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Volume 61, Number 3

2—National Commandant 3—Indiana Squadron 9-11—Ebb Tide - Auxiliary

Recruiter Of The Year Banquet Hosted By Navy Club USA
Event Held at the Exclusive Pier 7 located at the Channel Inn on the Potomac

“Keep the Fleet to Keep the Peace”

Send all Quarterdeck correspondence— (inquiries, advertising, subscriptions, etc.) to NCUSA nat. Exec. Secretary E.R. Gene Backofen, 9116 Aboite Ctr. Rd. Fort Wayne, IN 46804-2709 1-800-628-7265 All QD copy to Chairman, Bruce Backofen, 13630 Eglin Dr., Carmel, IN 46032 317-506-6706 Quarterdeck Editor—Doug Boren, P.O. Box 9731, Ft. Wayne, IN 46899 Phone: 260-478-7200 Fax: 260-747-2304 Email: Ebb Tide Editor– Judith L. Gainey 124 E. Front St., Delphi, Indiana, 46923 Phone: 765-564-6147

Pictures courtesy of the US Navy

Winter 2005

Navy Club of the United States of America

Commandant Comments
After taking office, I had instructed the Public Affairs Committee to improve the website. The chart shows that the “hits” have increased greatly. I urge everyone to visit the site as it is constantly being updated. Members of Ship # 35 Parent Body and Auxiliary, PNC Judy Gainey and I attended the “Change of Command Ceremony” for NRD-Indianapolis on October 16 at the War Memorial in Indianapolis. On October 21, Judy and I went to Great Lakes Naval Training Center and attended the “Change of Command Ceremony”, accompanied by PNC Russ Alsteen and PNC Bernie Johnson. Judy and I went to Washington, D.C. in November. On November 10, we went to the Vietnam Wall for a special ceremony to dedicate a plaque honoring those service men and women who have died since 1975 from effects of the Vietnam War. We then marched in a candlelight vigil past the Wall. We also saw the new (and way overdue) World War II Memorial. It is very beautiful at night. On November 11, Judy and I went to Arlington National Cemetery for the laying of the wreath by President Bush at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. We joined others in the amphitheatre as the President spoke about Veterans and the sacrifices made for freedom. After the ceremony, I spoke to some members of a Sea-Bee organization. We then went to a reception hosted by the NonCommissioned Officers Association of the United States of America. National Auxiliary Commandant Shirley Cornelius, PSC Norm Cornelius, PNC Judy Gainey and I traveled back out to Washington, D.C. We visited Arlington National Cemetery on Wednesday afternoon, December 1. We witnessed the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and saw the gravesites of President John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. On Thursday, we met with other NCUSA and Auxiliary members and hosted a luncheon for the Recruiters of the Year from Naval Recruiting Command. Also present were Admiral and Mrs. Tidd and Admiral Fowler, Chief of Naval Recruit Command. I was honored to present a Navy Club watch to these great men and women of the Navy and Naval Reserves. I spoke to them about how vital their job of seeing that we have the best Navy. That 2

evening, we attended the ceremony honoring the Recruits and their families at the Navy Memorial in downtown Washington. On Friday morning, we went to the National Mall and toured the Vietnam Wall and the World War II Memorial. We then went to the American Legion Post in Manheim, Pennsylvania. I witnessed National Auxiliary Commandant Shirley Cornelius performing the Commissioning Ceremony and Installation of Officers for Navy Club of Lancaster Ship # 166 Auxiliary. At the first of the new year, we were saddened by the news of the deaths of PNC Franklin Littleton (Ship # 12) and National Junior Executive Officer Ken Fiedler (Ship # 91).



Established in 1943

We invite you all, to visit our fast growing Club. We have a great pool table, a big screen TV, and tremendous members. It’s the ONLY Club with a “Ship on Wheels”!
(219) 422-0073 1602 Wells Street Fort Wayne, Indiana



