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AGENDA - Project Kick-Off Meeting by rwi74592


									                                       AGENDA - Project Kick-Off Meeting
                           Texas Immunization Stakeholder Working Group (TISWG)
                                             Wednesday, August 25, 2004
                                                        Room T607
                                              Texas Department of Health
                                                  1100 West 49th Street
                                                  Austin, Texas 78756
9:00 am                    Welcome

                           Introduction of Staff and Facilitator                                   David Scott
                           Formal Welcome and Vision                                               DSHS Executive

9:10 am                    Introduction of All Participants                                        All

9:20 am                    Background and History                                                  David Scott
                           (what brought us here)

9:50 am                    Goals and Charge to Group                                               Casey Blass

10:00 am                   Questions/Answers                                                       All

10:15 am                   Break

10:30 am                   Discussion: What's Happening Out There?                                 Facilitator/All
                           (programs and activities of partner organizations)

11:10 am                   Issues/Concerns/Challenges/Opportunities                                Facilitator/All

11:40 am                   Lunch

1:15 pm                    Review: List of Issues, etc.                                            Facilitator/All

1:30 pm                    Priorities                                                              Facilitator/All

2:00 pm                    Ideas for Solutions/Re medies                                           Facilitator/All

2:30 pm                    Break

2:45 pm                    Resources Needed/Resources to Share                                     Facilitator/All

3:15 pm                    Next Steps                                                              Facilitator/All

3:30 pm                    Assignments/Timelines and Next Meeting                                  Facilitator/All

3:45 pm                    Evaluation of Meeting                                                   Facilitator/All

                           Closing Comments                                                        David Scott

4:00 pm                    Adjourn
Working Group Participants

  •   Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, Division of Early Childhood Intervention
  •   Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC)-- Medicaid
  •   Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC)—Office of Early Childhood
  •   National Medical Association Texas Lone Star Chapter
  •   Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education (PROVE)
  •   Texas Academy of Family Physicians
  •   Texas Association of Health Plans
  •   Texas Education Agency
  •   Texas Medical Association
  •   Texas Parent Teacher Association
  •   Texas Pediatric Society
  •   Texas Pharmacy Association
  •   Texas Nurses Association

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