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     Allergies are hypersensitive reactions of the immune system that defend the body. Sneezing, watery and itchy
    eyes, coughing and headaches are all symptoms of mild allergies. Allergies are caused by abnormal reaction of
                                                   the immune system.
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                        Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment For Different Types of Allergies
                                                            By Christa Kowalczyk

  Allergies have different types, depending mainly on their causes. However, if you think that you are
suffering from a certain allergy, you can help in speeding up your recovery by knowing its symptoms
and treatment for it.

 Have you experienced feeling a noticeable discomfort after eating a specific type of food or taking a
particular medicine? If so, there is a high chance that you are allergic to that food or drug. Generally,
an allergy is a condition wherein your body reacts to something you have digested or come into contact
with. There are different types of allergies, and knowing about the causes, symptoms, and treatment
for each one can help you understand and possibly prevent yourself from acquiring them.

 The first type of allergy involves food. This is aptly known as food allergy, and it is caused by the
consumption of certain meals that contain ingredients which one may be allergic to. Since the types of
food that can cause this allergy differ from one case to another, there is no specific food that has been
pinpointed as the main cause of food allergy. However, the common types of foods which have been
proven to cause food allergies among groups of individuals include seafood and certain fruits.

 Immediate symptoms of food allergies are itching in the mouth and difficulty swallowing and breathing.
Once the food that caused the allergic reaction has been swallowed, other symptoms will occur such
as nausea, vomiting, stomach pains, and diarrhea. The best way to treat food allergy is to abstain from
eating the food that has caused the allergic reaction. Other treatments for food allergies involve
medications. However, the person who has the allergy should consult his doctor before taking these
medications during cases wherein he feels an allergic reaction.

 Another common type of allergy is caused by particles which one has inhaled. These particles include
dust, mold, and dander. Other particles that can cause this allergy include smoke, fumes, and
detergents. Medical experts have given names for this type of allergy to better identify its specific
cause. These names include indoor allergy and pet allergy. Although the said names are valid, a
general term for this allergy would be nasal allergy.

 Symptoms of nasal allergy may include irritated and teary eyes, difficulty in breathing and formation of
mucus in the breathing passages, and skin rashes. The best way to treat allergy caused by airborne
particles is to maintain a clean environment within and around the home. Areas where dust normally

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accumulates should be wiped and cleaned. Proper ventilation should be provided in the home to
prevent the growth of mold. The rooms and other places where pets stay should be vacuumed
thoroughly. Medications in the form of inhalers and tablets can also be taken to prevent worse cases of
allergies caused by airborne particles.

 Moving on, the next type of allergy involves the skin. Skin allergies can be caused by certain products
such as latex and jewelry which directly come into contact with the skin. Symptoms of skin allergy
include itching, redness, blistering, and swelling in the affected area. Apart from avoiding the product
that causes the allergic reaction, topical creams can be applied on the skin to alleviate the discomfort
brought about by the allergy.

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                             New Allergy Treatment vs. Medical Treatment For Allergies
                                                                 By Joe Goertz

 Most often the summer is the time for the pollen count to increase which will increase the suffering for
most allergy sufferers. For years people have been looking for effective treatment options for the
allergies that they have. This has been a big problem for a lot of people and sadly there is not much
that modern medicine is doing for it.

There are several medical practices, like medications on the market for treatment but many of these
have horrible side effects. This is the biggest complaint that most people have when it comes to the
medicine that is used to treat allergies. Overall the side effects are known to be worse than the allergy
is to begin with. This is the reason why many people will not seek treatment for their allergies.

In many cases the symptoms that they have for the allergies are nothing more than bothersome to say
the least. The most common are runny nose, itchy eyes and sneezing. These symptoms can continue
until the end of the pollen season or they may come and go as time moves on. Whether or not the
symptoms are relieved is not the real issue. The adverse effects that the allergies have on the person’s
body are the main issue. People start to find that they are not able to sleep or they are sleeping too
much. This is also the main side effect that most of the allergy treatment medications have. They will
cause the person to fall asleep at the wrong time which can mean a danger to the person and others
around them.

Thankfully there are some new things that have come on the market to treat the many allergies that
people have. The new treatments are considered to be better for people because they are all natural
and therefore they do not have any side effects. If you have the natural cures or treatments you are
more likely to have some relief without all the problems that come with the more accepted and modern

In the area of treatments you will find that the natural treatments are a bit more expensive but they are
also known to be far more effective for most of the people that use them. There are problems in most
areas with this because of the fact that most of the natural health related treatments are not regulated
by the government. So the medical community believes that there is nothing to stop the people from
scamming those that are looking to find treatment.

For those that suffer with the seasonal allergies there is also the fact that you can avoid the high pollen
areas, such as fields and forests, during the time of the year where it could irritate the allergy. This may
be difficult for some who happen to enjoy the outdoors but you should give it serious consideration if
you do not want the side effects that come with the medications on the market.

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