Navy Club of Rockford Ship #1
2324 Charles Street Rockford, Illinois

Winter 2005

Navy Club of the United States of America

Recr uiter of the Year Program
Navy Recruiting Command (CNRC) honored its top recruiters during its annual Recruiter of the Year (ROY) festivities in Washington, Nov. 29 - Dec. 3. Nine of the Navy's best recruiters were treated to luncheons, office calls and visits to local attractions during the week, which culminated with an awards ceremony at the U.S. Navy Memorial Dec. 2. This yearly event provides an opportunity to give recognition to those individuals who exemplify the best of our Navy's top recruiters. In addition to the honor itself, the focus is on providing some much deserved R & R and recognition to the spouses of the recruiters who are an integral part of the overall recruiting process. The Navy Club USA hosted the Top recruiters and their wives along with Rear Adm. Jeffrey L. Fowler, commander, Navy Recruiting Command and several other members of the CNRC at a luncheon on Dec. 2 at the Pier 7 Restaurant on the banks of the Potomac. National Commandant Archie Gainey presented watches to the ROY winners and we heard from VADM Emmett H. Tidd - USN(RET) who founded this program when he was the Commander of NRC. Admiral Fowler presented Commandant Gainey a picture to honor the participation of Navy Club USA in this event. Roy Winner Yeoman 2nd Class (SW/AW) Cory Bullock, Enlisted Recruiter of the Year also received the Lt. Cmdr. Richard H. Dodge Memorial Award for recruiting excellence. Dodge served in the Navy for 30 years, including several tours of duty in recruiting. He continued staying involved in the Navy after his retirement. His lifetime of devoted support for Navy Recruiting was formally recognized by the Secretary of the Navy just prior to his death in 1989 when he was awarded the Navy's highest civilian award, the Navy's distinguished Public Service Award. Later that year, Rear Adm. Henry McKinney, CNRC, established a perpetual award in his memory to honor each year's enlisted recruiters of the year Speaking for the other recipients, Yeoman Bullock stated "We're very grateful; this has been the best week of my Navy career so far. It is a turning point in my career." The Navy top recruiters for 2004 were: Yeoman 2nd Class (SW/AW) Cory C. Bullock, Enlisted Recruiter of the Year, Active Component (AC) and Navy Counselor 1st Class Juan C. Lamogliachinchilla, Enlisted Recruiter of the Year, Reserve Component (RC), Lt. Jerry R. Haywald, Officer Recruiter of the Year, AC; Lt. Julia W. Jones, Officer Recruiter of the Year, RC; Personnelman 2nd Class (SW/AW) Angela R. Evans, Classifier of the Year, AC; Electrician's Mate 1st Class (SW/AW) Derrick E. Kpodo-Klegeson, Diversity Enlisted Recruiter of the Year, AC; Navy Counselor 1st Class Andrea R. Martin, Diversity Enlisted Recruiter of the Year, RC and Lt. Jessie Gee, Diversity Officer Recruiter of the Year, AC.

The National Convention of Navy Club USA will be held on June 9-12, 2005 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The location for this year’s convention is the Fort Wayne Marriott at 305 W. Washington Center Rd. For More information contact PNC Stephen Olinger at 260-485-3846 or e-mail him at Additional information and a registration form can be found on the Navy Club website at: Thanks again to USS Indianapolis Ship 35 for hosting Squadron Staff at the Old Fort Benjamin Harrison. As always, a job well done! NCUSA National Commandant Archie Gainey, National MAA Bruce Backofen and myself had the pleasure to attend NRD Indianapolis' Annual Command Training and Awards Banquet at the Radisson Hotel in Merrillville, Indiana. The Navy Recruiting District covers most of the state of Indiana, 9 counties in Northern Kentucky, 14 counties in Southwest Ohio, and 4 counties in Eastern Illinois. In all, the District contains 35 Recruiting Stations, seven Satellite Offices and is staffed with 164 active duty sailors. NCUSA Indiana Squadron awarded several ROM Jackets during the banquet. The 64th Annual Indiana Squadron Convention is just around the corner and will be hosted by Navy Club of Lafayette Ship 12, March 11-13, 2005. Mark your calendars and plan on attending! - Eric Newman IN Squadron Commander

National Convention 2005

Indiana Squadron


Winter 2005

Navy Club of the United States of America

“Always Looking for New Members”

Meeting: Second Tuesday of Each Month

News From All Ports
Navy Club of Rockford - Ship #1 New officers were installed on February 5. The club sent over 500 Freedom packages to the soldiers for Christmas. The ship is preparing to host the National Staff meetings on April 16 and the Auxiliary Commandant Testimonial on the evening of April 16 at the Harmony Club in Rockford. Leonard Socha and Theodore Dvorak. Navy Club of Fort Wayne - Ship #48 The ship put together a basket full of useful items for one of their member families for Christmas. The Holidays were great thanks to the festive atmosphere of the season and Jan Fisher and her group who decorated the clubhouse. Elections were held on February 8th and we are planning our events for the year. With the NASCAR-Nextel Race season starting we will have special events taking place. Navy Club of Racine – Ship #60 Ship 60 donated funds to a local Veteran for a new bed and held a Bingo Party at the “Vets Place” to provide various sorts of aid to the Vets at the center. We also donated funds to help bring the traveling Viet Nam Memorial to Racine in 2005. The ship also donated to a program sending nonmilitary issued items to our troops in Iraq. Navy Club of Massena - Ship #238 We were pleased to participate in presenting Ship 238 Ball Caps to our Navy Club Brothers and Sisters in area nursing homes this past December. Navy Club of New Haven – Ship #245 The ship was saddened to have Jim & Kathy retire from their role as managers of the Club. A retirement party was held on December 18. New officers were elected and we want to wish Scott Strong (our new Commander) and his new crew a tremendous cruise. A special thanks goes out to all who helped in the recent renovations and cleanup. Ship #245 invites everyone to come and see our new carpet. Navy Club of Reading – Ship #258 We had a tremendous time this last quarter with guests like Joe Yanicheck and Joe Toth providing tremendous information. Our color guard participated in the King Frost Parade and was second in the special category. Our Christmas Party included a local entertainer who was loved by all in attendance.



