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					2007 Deep Bench Questions by Illinois A (Baboukis, Canning, Cao, Meade, Messner, Sanner, Sorice, Taylor) Edited by Rob Carson and Andrew Hart Quads Packet Tossups 1. The Harivamsa, Bhagavata Purana, and Padma Puranas are the sources for the details of his life, and he is seen as the god of the common people. The eighth son of Devaki and Vasuveda, at birth he was switched with the child of Yasoda and Nanda, and as a child he slew several demons, including Putana and Bakasura. Brahma tried but failed to assert his authority over him by stealing his cattle, and Indra tried to flood his village, but he held up Govardhana mountain as an umbrella. Gandhari cursed him to die alone, and he is seen as the eighth avatar of Vishnu. FTP, identify the Hindu deity who slew Kamsa and appeared in the Bhagavad Gita as Arjuna's spiritual advisor. ANSWER: Krishna 2. One of this man's works examined such diverse forms of expression as a child's drawing and the "specter of pure language," The Prose of the World. His first work was a repudiation of behavioral psychology and defined existence as consisting of physical, vital, and mental components. In addition to The Structure of Behavior, he dissed Arthur Koestler and Leon Trotsky in Humanism and Terror: An Essay on the Communist Problem. His most famous work argued for dissolution of prejudices that prevent people from experiencing "things" themselves, and this man worked with Sartre as an editor of Les Temps Modernes. FTP, name this twentieth century French philosopher, author of The Phenomenology of Perception. ANSWER: Maurice Merleau-Ponty 3. In one poem he asks that you "Don't go far off, not even for a day" and "may your silhouette never dissolve on the beach," and according to the title, he craves your mouth, voice, and hair. The speaker of one of this man's poems sees the title creature "Among the market greens/ a bullet from the ocean depths," and in a romantic poem he compares open kisses to drinking turpentine. Among his poems are ones dedicated "to a Large Tuna," "to Salt," and "to Sadness," and this poet addresses someone into which everything sinks in The Song of Despair. FTP, identify the poet who asks you to "rise up to be born with" him in The Heights of Machu Picchu. ANSWER: Pablo Neruda (or Ricardo Eliecer Neftali Reyes Basoalto) 4. His father, who was illiterate, notably repealed a law preventing senators from marrying lower-class women. Rebuilding projects during this man’s reign included the Church of the Holy Apostles and the San Vitale in Ravenna, which featured mosaics of him and his consort Theodora. While his reign was marked by conflict with the Papacy over the handling of the monophysite heresy in Syria, it also saw the recompiling of the Corpus Juris Civilis, which became known as his namesake code. He had the Hagia Sophia rebuilt after it was burned down in the Nika riots, which were put down by his general Belisarius. FTP, name this Byzantine emperor, the last leader of the Eastern Roman Empire. ANSWER: Justinian I or the Great (accept Flavius Petrus Sabbatius Iustinianus) 5. Some of the responsibility for the protection for this region recently shifted from Georgia to Bulgaria, and its namesake café was bombed and then seized for government use. An arch consisting of two hands holding gigantic crossed swords known as the Hands of Victory is located in this area, as is the so-called Assassin's Gate or Golden Dome. It contains such monuments as its country's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and it comprises about four square miles. In the southern part of this area, the United States has constructed a permanent embassy. It was mostly established in 2003, after soldiers captured the Republican Palace and surrounding buildings. FTP, name this allegedly safe part of Baghdad, contrasted with the unsafe "Red Zone." ANSWER: The Green Zone (also accept International Zone or Emerald City) 6. Coombs tests detect these bodies bound to erythrocytes, and a technique that uses these entities is ELISA. These molecules have a namesake fold, in which two beta sheets are held together by amino acid charges. These adaptable molecules can somatically recombine in a process called V(D)J recombination and are also capable of changing isotype by altering conformation of their heavy chains. Like enzymes, they operate via a a socalled "lock-and-key" mechanism, as verified by Linus Pauling. FTP, name these characteristically y-shaped immune molecules exploited in vaccination and produced by B cells in response to specific antigens. ANSWER: antibodies (or immunoglobulins)

