MS PowerPoint 2007 - Introduction by iih17598


									                       MS PowerPoint 2007 - Introduction
The skills and knowledge acquired in this course are sufficient to be able to create real-
world presentations. You will also learn how to add themes, run a slide show, print,
publish presentations.

Learning Outcomes:
At the completion of this courseware participants will be able to:
    • work with the basic features of PowerPoint
    • work & creating a new presentation
    • learn how to add slides with different layouts
    • insert and modify clip art in your presentation
    • draw and work with shapes
    • create and work with SmartArt
    • navigate a slide show in PowerPoint
    • use a range of printing techniques
    • find the information you need in Help

Course Content:
   • Getting To Know PowerPoint
   • Working With Presentations
   • Creating A Presentation
   • Slide Layouts
   • Clip Art, Shapes & SmartArt
   • Slide Show Navigation
   • Printing & Getting Help

Target Audience:
This course is designed for users who wish to use this application to present

1 Day

High quality learning materials are available for purchase by participants. Participants
will also be presented with a certificate of achievement upon completion of the course.

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                           MS PowerPoint 2007 - Introduction
Getting To Know                       Creating A New Blank                     Shapes
PowerPoint                            Presentation                             About The Shapes Gallery
Starting PowerPoint                   Using Installed Or Online                Drawing Arrows And Lines
The PowerPoint Screen                 Templates                                Drawing Shapes
Using The Ribbon                      Creating A Presentation                  Working With Shapes
Using KeyTip Badges                   Based                                    Arranging Shapes
Minimising The Ribbon                 On A Theme                               Adding Connectors To
Shortcut Menus                        Adding Text Using The                    Shapes
Using Shortcut Menus                  Outline                                  Adding Text To Shapes
Understanding Dialog                  Pane                                     Grouping Shapes
Boxes                                 Saving A Presentation                    Formatting Shapes
Launching Dialog Boxes                Adding Slides And Text                   Layering Shapes
The Quick Access Toolbar              Previewing A Slide Show                  Adding A SmartArt
Customising The Quick                                                          Graphic
Access                                Slide Layouts                            Formatting A SmartArt
Toolbar                               About Slide Layouts                      Graphic
The Office Button                     Adding A Title Slide
Using The Office Button               Adding A Title And                       SmartArt
The Status Bar                        Content Slide                            Understanding SmartArt
Customising The Status Bar            Adding A Section Header                  Creating An Organisation
Exiting Safely From                   Slide                                    Chart
PowerPoint                            Adding A Table To A Slide                Typing Text Using The Text
                                      Adding A Picture With                    Pane
Working With                          Caption                                  Adding Peers
Presentations                         Slide                                    Adding Subordinates
Opening Existing                      Adding A Chart To A Slide                Adding An Assistant
Presentations                         Changing The Slide Layout                Promoting And Demoting
Switching Between Open                                                         Switching Right To Left
Presentations                         Clip Art                                 Changing The Layout
Understanding                         Inserting Clip Art                       Changing Colours
PowerPoint Views                      Resizing Clip Art                        Changing SmartArt Styles
Switching Between Views               Modifying Clip Art                       Deleting A Shape From
Navigating A Presentation             Modifying Elements Of                    SmartArt
Using The Zoom Tool                   Clip Art
Closing A Presentation                Applying Effects To Clip                 Slide Show Navigation
Returning To A Previous               Art                                      Using Slide Sorter View
Presentation                          Rotating Clip Art                        Reusing Slides
                                      Inserting Clips From The                 Adding Notes To Your
Creating A Presentation               Organiser                                Slides
Designing A Presentation                                                       Slide Numbers
Presentation Methods And                                                       About Hyperlinks
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Creating An Internal
Creating A Hyperlink To
Creating A Hyperlink To
Keyboard Shortcuts For
Navigating Slide Shows
Presenting A Slide Show

Print Preview Options
Previewing Slides
Printing Slides
Printing Handouts
Printing Notes Pages
Printing The Outline

Getting Help
Understanding How Help
Accessing The Help
Browsing For Help
Returning To The Home
Using The Table Of
Searching Using Keywords
Disconnecting Online Help
Printing A Help Topic
Working With Screen Tips
Dialog Box Help
Other Sources Of Help

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