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Navy Club of Lafayette - Ship #12 Hello Shipmates! Navy Club of Lafayette, Ship 12 elected officers for the 2005 Cruise on January 6th.Immediately following the election, the staff was honored to have Dan Roadruck, PNC on board to install them. Congratulations to the newly elected officers. Navy Club of USS Indianapolis – Ship #35 New officers were installed by National Commandant Archie Gainey at the conclusion of the Indiana Squadron staff meeting that was hosted on 22 January by Ship #35. Plans are underway for the upcoming race season and Ship 35 is looking for a few good men (and women) to help us at the Memorial 500, the Brickyard and the Formula 1 race. Progress is being made on the Deryck Hallal Memorial Scholarship with new Ship 35 Chaplain Jeff Hallal joining the committee. Navy Club of Kenosha - Ship #40 The Annual Christmas Party was held on December 6 at the David Leet American Legion Post. On December 7 we held our Pearl Harbor memorial Service at Navy Park. We were saddened at the home going of two shipmates


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Winter 2005

Navy Club of the United States of America

News From All Ports

Navy Club of Orleans County – Ship #269 We were proud to Observe Pearl Harbor Day on December 7th at the Holly Canalside Gazebo. The rain stopped just before the event started. The event was a great success. Our ship has come into possession of two boats that we are converting into canal boats for touring the canal this summer.

NAVY CLUB OF THE USA Reading, PA Ship #258

U.S. Navy Provides Tremendous Sea-Based Capability in Relief Effort for Tsunami Victims
Deputy Commander Naval Forces, Combined Support Force (CSF) 536, Rear Adm. Victor G. Guillory, hosted a Department of Defense (DoD) briefing on Operation Unified Assistance, the post-tsunami relief effort, Jan. 14. Currently, more than 15,000 Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen, 24 U.S. naval ships and one Coast Guard vessel are providing aid to the people of the stricken region and have distributed more than 2.7 million pounds of relief supplies, as identified by the host nation. “Our efforts here continue to provide humanitarian assistance and disaster relief to the many people who were afflicted by the Dec. 26 earthquake and tsunami,” said Guillory. “Speaking on behalf of the Sailors and Marines who represent the naval forces supporting this relief effort, we are proud to be part of this global effort to help the afflicted nations reach the road to recovery.” According to Guillory, Naval Forces CSF-536 is moving from a supply-based strategy of pushing immediate relief supplies to the people who need food, water and medicine, to more of a targeted effort that is the product of assessments by government and non-government organizations; basically providing surgical delivery that is more in tune with where the forces are in the operations. Article Courtesy of the Navy News. Written By Journalist 2nd Class James Kimber 5

Just 1 block from the famous Vanity Fair Outlets Come shop all day and join us for coffee that PM. For more info call Mike @ 610-926-5521


Navy Club of USS KIDD – Ship #661 Our December meeting was held at the Louisiana War Veterans home. We played Bingo served refreshments and enjoyed spending the day with those who are living in the facility. We were able to donate several items that the residents needed. Our January meeting was held at the Cracker Barrel General store.


USS HORNET DET N 1950-69 (CV12/VS-35/VS-37/HS-2/VAW-11) 14-17 April 05 Contact: Dave Shrode E-Mail: USS WOODROW WILSON 21-25 April 05 - Charleston, SC Contact: Mel Cross - 360-830-4224 E-Mail: USS WAHOO (SS 565) 5-7 May 05 - San Diego, CA Contact: Tom Young - 603-362-5781 E-Mail:

Gr eat Lakes Day

April 15

Winter 2005

Navy Club of the United States of America

Legislative Report
37 Park Avenue Lockport, New York 14094
Honoring our Fallen Soldiers and Family Act of 2005 Bill # S42 Original Sponsor: George Allen (R-VA) About this legislation: A bill to amend title 10, United States Code, to increase the death gratuity payable with respect to deceased members of the Armed Forces, and for other purposes Montgomery GI Bill Enhancement Act of 2005 Bill # H.R.269 Original Sponsor: Dave Camp (R-MI) About this legislation: To amend title 38, United States Code, to provide for certain service members to become eligible for educational assistance under the Montgomery GI Bill. Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that a "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day" should be established. Bill # H.RES.30 Original Sponsor: Linda Sanchez (D-CA) About this legislation: Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that a "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day" should be established. Veterans get 2.7% cost-of-living increase in disability compensation Millions of veterans and eligible family members will see their disability compensation, pension and survivors' benefits increased. "We want all veterans with disabilities related to the defense of our country to receive the benefits they have earned," said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Anthony J. Principi. "With this increase, we ensure their payments keep pace with the cost of living." 6 A recent law signed by President Bush provides a 2.7 percent increase in disability compensation and survivors' benefits. Eligible veterans and family members can expect to see this increase in their January checks. Under the veterans disability compensation program, tax-free payments generally range from $108 to $2,299 per month depending on the degree of disability. Special payments up to $6,576 per month apply to the most severely injured veterans. New Law Allows Higher Limits In VA Home Loan Program Legislation recently signed by President Bush makes home ownership more affordable for many veterans. Changes under the law mean veterans will be able to get no-down payment loans of up to $359,700. The previous ceiling was $240,000. “Now, more than ever, veterans will be able to make their dreams of home ownership a reality,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Anthony J. Principi. The changes took effect Dec. 10 when President Bush signed into law the Veterans Benefits Improvement Act of 2004. The law also allows for loan limits to keep pace with rising home values. The new law allows VA to guarantee one-year adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) and it extends, through 2008, VA's "hybrid ARM program," which allows veterans to lock in a favorable interest rate for at least three years.

(716) 433-2457

Stop by and enjoy our Club Rooms

The Navy Club of Lebanon
Holds their meetings the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 1930 hours

Club Phone (717) 273-1899 Ship 91
Can’t make the meetings with your Shipmates? We’d like to hear from you anytime. So write to us: 1501 Lehman Street P.O. Box 1383 Lebanon, PA 17042-1383

Winter 2005

Navy Club of the United States of America Club; United Clubs Association; Myerstown VFW; Veterans Advisory Council; and Lebanon Maennerchor Club. Surviving in addition to his wife are son Kenneth M. Fidler Jr. of Columbia SC.; daughter Karen, wife of Daryl L Artz of Lebanon; brothers Harry R. Fidler of Bethel and Stanley W. Fidler of Jonestown; sisters Carol, wife of Dan Sheffy of Jonestown; Carolyn, wife of Dennis Stoner of Schaefferstown; and Ann, wife of Elam Light of Annville; and three grandchildren.

Franklin D. Littleton
Franklin D. Littleton was a Past National Commandant of the Navy Club of the United States of America. He remained active in his local ship Navy Club of Lafayette Ship 12 and was also past Indiana Squadron Commander. We Honor his service, his integrity and his dedication to his fellow man. The following is the obituary that appeared in his local paper: Franklin D. Littleton, 70, of Lafayette, died at 3:20 a.m. Friday, Dec. 31, 2004, in Home Hospital. Born April 16, 1934, in Lafayette, he was a lifelong resident and attended Jefferson High School. He married Elsie Christian in Williamsport on Dec. 16, 1954. She survives. Mr. Littleton worked as a lineman for General Telephone for 17 years. He was a Navy veteran, and was appointed to serve as a commissioner for the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs by Gov. Frank O'Bannon. He was a member of St. Boniface Catholic Church, and was a life member and past commander of the American Legion Post 11. He was named a Legionnaire of the Year in the 1970s. He was a life member and past National Commandant of the Navy Club, and served as Squadron Commander and was named Shipmate of the Year in the mid1980s. He was a life member and past State Commander of the Disabled American Veterans and was State Recruiter of the Year in 1992. In 1994, he

was named Sagamore of the Wabash by Gov. Evan Bayh and a Kentucky Colonel by Governor Brereton Jones. On June 17, 1994, state Rep. Sheila Klinker endorsed a resolution in the Indiana House of Representatives honoring him for his work in veterans affairs. He organized the local club of Korean War veterans and served as their president for four years. He also organized the Indiana Korean War Veterans and served as their president for six years. Surviving with his wife are a son, Terry Littleton (wife: Carolyn) of Lafayette; and two daughters, Joanne Wert (husband: Jim) of Monticello and Karen King (husband: Vic) of Lafayette.