7. While the first three themes are in minor keys, D, B-flat, and C respectively, the fourth and fifth sections are in E and D major. That third section represents a woman's decision to carry the child of a man she does not love, while the fourth represents the man that she does love forgiving her. Muted strings and heavy use of harmonics represent the moonlight, and both figures are characters in a poem by Richard Dehmel. Consisting of only one movement, this work is in rondo form, and was written by the man who propagated the twelve tone school. FTP, identify this tone poem for string sextet by Arnold Schoenberg. ANSWER: Transfigured Night or Verklarte Nachte 8. A tricky character in this work gets his comeuppance when three cronies, including Bardolph, steal his horses. Its protagonist uses a pair of stag horns to disguise himself as Herne the Hunter, but ends up being pinched by people dressed as fairies and elves. Meanwhile, Anne's father plots to have Slender seize her and marry her, while her mother plots for Dr. Caius to do the same thing, but in the end she sneaks off and marries Fenton while the protagonist is being ridiculed for writing almost identical letters to two potential lovers. FTP, identify the Shakespearean play that centers around the antics of the Ford and Page households and the rogue Sir John Falstaff. ANSWER: The Merry Wives of Windsor 9. Its erstwhile headquarters in Philadelphia now serves as an art gallery containing portraits of prominent early Americans. Alexander Dallas was an early champion of it, while another man connected with it produced a “Commercial Digest” of the various laws and trade regulations of the world. That man took control of it upon Langdon Cheves’s resignation. Originally chartered after President Madison was unable to stabilize the dollar in the wake of the War of 1812, it enjoyed prosperity through the 1820s until it was finally undone by the rivalry between its president and Andrew Jackson. FTP, name this organization, which lost its charter and fell into bankruptcy under the leadership of Nicholas Biddle. ANSWER: Second Bank of the United States 10. This man moves in with a prostitute and gets her pregnant after asking Marth Tothero for advice. He gets a job in a used-car lot after his wife gives birth, but his wife gets drunk and drowns their daughter when trying to give her a bath. His in-laws try to hold his marriage together, and all agree that this man will garden for Mrs. Horace Smith, play golf with the minister, and still live with Ruth Leonard. His regular job consists of selling a household contraption known as the "Magipeel," and after he is accused of drowning Rebecca and subsequently rejected by Ruth, he runs away again. FTP, identify the protagonist of Rabbit, Run by John Updike. ANSWER: Harry Angstrom (accept either, accept Rabbit Angstrom early) 11. The probability that this rule does not hold is given by the fluctuation-dissipation theorem. Loschmidt’s paradox was posited as a challenge to one form of this axiom, the H theorem. A better-known statement of it is that the imperfect integral of inverse absolute temperature with respect to heat transfer is non-negative, the Clausius inequality. A better-known challenge to it was provided by a construct that seemingly can increase the availability of an isolated system, Maxwell’s demon. FTP, name this fundamental law of thermal chemistry, according to which the entropies of isolated systems increase. ANSWER: the second law of thermodynamics (prompt on "second law," "slt" or "2lt") 12. In the song "Live By Your Rep," they accused Bone Thugz-N-Harmony of stealing their style, and former member Koopsta Knicca left due to a money dispute. They have branched out into movies, producing the film Choices as well as its sequel, and one of their big hits opens with a sample from "Tell Me Why Has Our Love Turned Cold" by Willie Hutch. Collaborations with Lil Flip and Pimp C can be found on the 2003 album Da Unbreakables, while Young Buck, 8-Ball and MJG contributed verses to their hit "Stay Fly." Jon Stewart once noted "For those keeping score, Martin Scorcese zero, [this entity] one." FTP, identify the rap group from Memphis comprised of DJ Paul and Juicy J that won an Oscar for the song "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp." ANSWER: 3 6 Mafia

