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									Medisoft Medical Billing Software Announces the New Version 14 of Its Popular
Practice Management Program Designed for Single Provider and Small Group
Medical Offices announces a new release of Medisoft Version 14, designed to help
increase productivity, reduce costs, and provide better financial information to help the medical
office run smoother.

Port Charlotte, FL, March 05, 2008 --( Medisoft Billing Software Introduces Version 14 As a
Feature-rich Upgrade with Features Designed to Streamline Medical Offices.

Version 14 includes features that allow you to focus on running your business and not on running
software. announces the United States release of the Easy To Use Medisoft
Medical Billing Software Version 14. The new version can help to increase efficiency and productivity in
any small physician office because it simplifies the management of patient paperwork and the entry of
billing data. Medisoft Version 14 is filled with many features and options that ensure your valuable time
can be spent on the patient rather than on paperwork.

Medisoft medical billing software has a reputation for its incredible ease of use and the fact that it keeps
medical offices running smoothly. Medisoft Version 14 includes an Administrative Dashboard option
that allows offices to measure the productivity and profitability of their medical office through Key
Performance Indicators (KPIs). The Administrative Dashboard includes the following components:
graphs that shows trends, financial or accounting warnings, AR totals, patient and insurance payment
totals, canceled or missed appointments, and much more.

Medisoft medical billing software is renowned for the expenses it can eliminate by keeping your
physician or medical office practice running smoothly. The Patient Quick Entry feature allows office staff
to create patient entry templates so that data entry is quick and contains only information thats needed for
the template. Another feature, such as the Medisoft Task Scheduler, can help eliminate time-consuming
mundane tasks such as running the patient remainder balances recalcuation, and performing routine
indexing in file maintenance. Their medical billing software Version14 also includes a popup reminder to
backup your data on exit.

Harry Selent, President of commented "This powerful new
version is loaded with features asked for by medical offices around the country. In fact, Medisoft "blew"
by version 13 and skipped from version 12 directly to version 14 because of all the additional features."

Medisoft practice management software version 14 builds on the success of previous editions. Version
14 enhances the function of sending Electronic Statements instead of relying on office staff to perform the
menial monthly function. The software can also store these statements online for future reference and
viewing. Potentially one of the most new and important features of Medisoft Version 14 is the ability to

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print UB-04 billing forms. Now, UB-04 insurance forms can be printed on paper with greater ease,
optionally, the claim forms can also be exported to a file for later transmittal via electronic submission.

Medisoft medical billing software version 14, has been designed specifically to help healthcare offices
increase cash flow and save valuable time. To view other new program features in this new version or to
download a demo copy of Medisoft Version 14, visit, was started by the husband and wife team of Harry Selent.
Harry Selent a previous director of marketing and strategic planning in a local hospital, was laid off due
to medicare cutbacks, and then started out on his own and began a computer sales and consulting
business. Local doctors that he had known at the hospital, asked him to help them computerize their
medical offices. The business has continually expanded since then. The business is currently still
expanding and is very successful with satisfied customers from all around the United States. Rachael
Selent, began by helping her husband, and then made the transition to working full time. Because of her
previous clinical background as a Registered Dietitian, Rachael has helped to start a new division of the
company that is geared towards helping doctors computerize their electronic medical records.

For Additional Information, Contact
Contact Name: Harry Selent
Company Name: Selent & Associates, Inc
Telephone Number: 888-691-8058 or 941-743-6666



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