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									City of Seaside Action Minutes Special Redevelopment Agency Meeting April 6, 2006 The Redevelopment Agency of the City of Seaside met in special session at 6:30 p.m. on the above date at the Seaside City Hall Council Chambers, 440 Harcourt Avenue, Seaside, California. Chairman Ralph Rubio called the meeting to order. Board Members Present: Steve Bloomer Darryl L. Choates Don R. Jordan, arrived 6:33 p.m. Thomas Mancini, Vice-Chairman Ralph Rubio, Chairman Ray Corpuz Jill Anderson Daphne Hodgson Louis Dell’Angela Tony Sollecito Nancy Towne Diana Ingersoll Tim O’Halloran

Staff Members Present:

CONSENT CALENDAR Chairman Rubio asked if there was any member of the Board or the public who wish to take any item under the Consent Calendar as a separate item? There being no one, the Agency Board moved forward. Approval of Checks in the amount of $576,687.33. Regular/Special and/or Joint City Council/Redevelopment Agency Meeting Minutes for March 16, 2006. Accept and File February 28, 2006 Cash and Investment Report. MSC Choates, Mancini RESOLVED that the Consent Calendar be approved as presented. AYES 4 ORAL COMMUNICATION No member of the public spoke under Oral Communication.

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NEW BUSINESS Presentation by Representatives of Clark-General Growth on the Main Gate Shopping Center Project. Representative of Clark-General Growth have requested the opportunity to make a presentation to the Agency to discuss progress being made by the development team on the Main Gate Shopping Center Project. On November 17, 2005, the Agency Board selected Clark Realty Capital-General Growth Properties as the preferred development team for the Main Gate Project Site. The Agency’s Executive Director subsequently executed an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement (ENA) with this development team. Clark-General representatives have been working with Agency staff to implement the provisions of the ENA. Agency staff will also present information on the project. Mr. Lewis Bucksbaum, Vice Leasing/Marketing Progress: President of General Growth explained the

Leasing - have assigned the leasing teams to work with specialty shop leasing; large format leasing; entertainment leasing and restaurant leasing. Marketing – have created a leasing handout; created leasing brochure; are in discussion to hire a public relations firm; are developing a site marketing signage and developing a comprehensive communications plan which would include press release, web page, etc. Francis Comb, Clark Realty explained that while Mr. Bucksbaum and his leasing staff with General Growth are busy marketing the project to the various retailers; Clark Realty as General Growth development partner is here locally in Seaside coordinating a lot of the specific on the ground issues that are associated with the project. Mr. Comb explained the Local Development Progress: Exclusive Negotiation Rights Agreement – completed November 2005; Site Geotechnical Investigation – completed February 2006; Site Environmental Document Review – completed February 2006; ALTA/ASCM Survey – completed February 2006 and hired MIG a Planning Firm in March 2006 to handle the Specific Plan. Rod Banning, Architect with General Growth Properties explained the Site Plan Refinement connecting people, business and community. He explained in detail the planning considerations such as the highway 1 visibility; ocean views; pedestrian focus and beach access. Retailer considerations such as specialty shops, large format entertainment and restaurants.

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Mr. Cone explained the next steps: Specific Plan 2 Community workshops expected May. Specific Plan completion expected in July. Caltrans Discussion Discussion regarding traffic at Highway 1 interchange ongoing. CSUMB Access Easements Request for 2nd Avenue access easements submitted to CSUMB leadership. Draft EIR at WSA Draft EIR moving forward concurrently with Specific Plan MCWD to conduct Water Supply Assessment [WSA] upon receipt of Draft EIR. City Water Allocation Coordinate with City staff for water allocation. Army Land Swap The environmental assessment is complete and the public review period has expired and no significant or material public comments were received that would prevent the Army from signing of on the document proceeding with the land transfer; he anticipating a July transfer. There was further discussion between the Agency Board and Clark-General Growth regarding visibility issues; FORA issues such as height requirements; large format being on 2nd Street. Board Member Jordan spoke in support of the project; he hopes that as progress is made on this project that more local people are involved. Board Member Bloomer mentioned some FORA requirements; he was happy to see that a theater was proposed in the plans. Chairman Rubio mentioned that the trees on Highway 1 were mostly landmark and it may be hard to get approval to remove them; the corridors that are being created for the ocean view, may also create wind tunnels. He also mentioned FORA requirements and the fact that Congressman Farr has very strong feelings about big signs and lights that can be visible from Highway 1. This was an informational update. ADJOURNMENT The meeting was adjourned at 7:05 p.m. Respectfully submitted, ______________________ Ray Corpuz, Secretary
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ATTEST: _________________________ Ralph Rubio, Chairman *MSC-Motion/Second/Carried

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