13. A maggot fell from this person's nose before burial, after which a memorial statue with lapis lazuli hair was constructed. Initially known for prodigious consumption of shepherd’s beer, this "bolt" is seemingly initiated into a cult of female devotees of the sun by Ninsun. Created from clay at the behest of an oppressed people, this warrior is initially envisioned as a meteor. A trapper causes this warrior to be led to “the Sheepfold” by the harlot, Shamhat. This participant in the slaying of the Bull of Heaven and Humbaba eventually falls victim to Ishtar’s rage. FTP, name this wildman companion of Gilgamesh. ANSWER: Enkidu 14. Materials of this type often form sheathes that satisfy a criterion named for Bohm. The namesake frequency of these substances is given in mks by the electron charge times the square root of the quantity number density over permittivity times electron-ion reduced mass and their namesake waves are also named for Langmuir, who discovered them. They are quasi-neutral in a Debye sphere, the radius of which, the Debye length, characterizes their charge shielding; however, many of the atoms in matter of this phase are ionized. FTP, name these collections of dissociated electrons and ions, the so-called fourth phase of matter. ANSWER: plasmas 15. Among the successful delaying actions fought in this campaign were the Battle of Westerplatte, in which 182 men held the eponymous island for a week against several thousand opposing soldiers, and the Battle of Krojanty, after which the 18th Pomeranian Uhlans Regiment was decorated for valor shown in covering the retreat. That battle also featured a cavalry charge by one side that, after some initial success, was taken apart by Lt. General von Wiktoren’s artillery fire Despite that and similar small-scale holding actions, the defending armies were either destroyed or forced into retreat in battle after battle until they were eventually wiped from existence at battles such as Bory Tucholskie, Modlin, and Warsaw. FTP, name this first German campaign of WWII. ANSWER: Accept equivalents of the following: Invasion of Poland, Polish Campaign, Fall Weiss 16. This river is named for the first ship to have been documented traveling down it, one captained by Robert Gray. The original Bridge of Gods was created when the Bonneville Slide dammed it, while Hanford Reach is the only American section of it that is currently undammed. After rising in the lake that shares its name, the river runs to Lake Windermere and the Arrow Lakes, before being joined by the Pend Orielle River as it crosses into Washington. It also forms a confluence with the Wilamette River near Vancouver, but its largest tributary is the Snake. FTP, what river forms a famous scenic gorge passing through the Cascade Mountains before finally dumping into the Pacific as Astoria, Oregon? ANSWER: Columbia River 17. This object produces an irrotational dyadic field from a vector field and its terms have coefficients of root one over the metric factors. A theorem named for this operator states that the change in a function between two points is equal to the line integral between the points of this operator acting on that function. The dot product of this operator with a unit vector is a directional derivative, its curl vanishes, and its dot product with itself is the Laplacian. FTP, name this operator that produces a vector field pointing in the direction of steepest change from a function; a multi-dimensional derivative symbolized by a down-pointing triangle. ANSWER: gradient (or del or nambla) 18. This character felt that the Germans should share the guilt for World War I, and when eating with a professor and his wife, the couple complimented an editorial attacking him. A patron of the Black Eagle Tavern pokes fun at his inability to dance and chides his obsession with Indian myths. He had thought about killing himself when he turned fifty, but his introduction to Maria and Pablo keeps him in good spirits. After a ball, he is taken to the Magic Theater and stabs Hermine, and he is comforted by Mozart and is sentenced to eternal life. FTP, identify this protagonist of Herman Hesse’s Steppenwolf. ANSWER: Harry Haller