Condolences for our Departed Shipmates
Franklin D. Littleton, PNC Ship No. 12 Joseph Murrill Ship No. 32 Theodore J. Dvorak Ship No. 40 Leonard V. Socha Ship No. 40 Commander Larry Budd Ship No. 48 Russell Hoeth Ship No. 60 Charles Dudine Ship No. 90 Marvin Humbert Ship No. 90 Clarence J. Arnold, Jr. Ship No. 91 Aladin J. D'Angelo Ship No. 91 David M. Ditzler Jr. Ship No. 91 Eugene Donmoyer Ship No. 91 Kenneth M. Fidler Sr. Ship No. 91 Gordon W. Griffiths Ship No. 91 Joseph V. Kelly Ship No. 91 John E. Sheets Ship No. 91 Arthur W. Hettinger Ship No. 258

Kenneth M. Fidler Sr.
Kenneth was a member of the National staff of Navy Club USA and served this past year as the National Junior Executive Officer. He was active in his home ship in Lebanon PA Ship 91 and served on the Squadron level. Kenneth will be missed. Below is the obituary that appeared in his local paper: Kenneth M. Fidler Sr., 64 of 1226 E. Chestnut St. Lebanon, died Friday Jan. 7, 2005 in Good Samaritan Hospital. He was the husband of Patricia Mavretic Fidler, to whom he was married 40 years in May. Born August 10, 1940 in Bethel Township, he was a son of the late Melvin Richard and Grace Rhoads Fidler. He was a 1958 Graduate of Lebanon High School and a Marine Corps Veteran. He was a carpenter and retired from the Lebanon VA Medical Center. He was a member and commander of the Navy Club of Lebanon Ship 91; the American Legion posts in Annville and Lebanon; 40&8 7

Nominations for Shipmate of the Year
Now is the time to be preparing your nominations for the shipmate of the year award. We know there are many members who deserve to win this coveted award. We need every ship to nominate somebody who is deserving of this prestigious honor. Here is the procedure 1. Write a letter on plain white paper detailing the reason for your selection of this person. 2. Do not include their name on this document or your ship number or location.

Winter 2005

Navy Club of the United States of America

3. Send a separate envelope that has the information on who the person is and the ship they are from 4. Send this information to Bruce Backofen, Chairman Quarterdeck Commission, 13630 Eglin Dr. Carmel, IN 46032

This process allows the committee to read the letters without prejudice to who the person may be or where they are from. Make certain you include the separate sealed envelope with their name and ship number so if they are selected, we will be able to honor them properly. Send this letter in at least 30 days prior to the national Convention in June.

V eterans Affairs

Jim Nicholson is a patriot, a man of deep conviction, who has answered his country's call many times," Bush said of his nominee. Nicholson has been ambassador to the Holy See in Vatican City since August 2001. "Jim has worked with the Vatican to advance many vital foreign policy goals, including fighting poverty, hunger, AIDS, expanding religious liberty around the world and ending the brutal practice of human trafficking," Bush said. Nicholson was chairman of the Republican National Committee from 1997 to 2000. He was an Army Ranger and a paratrooper during the Vietnam War. Nicholson said his experiences as a cadet at West Point and as a soldier "have defined my life, shaped my abilities and my desire to serve." "Our military is the pride of our country, " he said. "We can't pay them enough to do

the things that we ask of them: the sacrifices, the separations, the heroics. "They answer the call for one reason: Their Evans to again lead country needs them. Our country depends on Democrats on them, and they have never, ever let us down. Veterans Affairs panel We must not let them down either." The Department of Veterans Affairs is Congressman Lane Evans Ranking the second largest in the federal govern- Democrat Member of House Veterans ment. The secretary is in charge of 219,000 Affairs Committee personnel, responsible for a nationwide system of health care services, benefits House Democrats programs and national cemeteries for U.S. today voted to veterans and dependents. reappoint Rep. The Senate must confirm Nicholson's Lane Evans (D-IL) nomination. Confirmation hearings have as the Ranking been scheduled for Margaret Spellings, Member of the nominated for education secretary, on House Veterans January 6, and Condoleezza Rice, nominatAffairs Committee. ed for secretary of state, on January 18-19. "I very much

Congressman Steve Buyer (pronounced Boo-yer) is in his sixth term in the U.S House of Representatives. He represents the Fourth District of Indiana that includes all or part of 12 counties in West Central Indiana. Congressman Buyer is a 1980 distinguished military graduate (DMG) of The Citadel. Upon graduation, he was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Army Reserve as a Medical Service Corps Officer. After graduation from Valparaiso Law School, Congressman Buyer's branch transferred to the Judge Advocate General Corps and was called to active duty for a period of three years.

New House Veterans Affairs Chairman announced
Congressman Steve Buyer new Chairman of House Veterans Affairs Committee

appreciate my colleagues' expression of support and I look forward to leading the committee for my caucus and facing the challenges that will come before us in the 109th Congress," said Evans.

