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DeKalb PCID Board – 2007 Robert P. Voyles, Chairman President/CEO Seven Oaks Company, LLC John Heagy, Vice Chairman Vice President Hines Dean J. Patterson, Treasurer Atlanta Regional Asset Management Behringer Harvard Kay Younglove, Secretary Vice President Colonial Properties Trust Timothy W. Hughes Executive Vice President - Administration Cox Enterprises, Inc. A. Wayne Lord Vice President Governmental Affairs Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation Jeff Fuqua President of Development The Sembler Company Mario Mireles Group Vice President General Growth Properties Bill Campbell Senior Director Development Barry Real Estate Corporation

Fulton PCID Board – 2007 Timothy W. Hughes, Chairman Executive Vice President - Administration Cox Enterprises, Inc. Dean J. Patterson, Vice Chairman Atlanta Regional Asset Management Behringer Harvard Diane S. Calloway, Treasurer Attorney at Law/President Specialized Title Services, Inc. Adam Orkin, Secretary Chief Executive Officer Devin Properties Donald Mabry Sr. Vice President of Development Simpson Housing Limited Partners Chuck Altimari Corporate Real Estate Area Coordinator UPS Tad Leithead Senior Vice President–Atlanta Cousins Properties Inc. Kris Miller President Ackerman and Co.

PCIDs Staff – 2007 Yvonne D. Williams President Ted Turner Chief Operating Officer Tony Peters Program Director Loraine Bedford Executive Assistant to President Lola P. Cadet Accounting & Technology Manager Carly Nassar Assistant Program Director Claudia Owens Administrative Assistant

Professional Services Charles Palmer, Troutman, Sanders, LLC Legal Counsel, DeKalb PCID R. Lynn Rainey, Rainey and Philips Legal Counsel, Fulton PCID Donna Adams Morgan Consulting Marketing & Communications Jim Stevens On-Call Accounting Terry Hobbs Hobbs & Associates Advocacy

Dear Investors and Partners: Your commitment to keep the Perimeter market at the top of its game is returning an investment that makes us all proud. Through hard work, diligent pursuit and creative thinking, Perimeter has attracted over half a billion dollars of infrastructure projects to the area. We do not have funds in every project, but we have PCIDs business leadership and advocacy in every single one of them. We promised DeKalb investors in 1999 and Fulton investors in 2001 that your additional self-imposed property taxes would result in a better, stronger and more vibrant Perimeter business district. That is a promise kept.

Three late breaking milestones for our corporate business center make 2007 a benchmark year. The completion of the Perimeter Center Parkway “flyover” Bridge (PCPB) takes this 15 year dream to reality. Governor Perdue fast tracked this $35 million state investment with determination. It was held on course and completed as promised. With the commitment from Senators Isakson amd Chambliss and Members of Congress Lewis, Price, Westmoreland and Johnson, the I-285 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project kept $500,000 in the Federal

About the Cover
The Intersection of Commitment and Results: Perimeter’s corporate property owners aggressively meet transportation challenges through self-taxation of four additional mils of property tax used to maximize access, mobility and transportation choice. This financial commitment enables the Perimeter CIDs to create opportunities to offer project-based financial assistance to agency and governmental partners. This mutually beneficial model keeps Perimeter moving forward to enhance access, mobility and transportation choice for its customers. It also assists its partners in accelerating much needed transportation and infrastructure improvements and projects by offering to fund design, engineering or, in some cases, a portion of the construction dollars needed. Fast becoming a connected community that attracts professionals of all ages, Perimeter brings together the best of public/private partnerships, assists financially and delivers results. Live, work, walk and play... Everything comes together at Perimeter.


Thank You
Sincere thanks are extended to Children’s Healthcare, Northside and Saint Joseph’s Hospitals for their much valued partnerships and sponsorship of this Annual Report and other programs and services offered by the PCIDs.

Highway budget when other funds were being slashed. These funds will move the design engineering forward for this alternative transportation mode that is estimated to attract 40,000 riders a day and connect the two major markets of Perimeter and Cumberland. Without a doubt the most creative partnership comes from our PCIDs President’s determination to construct the Hammond Half-Diamond to improve congestion and ease traffic flow at GA 400. This negotiation has the PCIDs placing up-front funding directly into the project and partnering with GDOT and FHWA for other key components. This accelerates these improvements at least 5 years. With another creative move from the City of Sandy Springs, we are able to save at least $500,000 on the financing of the Hammond Project. Our return on investment for 2007 considering direct, in-direct and advocacy is 21 to one. This means that for every dollar you have invested, we are gaining $21.00 in infrastructure improvements for Georgia’s corporate center. Our new projections envision a billion dollars in projects making our future leverage estimate more than 40 to 1. Perimeter’s growth and status at the top of the market makes it clear that Everything Comes Together at Perimeter.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to work continuously to develop efficient transportation services, with an emphasis on access, mobility, diversification and modernization.
Robert P. Voyles, Chair
DeKalb Perimeter PCID Fulton Perimeter PCID

