Program Management Office - Medical Devices (PMO MD) by rwi74592


									 DIRECTORATES                                        Program Management Office -
                                                     Medical Devices (PMO MD)
                                                        COTS Materiel Developer
Force Projection Directorate                            Supportability Analysis
(FPD)                                                   Advanced Technology Development
                                                               Enroute Critical Care Systems
  Army Pre-positioned Stock (APS)/Class VIII                   02 Generation
  Medical Chemical Defense Materiel (MCDM)                     Traumatic Brain Injury Biomarkers
  Unit Deployment Packages (UDP)                        Electronic Equipment Handbooks
  Reserve Component Hospital Decrement (RCHD)                  Operator/Service Literature
                                                               Accessories/Consumables Handbooks
  Foreign Military Sales (FMS)                                 Start-up Lists
  Medical Materiel Readiness Program (MMRP)
                                                     Program Management Office -
Force Sustainment Directorate                        Integrated Clinical Systems
(FSD)                                                (PMO ICS)
  Reset and Left Behind Equipment (LBE)
                                                        Imaging Systems and Management
  Plans, Operations and Requirements

                                                        Project Support
  Production and Assembly Management
                                                        Clinical Systems
  Materiel Fielding (Total Package Fielding (TPF))
                                                        Remote Diagnostic Access (RDA)
  Acquisition Data Synchronization
  TO&E Medical Materiel Modernization

Support Operations (SPO)                             Forward inquiries to:
   Distribution Operations Center (DOC)              ATTN: Customer Relations Management
           Influenza Vaccine (FLU)                   693 Neiman Street
           Anthrax                                   Fort Detrick, MD 21702-5001
           Small Pox                                 CRM: 301-619-4301/6901/1288
           Medical Materiel Quality Control (MMQC)   DSN: 343-XXXX
  Joint/Emergency Operations Center (JOC)            After duty hours contact JOC:
  Customer Relations Management (CRM)                301-619- 4408 / DSN: 343-4408
                                                     or access our website at:
                                                                                                   “ Semper Responsus, in Relentless Pursuit
Medical maintenance Management                                          of Medical Readiness”
Directorate (M3D)
  Policy/Strategic Planning
  Data Analysis
  Medical Materiel Quality Control (MMQC)
  for Medical Equipment
  AMEDD Maintenance Sustainment Program
  National Maintenance Program (NMP)
  Maintenance Operations Division (MOD
  Forward Repair Activity Medical (FRA-M)
                                                                                              Mission Statements
                                                               USAMMA Core                   Force Projection Directorate
                                                               Competencies…                 (FPD)
                                                                                               To provide medical logistics situational awareness,
                                                                                               customer support, centralized program
                      Manage Medical Materiel Life       management, materiel planning, programming and
                                                                                               execution, to ensure medical materiel is available to
      Defense Medical Logistics Center                      Cycle Projects                     support Army operations and the security
USAMMA Vision...                                                                               assistance program.

 A fully integrated Enterprise providing                                                     Force Sustainment Directorate
America’s premier medical team with                                                          (FSD)
innovative medical logistics solutions                                                         To provide medical materiel support to all Army
                                                                                               components to optimize the medical materiel
USAMMA Mission…                                                                                readiness of tactical Army organizations.
 Plan, synchronize and provide medical
logistics for Health Service Support to forces                                               Medical Devices (PMO MD)
                                                                                               Provide lifecycle management of all Table of
conducting joint and full spectrum                                                             Organization and Equipment (TOE) devices and
operations by:                                              Equip and Sustain the Medical      ancillary medical items supporting human and
    Managing medical materiel life cycle                    Force                              animal patient care, with the exclusion of imaging
                                                                                               systems, across the full spectrum of field healthcare.
    Equipping and sustaining the medical                                                     Integrated Clinical Systems
    force                                                                                    (PMO ICS)
    Managing medical strategic centralized                                                     Execute a patient-centric, system of systems
    Programs                                                                                   approach to ensure timely delivery of affordable,
                                                                                               sustainable, interoperable, and information
    Advancing performance excellence                                                           assurance compliant capabilities in support of clinical
                                                                                               requirements for fixed and deployed medical
 USAMMA The U.S. Army Medical                                                                  treatment facilities.
Materiel Agency, Fort Detrick, Maryland,
serves as the Army Surgeon General’s                                                         Support Operations (SPO)
executive agent for all strategic medical                   Manage Strategic Centralized       To provide USAMMA Medical Logistics coordination
                                                                                               to synchronize USAMMA Directorates/Acquisition
logistics programs and initiatives.                         Programs                           Project Managers and ensure Medical Logistics
USAMMA has operational oversight                                                               solutions are available to support DoD and Army
of medical materiel acquisition vehicles                                                       Operations.
and serves as the AMEDD’s fielding                                                           Medical Maintenance
command for all new medical materiel.                                                        Management Directorate (M3D)
The Agency centrally manages a                                                                 Has principal responsibility for and serves as the
variety of logistics programs such as war                                                      Army's lead for Class VIII equipment maintenance;
reserve and critical item asset                                                                manages the AMEDD’s National Maintenance
                                                                                               Program, provides a National Sustainment Program
management. A key element of USAMMA’s                                                          for medical materiel, operates depot level medical
wartime support is the deployment of                        Advance Performance Excellence     maintenance capability, and implements national
Medical Logistics Support Teams to issue                                                       medical maintenance programs, policies and
centrally managed materiel to units.

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