Official Winter 2005 Insertion for Quarterdeck Publication from LADIES AUXILIARY to the NAVY CLUB *USA

National Auxiliary Commandant’s Report

I hope everyone had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving with family and friends. After the holiday, I went to Washington, D.C. in December for R.O.Y. week. My husband Norm and I left on Tuesday, Dec. 2nd, to meet the National Commandant Archie Gainey and PNC Judy Gainey in Indiana. Then it was on to Washington. We visited Arlington National Cemetery where we saw all of the Kennedy graves and the Women’s Memorial. We witnessed the changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. On Thursday at noon, we met with the recruiters and their spouses, had lunch along with a little ceremony. At the Head Table were National Commandant Archie Gainey, PNC Judy Gainey, Rear Admiral Jeffrey Fowler, Commander of Naval Recruiting Command, and his charming wife Sue, Rear Admiral Emmett Tidd and his lovely wife “Mugsy”, National Executive Secretary PNC Gene Backofen and myself. Master Chief Evelyn Banks and several other Navy people sat at other tables with members of Navy Club U.S.A. and Auxiliary. That evening, we attended a reception at the U.S. Navy Memorial for the

Recruiters and their spouses. These young men and women have such inspiration and all of them excel at what they do. RADM Vern Clark, Chief of Naval Operations, was the guest speaker. He spoke to these young Recruiters with respect and admiration. I was so impressed by the fact that each spouse filled out an information sheet to tell things about how the Recruiting life affects them and what their goals are for their spouses. RADM Clark read some of these comments to the audience. In the museum, they have a wall for outstanding service members and there was my favorite, John Wayne. On Friday, we went to the Vietnam Wall where I found my two cousins’ names. We also saw the Lincoln Memorial and the new World War II Memorial. We also drove by the Pentagon and saw where the plane hit on September 11. In the afternoon, we drove to Pennsylvania. The men and women of Navy Club of Lancaster Ship # 166 hosted a dinner for us. I was then honored to perform the Commissioning and Installation of Officers for Ship # 166 Auxiliary. Congratulations, ladies. What an honor it was for me. I’m so proud of you. I wish you a great cruise. We have recently commissioned two new Auxiliaries and hopefully, we will be getting two more before June. Wow, what a great way to improve our membership. On January 8th, I attended the Illinois Squadron Staff Meeting in Peoria. I was sorry that I could not attend the Installation of Officers for Navy Club of New Haven Ship # 245 Auxiliary. Congratulations to all the new Officers. I am proud of you and hope you have a wonderful cruise. Great job, everyone. Shirley Cornelius National Commandant

Americanism Contest for 2005
The National Americanism Committee of the Navy Club USA Auxiliary will be conducting their second annual Americanism essay contest. This year’s topic is “What the American Flag Means to Me”. The entry should be 300 words or less and should be anonymous. The name and address of the writer should be enclosed in a plain envelope attached to the essay. There is no age or membership requirement for the entry. The entry should be sent to National Shipswriter Carol Olinger at 4627 Innsbruck Dr. Fort Wayne, IN 46835 no later than May 1, 2005 Americanism Committee Sue Uber (32), Chairman Adeline Coe (245) Priscilla Ebright (91) NOTE: Adeline Coe was incorrectly listed in the last issue as a member of Ship # 48 Auxiliary

Parliamentary Pointers
Hello to all members. I hope you had wonderful holidays. The Constitution and By-Laws Committee has been working on the National By-Laws to update them. Thanks to Ruth Heerdt from Ship # 1 Auxiliary for putting the By-Laws into a computer program where it can be updated. I would also like to request that each Auxiliary send a copy of their By-Laws to me so I will be able to check them for continuity from National, to Squadron to local. Please mail them to PNC Judy Gainey at 124 E. Front St. in Delphi, IN 46923. I will be discussing the responsibilities of Officers along with some helpful hints. Each officer has duties to perform during