19. The artist later depicted the same scene with some angels looking on in the upper left as men with spears descend the central steps from a columned building. On the far right of this painting, an old woman grasps for an object that a man wearing a blue sash holds high above her head. On the left, an old woman bites the ass of a soldier who pulls on the hair of a woman, while in the center, a soldier skewers a woman who is protecting a small child. Originally attributed to Jan van der Hoecke or Brueghel the Elder, this painting depicts the events of Matthew 2:1-18. FTP, name this recently reattributed Peter Paul Rubens work that depicts the killing of a lot of babies by soldiers on Herod's command. ANSWER: The Massacre of the Innocents 20. The effects of this battle were overshadowed by a naval defeat for the victors two days later at Beachy Head. Early actions included Meinhardt Schomberg’s defeat of Neill O’Neill’s dragoons at Roughgrange. Both Meinhardt’s father and George Walker, the Defender of Derry, would later die in this battle. Though the conflict would not end until Godert de Ginkell crushed the forces of the Marquis de St. Ruth at Aughrim the next year, this battle was the first important victory for the League of Augsburg. Directly preceding the first siege of Limerick and taking place outside of the coast town of Drogheda, FTP, name this battle, in which William of Orange drove James II’s army back over an eponymous Irish river. ANSWER: Battle of the Boyne TB. In a general RLC Circuit, this occurs when the reactance of the capacitor cancels the reactance of the inductor, which maximizes the parallel impedence. In a damped system, the degree to which this occurs is inversely proportional to the quality factor. If the system is undamped, the frequency at which this occurs reduces to the natural frequency of the oscillator, called the pure variety of this effect, and the amplitude of oscillation of the system increases without bound. FTP, name this physical effect, which explains how a small amplitude driving force at the natural frequency of a system can have drastic consequences. ANSWER: amplitude resonance (accept “electrical amplitude resonance”)

2007 Deep Bench Questions by Illinois A (Baboukis, Canning, Cao, Meade, Messner, Sanner, Sorice, Taylor) Edited by Rob Carson and Andrew Hart Quads Packet Bonuses 1. There are real art clues coming in this bonus, but my favorite anecdote regarding this artist is that Cookie Monster had to be explicitly instructed not to eat his Still Life with Apples. FTPE: [10] Name this French post-impressionist of The Grand Bathers and The Overture to Tannhauser. ANSWER: Paul Cezanne [10] Cezanne was rather fond of depicting this mountain that was near his home. ANSWER: Mount (or Mont or Montagne) Sainte-Victoire [10] This somewhat earlier work of Cezanne features a triangle formed by the three figures. One figure is holding another down, while a third stabs the second figure. ANSWER: The Murder 2. Answer some questions about a heresy, FTPE: [10] This heresy, named for a third century Alexandrian priest, held that Jesus was eternal, but not part of God. Instead, he was a dependent entity created for the salvation of the world. ANSWER: Arian heresy [10] This first ecumenical council refuted Arianism and promulgated its namesake creed. ANSWER: First Council of Nicaea (not Nicene) [10] This term, coined by Augustine, is a Greek term meaning one substance. It came to signify those who followed St. Alexander of Alexandria against the Arians. ANSWER: homoousian(s) 3. Rock down to the proverbial Electrical Engineer Avenue and name these related devices that may appear on a breadboard near you FTPE: [10] The "T" in MOSFET, JFET, BJT, etc. is this generalized type of device, invented by Bardeen, Brattain, and Shockley. ANSWER: transistor [10] Some transistors can be crudely modeled by groups of these breakdown-prone current-rectifying devices. Often p-n junctions, they can be combined with transistors to create a namesake logic. ANSWER: diodes (prompt on "DTL") [10] This specific type of diode uses a like-named metal-semiconductor junction. This allows for very rapid switching, so diode-transistor logic with diodes of this kind is particularly fast. ANSWER: Schottky diode 4. Identify the following stuff from Shinto mythology, FTPE: [10] One time this sun goddess got all pissy and went into a cave. This daughter of Izanagi and brother of Tsukuyomi was lured out when the voluptuous Ame-no-Uzume danced for her. ANSWER: Amaterasu-omikami or Ohiru-menomunchi-no-kami [10] This brother of Amaterasu once threw a dead horse carcass into her palace, which led to her hiding out in that cave. He's the kami responsible for the sea and storms. ANSWER: Susano-o or Susanowo [10] Susano-o has done some good; after being banished from heaven, he traveled to the Izumo province and slew this eight-headed dragon that had been eating the daughters of an elderly couple. ANSWER: Yamata no Orochi

