

Instructor(s)    The training is based on self-study. Self-studies are supplemented
                 by a facilitator arrangement.

Duration         Approximately 5 hours

Date and Venue   Course initiation will be 2nd quarter of 2009

Contact person   Anne Marie Rosenlund,

                           Asiatisk Plads 2 F, DK-1448 Copenhagen K
                           Tlf. + 45 3392 0000, Fax +45 3392 1976

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