Winter 2005
meetings as well as during the course of the year of her term. The Commander is the presiding Officer at all meetings. She should familiarize herself with the National, Squadron her Auxiliary By-Laws, and Roberts Rules of Order Revised, as it is her duty to adhere to the rules of the Auxiliary and make sure all her members do the same. She should make careful appointments of Officers and Chairpersons, noting the strengths of her members and matching them to the tasks. The Commander should set an agenda ahead of time and try to keep on task. She may want to meet or at least talk to the Shipswriter about the agenda. She should call her Chairmen a few days in advance and remind them of any responsibilities or reports needed at the meetings. She should start meetings on time and use proper procedures. During the meeting, she should recognize those members who wish to speak on an issue. However, she needs to keep to the business at hand. When a motion is made and seconded, the Commander should repeat the motion and state who made it and seconded it. Then she should ask for discussion. Remember that if a motion is made it must be voted on before leaving this point of business. In the Navy Club Auxiliary, the local Commander is a part of the Squadron Auxiliary Staff. The Squadron Commander is a part of the National Staff. She should be prepared to report on the Auxiliary or Squadron activities. As discussed in the last issue, if she cannot attend, it is her duty to appoint a representative and notify the Presiding Officer. Above all, the Commander must guide her staff, not do it all herself. PNC Judy Gainey National Parliamentarian Navy Club of Rockford Ship # 1 Our Auxiliary has been very busy. On October 29th, we held our annual Halloween party. On November 11th we were asked to come to Rosewood to honor the Veterans. We sang songs and honored each Veteran there. This year I got a “new beau” at Rosewood. He gave me a set of beads and he had to put them on himself. What a great honor for me. Of course we were all crying tears of gratitude. Afterwards we served cake and punch. The Auxiliary is involved with freedom packages. On November 13th we helped with a rally for freedom packages and raised $11,000 and got $1500 of products. It was very successful. Thanks to all the great Americans in this world. We had Christmas cards for everyone to sign and send a message for the holidays to the troops. We sent over 500 boxes. We got ready for a visit from that jolly old man in the red suit. He came to our Christmas party on December 19th and made every little girl and boy happy. Each child got a present and they watched the movie “Finding Nemo”. We had seventy children who were served cookies and punch. They all left with a smile. What a great day. We had our election of Officers for the next cruise. They are Commander Shirley Cornelius, Senior Exec. Officer Joy Cutsforth, Junior Exec. Officer Sue Schafer, Chaplain Marcia Corbett, Paymaster Ruth Heerdt, Historian job is open, Conductress Lynn Berg, Master-atArms Linda Harmon, Parliamentarian PNC Darlene Hiepler, and Shipswriter Missy Wilson. We will have our Installation on February 5th at the club. We will have our annual Auxiliary party on the 18th of January. Our main goal for this year is to serve the Veterans in our area. Our second goal is to increase membership in the auxiliary. We have done a few things and it has drawn some interest, so hopefully we are on the right track. Shirley Cornelius Commander Navy Club of Tippecanoe County Ship # 11 The Auxiliary held a Christmas party at a local nursing home. We dressed for the season and served punch and snacks. We led the residents in singing some old holiday favorites. We also collected money to help a family for Christmas. We continue to meet on the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00. PNC Judy Gainey Historian

Navy Club of Fort Wayne Ship # 48 We wish each of the other Ships a most happy and successful New Year. At Christmas, we helped out the family of a Veteran in our community. There was a Mother with four children in need. We purchased clothing and some little extras for the children and some remembered the Mother with personal items. There were also some grocery items given. Shortly before Christmas, we took clothing, household items and the small soaps, etc. that you get from your motel stays to Charis House. These do not take as much space there as would larger containers and it puts them to a better use than just laying in our dresser drawers. We have additional items to take but since their storage space is limited, we don’t take extremely large amounts at any one time. It has been a pleasure to have several more of our Members attending our meetings with their ideas and thoughts for our Auxiliary. We welcome them and would like to see even more. Our Membership is off to a good start and we are looking forward to a successful year. Dee Jackson Commander Navy Club of Lebanon Ship # 91 Our sympathy and prayers are with Patricia Fidler, and her family, on the death of her husband, Kenneth Fidler. Ken was the current Commander of Ship 91, Lebanon and NCUSA National Junior Executive Officer. We also note the passing of another Ship 91 member, Joseph Kelley. Joe always made sure the Auxiliary had transportation for parades or going to a convention. Condolences to his family. Ship 91 Auxiliary has closed out another busy year and we are preparing for 2005. Thanks to everyone who worked hard this year to make our Auxiliary successful. Nominations for officers are underway and will be completed at our February meeting. New ideas for fundraisers are being examined and we hope to be as successful as in the past. Lifetime memberships in Ship 91 have been awarded to Jo Anne Rudy and Marilyn Gundrum. These two women have held office, organized fundraisers, planned Children’s’ Easter and Christmas parties and spent countless hours volunteering at Ship 91. They