5. Answer the following about the Reconquista FTPE. [10] This kingdom was the first Christian state to form in Spain after the fall of the Visigoths to the Moors; it gained cohesion under a Visigoth noble named Pelayo after his victory over the Moors at Covadonga. ANSWER: Kingdom of Asturias [10] The noted reconquistador El Cid served as the chief general of Alfonso VI, the king of this polity; it was often united with the kingdom of Leon. ANSWER: Kingdom of Castile [10] The Reconquista was finally completed with this battle, named after the fortress in which the army of Boabdil was besieged by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. ANSWER: Battle of Granada 6. Give the name of the physical quantity described in each part FTPE: [10] The time derivative of charge. The SI unit for this is amperes, and it's equal to voltage over resistance according to some guy named Ohm. ANSWER: current [10] The surface integral of the electric field with respect to a differential square on the surface. The Poynting vector generally represents this quantity which can be measured in watts per square meter. ANSWER: electromagnetic or energy flux [10] This is the opposite of the path integral of the electric field with respect to an arbitrary path in that field. Mike Sorice would like to remind you: dude, this only applies when the field is conservative. ANSWER: electrostatic or electric potential or potential difference or voltage 7. Given a famous archaeological site, identify the country in which they are found, FTPE: [10] Built early in the twelfth century for King Suryavarman, an excellent example of Khmer temple architecture at the Angkor Wat complex appears on the flag of this country. ANSWER: Cambodia [10] Named one of the New Open World Corporation’s "New Seven Wonders of the World," Petra is referenced in the Dead Sea Scrolls and is located in the valley between the Dead Sea and Gulf of Aqaba in this nation. ANSWER: Jordan [10] This country's Lake Mungo site is the site of excavation of the Mungo Man, the oldest modern human remains in this country, and Mungo Lady, the oldest cremated remains ever discovered. ANSWER: Australia 8. Answer the following about the beliefs of primitive people, FTPE: [10] This work, by James Frazer, examines the meanings of myths in which heroic leaders renew their countries through self-sacrifice. It takes its name from an offering Aeneas makes to get into Hades in the Aeneid. ANSWER: The Golden Bough [10] In The Golden Bough, Frazer postulated many types of this such as contagious, sympathetic, and homeopathic. An example of the homeopathic type is summoning rain by pouring water on parched soil. ANSWER: magic [10] This man also studied the beliefs and mentality of ancient people. He wrote six books on the subject, including Primitive Mentality and Primitive Mythology. ANSWER: Lucien Lèvy-Bruhl 9. Answer the following concerning various independence movements from around the world, FTPE: [10] Neither the murder of Pierre Laporte in 1970 nor two failed referendums in 1980 and 1995 have dissuaded the nationalist movement in this Canadian province, which had promised a third referendum had they won an early 2007 provincial election. ANSWER: Quebec [10] Secessionist parties in this country include the Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliante and the Vlaams Belan, both of which seek independence for this country’s Dutch-speaking people. ANSWER: Belgium [10] Movements for independence on this island have included the Grito de Lares revolt led by Ramon Emeterio Betances and various indigenous resistances led by Taino chieftains such as Arasibo, Hayuya, and Jumacao. ANSWER: Puerto Rico

