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General Growth Properties Project Overview


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									2007 Impact Awards Winner For Profit Category: General Growth Properties Onboarding Strategy Beth Bratkovic, VP Talent Development Overview of Project: In 2007, General Growth Partners (GGP) undertook a radical redesign of their onboarding process. They added a brief online orientation, shortened their orientation class to two days for managers and one day for other employees, and replaced the PowerPoints with interactive learning modules emphasizing skills and values. GGP also created a peer coaching program for five key positions at their properties, assigning each new employee an experienced, high-performing peer in the same position to serve as a resource and learning coach. These mentors would be available in both a formal scheduled format, and also for informal, unscheduled learning. Outside of training, GGP replaced their paper-based employee new hire paperwork with an entirely paperless system and ensured that all employees had the necessary technology no later than three days after their start date. As a result, voluntary terminations in the first six months decreased by 37% and perceived productivity within the first 90 days rose by 31% and 44%, according to managers and employees, respectively, all at a significantly reduced travel and presentation cost.

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