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					                                  Pearson SuccessNet
Welcome to Pearson SuccessNet for Envision Math California. This powerful website contains
activities for teachers, administrators, and students and acts a single workplace for teaching
and learning.

If you are a teacher, you can:
     Manage your classes, including creating classes, using class rosters, and adding students
     Read online teacher and student editions of text books
     Assemble and assign tests through SuccessTracker
     Assign digital lessons/activities to either entire classes or selected students
     View various reports regarding test scores, mastery requirements, and individual
       student statistics

Students can:
    Complete digital lessons with Visual Learning Animations, Guided Practice and quizzes
    Read online text books
    Take tests online
    Complete practice assignments


1. Go to
2. From the Welcome screen, click Register
3. Enter the Access code (access codes are case sensitive):

                      GRADE                     ACCESS CODE
                   Kindergarten               SFMADP09CAENGKB
                        1st                   SFMADP09CAENG1B
                        2nd                   SFMADP09CAENG2B
                        3rd                   SFMADP09CAENG3B
                        4th                   SFMADP09CAENG4B
                        5th                   SFMADP09CAENG5B
                       6th                    SFMADP09CAENG6B

4. Click Next and follow directions to create your own username and password.
5. Log-in with your username and password.

     Please refer to your Digital Implementation Guide for further instructions.

                                   Technology Assistance

Pearson SuccessNet is fun and easy-to-use. However, should you experience problems or have
questions, please contact Technical Support at (800) 882-3030 or send an email to