10. Integrals of the form e to the minus x-squared with respect to x from minus infinity to infinity, these objects have a high degree of utility in statistics and other areas. FTPE: [10] Name these objects, the aforementioned of which is equal to root pi. They arise when evaluating expectations from a normal distribution, with which they share a German mathematician namesake. ANSWER: Gaussian integrals (accept Gaussian error functions; prompt on “error functions”) [10] One way to evaluate Gaussian integrals is to convert to these coordinates, usually denoted r and theta. They’re related to Cartesian coordinates by the transform x equals r cosine theta, y equals r sine theta. ANSWER: circular polar coordinates [10] Generalized Gaussian integrals can be evaluated in terms of this type of function, specifically the confluent type of the second kind, which are denoted U and also called Tricomi functions. ANSWER: hypergeometric functions 11. This work centers on Argan, the title character, who is partly cured of the titular issue through a ruse of Berald and Toinette, after which he allows his daughter Angelique to marry Cleante. FTPE: [10] Name this play. ANSWER: The Imaginary Invalid (or The Hypochondriac or Le Malade imaginaire) [10] The Imaginary Invalid was the final work of this writer, who finished it after Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme and Les Femmes savants. ANSWER: Molière or Jean-Baptiste Poquelin [10] In the beginning of The Imaginary Invalid, Argan has ordered Angelique to marry this doctor-to-be in order to obtain his services gratis. ANSWER: Thomas Diaforius (accept either) 12. Answer the following concerning the U.S. Campaign in the Pacific, 1942-1945. [10] The first major land action against the Japanese took place on this island; the battle centered on Japanese efforts to retake Henderson Field before being chased off of this Solomon Island. ANSWER: Guadalcanal [10] Admiral Isoruku Yamamoto’s bomber was ambushed by a flight of P-38s led by Captain Thomas Lanphier and shot down over this island, the largest of the Solomon Islands. ANSWER: Bougainville Island [10] Actually consisting of four related battles, including those of the Sibuyan Sea and of Surigao Strait, this large campaign saw the first use of kamikaze tactics and was the last major naval action in the Pacific theater. ANSWER: Battle of Leyte Gulf 13. Werner notably separated a mixture of this type, while Pasteur identified the existence of this type of isomerism in tartaric acid. FTPE: [10] Name these types of isomers, nonsuperimposable mirror image compounds that are often optically active. ANSWER: enantiomers (or enantiomorphs; prompt on "optical isomers") [10] A mixture of two optically active enantiomers that does not rotate the plane of polarization of light is known as this. ANSWER: a racemate (or racemic mixture) [10] These are atoms in enantiomers where interchanging two groups produces another enantiomer. Commonly tetrahedral carbons, the Cahn-Ingold-Prelog rules assign each one an R or S. ANSWER: stereocenters (or chiral centers or stereogenic centers) 14. Answer the following questions about the English mucking around in South Africa FTPE: [10] In this 1879 war, the British suffered a number of early defeats, such as at Rorke’s Drift and at Hlobane, but were able to recover and eventually smash their opponents’ army at their capital of Ulundi. ANSWER: Anglo-Zulu War [10] This king, son of a half brother of Shaka, led the Zulu throughout the war. ANSWER: Cetshwayo kaMpande (accept Cetewayo, Cetywajo, or Ketchwayo) [10] This first major battle of the Anglo-Zulu War was an assault by the Zulu on the main English camp, in which the English forces under Brevet Colonel Henry Pulleine were wholly outmaneuvered and massacred after making a final stand in the camp. ANSWER: Battle of Isandlwana

15. Harry Domin is the manager of the central company, and his wife Helena Glory has ethical issues with his business. FTPE: [10] Name work in which Primus and Helena spare Alquist after the title figures kill humanity because Dr. Gall gave them souls. ANSWER: Rossum's Universal Robots or R.U.R. or Rossumovi univerzalni roboti [10] This Czech who wrote R.U.R. also documented humanity's fight against the Andrias scheuchzeri species in War With the Newts. ANSWER: Karel Capek [10] In this Capek short story, Ferdinand Kugler is fascinated to hear of all the bad things he's done and how they've affected others. The story details a trial in heaven that sees God testify against Kugler. ANSWER: "The Last Judgment" 16. The opposing multiregional model claims, for example, that