Winter 2005
always make the Auxiliary look good by their hard works and it is a pleasure to honor their efforts with lifetime memberships. Plaques were presented to both of them at our January meeting. Renewals @ $12.00 are open and can be mailed directly to - Marilyn J. Gundrum, 619 S. Sixth St., Lebanon, PA 17042. Meetings are held on the Second Wednesday of each month - hope to see you there!!! Happy New Year. Pray for Peace. Navy Club of Lockport Ship # 110 In November, we shopped for three needy families. We got them all the “fixins” for a nice Thanksgiving dinner and a few extras. In December, we shopped again for food and toys for three other families. We also had a special visit from Santa at the club. He brought all the children toys and candy. We had cupcakes and soda for the families. We had fun shopping for toys and wrapping gifts to make all this possible. This month, we are looking forward to new and exciting projects we are planning to do. Sandee Parker Navy Club of Lancaster County Ship # 166 The Commissioning of our Auxiliary and the Installation of Officers took place on December 3rd. We were honored that National Auxiliary Commandant Shirley Cornelius, her husband Norm, National Commandant Archie Gainey and Judy, PNC, National Auxiliary Shipswriter, Carol Olinger, her husband, Steve, PNC and Roxanne Burne, National Auxiliary Sr. Exec. Officer could be with us for our big night! We participated in the Pearl Harbor Day Event at the VA Center, Lebanon, Pa. By assisting many veterans (transporting them from room to room and through the food line). We distributed Christmas cards and gifts to the vets at our annual Ship 166 Christmas dinner for the vets. We are now in the planning stages of creating some future fundraisers and assisting our parent body in their numerous activities. We look forward to working with Andy Murphy, Pa. Squadron Liaison Officer to the Ladies Auxiliary for a successful cruise in 2005. June Walter Shipswriter Navy Club of Lakeshore Ship # 231 Officers were elected for the 2005 Cruise. They are Commander Marion Ziecker, Sr. Exec. Officer Sandra Aeschbach, Jr. Exec. Officer Sandy Porgorzelski, Paymaster Karen Kilburn, Chaplain Jean Gould, Conductress Ruby Seeley, Master-at-Arms Terrie Anderson, Shipswriter Bonnie Grimmer, Parliamentarian Connie Langan, Liaison Lyn (Smardz) Majkowski. On Sunday, January 16, 2005, fourteen members of the Parent Body and Auxiliary enjoyed a meal and then had our Installation of Officers. We are planning a big Super Bowl Party for Feb. 6. We will be having a “Chili-con-carne Cook off” in the near future. We are having a Valentine’s Dance on Saturday, February 12, from 7:00 pm to 1:00 am. The band, Big Tobacco, will be performing. We are still having snacks and chicken wings every Thursday from 5 to 9. Every Friday is Fish Fry night. Every Sunday, we have pizza parties and other snacks and watch football or NASCAR on TV. The Auxiliary is also planning a Bake Sale, a Soup supper, and a flea market later this year. Our sick Bay Report includes Connie Schoener who is still very weak. Jean Gould is still getting over the loss of her Navy husband, Alan, who passed away on Nov. 27, 2004. They were married over 50 yrs. Sandy Porgorzelski also is mourning as she lost her 44 yr. Old son on November 8, 2004. She just lost her husband in July 2003. She has her hands full taking care of her 40 yr. Daughter, who has MS. We are all working to get more members. Our weather has been cold and snowy but we will keep working on membership. Our next meeting is February 13. Marion Ziecker Commander Navy Club of New Haven Ship # 245 On October 27th we held a fundraiser for the Military Chapel on O’Day Road. We decided to sell magnetic ribbons. We raised $148.00. We still have more to sell and that money will also be donated. The ribbons are selling for $3.00 each. The children’s Halloween party was held on October 30th. Our committee did a good job. In November we gave Thanksgiving Dinners and canned goods to three families. We are still collecting disposable diapers for Charis House, a home for abused women and

children. This is an ongoing project, as they always need diapers. New carpeting was installed on Nov. 1st and 2nd. The men did a good job of picking it out. A package was sent to our Military personnel in Afghanistan. We received a letter back thanking us and requesting that we please keep them coming. We are in the process of getting another box ready to send. We lost a friend and former Auxiliary member, Sandi Klinski. We all will miss her. The Club supported three families for Christmas with toys, gift certificates and food. What a great bunch of people to participate in this each year. The Children’s Christmas Party was well attended and they had a good time with Santa Claus. I’d like to say “Special Thanks” to all the committees and everyone who helped through out the year in any way. A Big “Thank You” to the ones who helped decorate the club for the Christmas Holidays. It was beautiful. New Auxiliary Officer’s for 2005 are Commander, Donna Garstka, Sr. Executive Officer is open, Jr. Executive Officer Kate Carpenter, Paymaster Sharon Quinn, Chaplain Joan Martony, Historian Alice Hike, Conductress Margaret Mattingly, Master-at-Arms Darlene Goble, Immediate Past Commander Diana Sincler, and Shipswriter Donna Rolston. Donna Garstka Commander


Winter 2005


Ship #110
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