Tim Hughes, Chair


Yvonne D. Williams, President









“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead (1901-1978)
1 Dr. Gena Abraham is appointed new GDOT commissioner. 2 A.Wayne Lord receives Directors Award for Service on DeKalb CID board. 3 PCIDs hosts Executive Roundtable at Cox Enterprises, Inc. 4 Dr. Gena Abraham talks with PCIDs Board and President and DeKalb Commissioner Je Rader. 5 Sandy Springs Mayor Eva Galambos (center) receives the Champion of Transportation Award. 6 Sandy Springs Mayor and City Council members talk with GDOT Commissioner Abraham and PCIDs business leaders. 7 Founding PCIDs Chair John Sullivan is recognized for outstanding leadership on both Fulton and DeKalb boards. 8 Governor Sonny Perdue and former State Senator Liane Levetan celebrate the bridge opening. 9 DeKalb police o cers join the bridge dedication. PCIDs employ o -duty o cers to improve tra c ow during peak hours. 10 Gov. Perdue leads the parade accompanied by C.W. Mathews Project Director Tony Foshee. 11 GDOT’s 511 mascots join the parade at the Perimeter Parkway Bridge opening. 12 13 14 A multi-modal parade led the way for the opening of Perimeter Center Parkway Bridge, followed by an elegant reception sponsored and hosted by the Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center.
7 8 9 10

Corporate business leaders determined to maintain the Perimeter business center as a viable economic market recognized that the issue of access and mobility played a critical role in Perimeter’s continued success. Meeting the challenge, they created the DeKalb and Fulton Perimeter CIDs in 1999 and 2001 respectively. There was a real need to provide not only employee and commuter mobility, but to create connectivity and ease of access for pedestrians. Earlier, in 1997, this same team of leaders created the Perimeter Transportation Coalition (PTC) to encourage commuters to take alternative transportation choices to work. Perimeter was typical of most corporate communities, but the potential for connectivity and improved access was tremendous. Working with DeKalb County Government, Fulton County Government and the City of Sandy Springs, the Governor’s Fast Forward Transportation Initiative through the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA), the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), and the State Toll Road Authority (SRTA), the PCIDs have established credibility for bringing projects in on time and within budget. These projects include over three miles of eight foot wide promenade sidewalks; over two miles of road resurfacing and six complete intersection upgrades that are handicapped accessible and provide street furniture and safe crossings. The PCIDs have committed to investing over $26.8 million in self-imposed additional property taxes to make these improvements and assist local and state governmental partners in moving much needed projects forward. CIDs have a 5 year renewal life and through the current life the two PCIDs, it is estimated that the self-imposed property taxes on the business properties will reach $50,000,000. PCIDs are at the table with funds, plans and determination. Perimeter delivers and is creating one of the most exciting live, work, walk and recreation experiences in the state. Perimeter is Georgia’s Corporate Center. Leadership and investor commitment to constant improvement ensures that it remains so.

14 11 12 13






1 PERIMETER CENTER PARKWAY: Funded by Governor Sonny Perdue’s Fast Forward Program, this half mile long project adds sidewalks, bike lanes, upgraded intersections, shade trees and median landscaping. 2 PERIMETER CENTER NORTH INTERSECTIONS: In early 2008 four intersections in DeKalb County (Ashford Dunwoody at Ashwood Parkway, Ashford Gables, Ashford Center Parkway and Mount Vernon Road) will be upgraded with pedestrian crosswalks, connecting sidewalks, decorative mast arms and pedestrian countdown signals. 3 PERIMETER CENTER WEST: In 2008 Perimeter Center West between Ashford Dunwoody and Mt. Vernon will be repaved as well as receive intersection upgrades, sidewalks and bike lane, shade trees and median landscaping. 4 TRAFFIC OFFICERS PROGRAM: The placement of o duty tra c o cers at the PCIDs’ busiest intersections help aid congestion by clearing tra c through intersections and assist in safe movement for pedestrians.