the Ngandong subspecies of Homo sapiens gave rise to Aboriginal Australians. FTPE: [10] Name this biological claim that is formally known as the monogenesis model and that is colloquially known for the continent that the hypothetical Homo sapiens ancestor left. ANSWER: the Out of Africa model (accept word forms like African model) [10] Both multiregional and monogenesis models hold that this upright ancestor species of Homo sapiens arose in Africa. Exemplified by Peking Man and Java Man, it was responsible for the Olduvai tool culture. ANSWER: Homo erectus [10] The Out of Africa model claims that this specific subspecies of Homo sapiens, descended from the Saldanha, contemporaneous with Neanderthals, and named for a river basin, left Africa around 100,000 years ago. ANSWER: Homo sapiens klasies 17. American folk songs inspired a lot of things, especially the music of Aaron Copland. FTPE: [10] The Quaker melody Simple Gifts, which mentions turning and turning until one comes round right, makes an appearance in this Martha Graham-commissioned ballet about Pennsylvania farmers. ANSWER: Appalachian Spring [10] This Copland ballet features a lot of folksy songs in movements like "Mexican Dance and Finale," and "Gun Battle." The main character of this ballet is chased and eventually killed by Pat Garrett. ANSWER: Billy the Kid [10] This final section from Copland's Rodeo features theme's such as "Ms. McLeod's Reel," "Gilderoy," and the American folk song "Bonaparte's Retreat." After the recapitulation of "Bonaparte's Retreat," the Cowgirl and Wrangler kiss in this movement. ANSWER: "Hoe-Down" 18. You will be given song lyrics and descriptions with Donald Taylor's name replacing those of title characters. Name the album that those songs appear on FTPE (note: don't insert Donald's name into the album title, just give the real title): [10] One track from this album notes "Lovely Donald meter maid" three times, while another instructs the listener to "Picture yourself in a boat on the river, / with tangerine trees and marmalade skies," before talking about "Donald in the sky with diamonds." ANSWER: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Beatles) [10] The singer of this album claimed that he met "Darlin Donald" "in a hotel lobby / masturbating with a magazine," while the title song of this album claims "I only wanted 2 see u laughing" in the title phenomenon. ANSWER: Purple Rain (Prince) [10] On one track of this album, the singer exhorts "Donald don't lose that number / you don't want to call nobody else." The title track talks about touring the Southland, meeting Napoleon, and asks "Where did you get those shoes?" ANSWER: Pretzel Logic (Steely Dan)

19. A slave is taught a geometry lesson, in which he doubles a square in area. FTPE: [10] Name this early Platonic dialogue that opens with the title character asking Socrates if virtue can be taught. It discusses the meaning of virtue and somewhat establishes the Socratic method. ANSWER: the Meno [10] This other Platonic dialogue sees Socrates, Aristophanes, Alcibiades, Agathon, and three others speak at the title dinner party about the nature of love. ANSWER: the Symposium [10] Protarchus is sitting around listening to this dialogue. Socrates and the title character argue over which is better: the enjoyment of pleasure and delight, or wisdom, intelligence, and memory. ANSWER: the Philebus 20. Answer the following about the British and American campaigns outside Philadelphia, 1777-1778, FTPE: [10] In this battle, which took place on September 11 (never forget) in the area around Chadds Ford, George Washington was outflanked and driven from his positions along its eponymous creek, as the British crossed a ford he’d neglected to defend and landed squarely on his right flank. ANSWER: Battle of Brandywine Creek [10] Driven into some rather infamous winter quarters at Valley Forge, Washington reformed his army under the aegis of this Prussian baron, who greatly improved drill, sanitation and military discipline in general. ANSWER: Baron Friedrich von Steuben [10] In this battle, later dramatized for revolutionary propagandist purposes, Major General Charles Grey’s forces ambushed troops under “Mad” Anthony Wayne near the namesake tavern, suffering only nine casualties and routing the American division. ANSWER: Battle of Paoli Tavern or Paoli Massacre

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