5 4


5 ATMS & SIGNAL SYNCHRONIZATION: In early 2008 all tra c signals within the PCIDs boundaries will be upgraded. This will allow all signals to be interconnected, reducing congestion and improving safety. 6 PERIMETER CENTER SOUTH INTERSECTIONS: Three intersections in DeKalb County (Ashford Dunwoody at Lake Hearn, Perimeter Summit and Ashford Green) will receive complete upgrades including pedestrian crosswalks, decorative mast arms and pedestrian countdown signals. 7 PERIMETER CENTER SIDEWALKS: The PCIDs partnered with DeKalb County to construct pedestrian sidewalks to ful ll an immediate need in the DeKalb PCID district. 8 9 Completed in 2007, this project included the upgrade of three intersections in DeKalb County (Ashford Dunwoody Road at Ravinia Drive, Perimeter Center North and Hammond Drive at Perimeter Mall) to include pedestrian crosswalks, connecting sidewalks, decorative mast arms, pedestrian countdown signals and pedestrian lighting. This project also included the repaving of Ashford Dunwoody Road and Ashford Parkway. 10 MEDIAN MAINTENANCE PROGRAM: In 2008 in order to create a uniform look the PCIDs will maintain all medians within the PCIDs boundaries.
7 8 9







1 MEDIAN MAINTENANCE PROGRAM: In 2008 in order to create a uniform look the PCIDs will maintain all medians within the PCIDs boundaries. 2 FULTON PHASE ONE INTERSECTIONS: This project is designed to improve and upgrade sidewalks and intersections in an e ort to move tra c more e ciently and enhance pedestrian safety. Improvements include the redesign of pedestrian crossings including ADA-compliant ramps, enhanced pedestrian signage, updated intersection markings, improved signal timing, video detection, tra c signal poles and decorative mast arms.


3 PERIMETER CENTER WEST BEFORE 4 PERIMETER CENTER WEST AFTER: In 2008 Perimeter Center West between Ashford Dunwoody and Mt. Vernon will be repaved as well as receive intersection upgrades, sidewalks, bike lanes, shade trees and median landscaping. 5 ABERNATHY ROAD IMPROVEMENTS: This completed project added lanes to prevent stacking of cars when entering GA 400 northbound and southbound. Sidewalks, crosswalks and pedestrian signals were also added for safety. 6 FULTON COUNTY SIDEWALKS: PCIDs partnered with Fulton County to construct pedestrian sidewalks for 3.5 miles throughout the Fulton PCID district. 7 TRAFFIC OFFICERS PROGRAM: The placement of o duty tra c o cers at the PCIDs’ busiest intersections helps to relieve congestion by clearing tra c through intersections and assists in a safer walking environment for pedestrians. 8 PEDESTRIAN LIGHTING: The installation of pedestrian lights creates improved movement for pedestrians as they travel through the PCIDs. 9 ATMS & SIGNAL SYNCHRONIZATION: In early 2008 all tra c signals within the PCIDs boundaries will be upgraded. This will allow all signals to be interconnected reducing congestion and improving safety.
5 6 7




Employer Participation Vehicle Miles Traveled Avoided New Vanpools Formed Shuttle Boarding Total Smog Emissions Reduced Total CO2 Emissions Reduced Savings to Commuters
(in gas, depreciation and maintenance)

107 36 million 5 vanpools 550,000 28,000 kg 18,000 tons $13.5 million

Vehicle Trips Reduced through PTC Programs 1.3 million


PTC encourages commuters to ‘Leave That Car at Home’


Perimeter is fast becoming a pedestrian-friendly, connected community that o ers a live, work, walk and recreation environment. Bright new automated countdown crossing signals coupled with wide sidewalks, street furniture and well-marked intersections replace old street signs. In the spring and fall of 2007, PTC promoted Walk Challenges in partnership with the Clean Air Campaign and the collective enthusiasm for walking in Perimeter surprised everyone. PTC issued 800+ pedometers to encourage commuters to walk at lunch to transit and for daily errands. Amazing results showed over 48 million steps and over 22,000 miles. Walkers were rewarded with more than $2,500 in gift certi cates, iPods and better health. Congratulations to PCIDs growing number of walkers! ®

Formed in 1997, the Perimeter Transportation Coalition (PTC) is a close partner of the PCIDs. PTC is in the business of creating partnerships that encourage area rms and their employees to explore the opportunities and advantages of alternative modes of transportation. Discounted transit (Perimeter Pass) cards saved employers more than $60,000 in 2007. The Commuter Rewards program provides incentives to more than 5,100 commuters to use their choice of alternative transportation: bus, rail, vanpools, carpools, walking or cycling. And a 40% increase in the number of commuters participating in the Commuter Rewards program demonstrates signi cant interest and involvement in these programs. Designated as the largest Best Workplace for Commuters location in the country, the Perimeter area ranks high in the number of businesses o ering commuter options to their work forces. In 2007, Hines-Perimeter Center won the Property Manager PACE Award, which recognizes excellence in this e ort. Hines o ers complimentary shuttle service, parking racks, lockers and shower facilities for bicycle and pedestrian commuters, and monthly prizes for users of alternative modes of transportation. These programs resulted in a reduction of 35,000 vehicle trips and 950,000 vehicle miles traveled in 2007. Mirant Employee Transportation Coordinator, Margie Butler, received the 2007 PACE-Setter Award for her work in developing a comprehensive program of alternatives for their employees. Mirant commits more than $30,000 a year in transit and vanpool subsidies; their employees ride MARTA free; 15% of the workforce uses alternative modes. Mirant o ers the Guaranteed Ride Home program, Commuter Rewards and other programs to encourage alternative transportation choices

Live, work, walk, play... everything comes together in this vibrant and growing community. This highly desirable location offers quality retail, office space, restaurants, entertainment, commercial and housing choices for commuters, visitors, shoppers and residents. Just 5 years after Perimeter CIDs’ inception, the U S Environmental Protection Agency recognized the PCIDs leadership and best practices in supporting and encouraging alternative transportation opportunities. Designated as the largest Best Workplace for Commuters District in the US, Perimeter continues to refine and improve transportation and infrastructure connectivity and choice. Two years later, Perimeter received the Golden Shoe Award from PEDs for creating a pedestrian friendly environment. Perimeter is much more than just the largest corporate center in Georgia; everything comes together at Perimeter.

THE INTERSECTION OF INVESTMENT AND TRANSPORTATION IMROVEMENTS: Since 1999, investors have self-taxed on all commercial property in the Perimeter CID’s geographic boundaries, an area which includes the Perimeter Mall area of DeKalb County and a portion of the City of Sandy Springs in Fulton County. It is estimated that through 2011, the current projected life-time of the two CIDs, that the business community will contribute over $50,000,000 toward infrastructure improvements, transportation connections, alternative multi-modal choices and services that directly impact and serve commuters and pedestrians. PERIMETER CIDs’ LEVERAGE
The upper chart shows the actual PCIDs financial commitment to projects to date, as well as an estimated transportation project package resulting from either focused advocacy or direct dollar investment in projects of high priority to the Perimeter community. The current return on investment for dollars invested by PCIDs is estimated to be 21 to 1. This means for every additional property tax dollar contributed by the business community toward expediting projects, that Perimeter is receiving an impressive $21 in project value. This lower chart shows that Perimeter is currently working on infrastructure projects that will double its present project package to $1 billion. The resulting return on investment in that projection is 40 to 1.
PCIDs commitments: $26.8 million Projects in portfolio: $500 million

21 to 1 Leverage

PCIDs commitments: $26.8 million Projects in portfolio: $1 billion

40 to 1 Leverage

INVESTORS & MAJOR EMPLOYERS INCLUDE: AT&T InterContinental Hotels Group All Connect Internet Security Systems Arby’s Mirant AutoTrader.com Newell Rubbermaid Ceridian Children’s Healthcare Northside Hospital Philips Electronics of Atlanta Pilgrim’s Pride CH2MHill Porsche CompuCredit Cox Enterprises, Inc. Prudential Real Estate Investors Crawford and Co. Rayovac Global Payments Saint Joseph’s Hospital Haverty’s United Parcel Service Hewitt


• is one of the most highly sought locations in the region • is the region’s largest employer district with more than 115,000 employees • estimates an employee base that will grow significantly from 2008 to 2013 • contains over 16 million square feet of Class A office space • offers over 26 million square feet of total office space • estimates an additional 2+ million square feet of office space in currently planned developments • represents a capital investment of over $3 billion • estimates an additional capital investment of $1.5 billion in currently planned developments • businesses spend over $900,000 on private shuttles for their employees to encourage alternative forms of transportation

• is surrounded by quality residential communities • has direct access to I-85, I-285, GA 400 and Peachtree DeKalb Airport • hires off duty officers to assist motorists with traffic flow at key intersections • is a connected live, work, walk and recreation community • is pedestrian and bicycle friendly • is estimated to have the largest population in the region by 2025 • is home to Fortune 500 headquarters • has 85+ companies employ more than 100 employees

One Ravinia Drive Building One Suite 1125 Atlanta, Georgia 30346 P: (770) 390-1780 F: (770) 390-1782

w w w.PerimeterCID.org

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