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									1st Waitara Cub Scouts

Canberra Trekker
A Family Weekend To Our Nation’s Capitol
(and Housewarming for the Rudd Family)

Sat 1st December – Sun 2nd December, 2007
This is the big one for Term 4 – Our Family weekend away to Canberra. Over the weekend we’ll see the biggest and best sights in Canberra – the War Memorial, Parliament House, the Space Dome & Observatory, Cotters Reserve and of course, Questacon. All this in 2 days – it will be big! We will be staying at a local Scout Hall, just a short walk from the War Memorial and right in the heart of the action. And for this trip, IT’S ALL FREE FOR THE CUBS! WHERE: COSTS: Canberra City and Hinterland Cubs are free (food and entry to all activities) Food (Non-Cubs): $20 per head Activities (For Non-Cubs): Refer attached Programme Please refer to the attached map for directions. 1st Wairara Scout Hall 6:10am, Departing: 6:30am Sharp! This will be a family weekend with all parents and family members welcome. We will be dependent on parents attending to provide transportation to and from the venue for the Cubs.


Please let Akela know if you are coming and can assist with transport for others.
WHAT TO BRING: Full Cub Uniform, Parent Permission Slip, and all the gear listed in the attached guides.

Canberra is easy to get to. All major roads heading in that direction are marked with Canberra as a destination. For those that are unfamiliar, there are two ways; one with a toll and one free. Via M2 & M7 Motorways: • Head Down Pennant Hills Rd to Pennant Hills, Turn off onto M2 Motorway and follow onto the M7. Exit at Camden Valley Way onto the Hume Highway. Total toll $8.49. Via Cumberland Highway: • Head Down Pennant Hills Rd to Pennant Hills, turn right onto James Ruse Drive at North Paramatta. James Ruse continues on and becomes Briens Road at Northmead. • Turn onto the Cumberland Highway at Wentworthville and follow the signs to Liverpool. Follow the Hume Highway to Goulburn (where we stop for a break). After Goulburn, take the Hume Highway and turn left onto the Federal Highway, again following the signs to Canberra. (See map below):

We are staying at the Duntroon-Campbell Scout Hall in Blamey Place, Campbell (again, refer the attached maps). Campbell and Blamey Place appear on the detail map of Canberra below, in the lower part of the top RH quadrant of the map.

The Duntroon-Campbell Scout Hall is located behind the Campbell Shopping Centre, which is in Blamey Place, off Blamey Crescent, Campbell. There is a parking area adjacent to the Hall or you can park behind the shops or even in the shopping centre car park. The Hall has a main open area, a foyer, a large kitchen with electric stove, fridge (with attached freezer), microwave, urns and open fire place (some wood provided). Crockery and cutlery is available in the kitchen. There are separate male and female toilets with adjacent showers. There are chairs and tables to accommodate more than 20 people. Campbell Shops include a Newsagent, small supermarket with take-away, cafe, bakery, greengrocer, Asian take-away/eat in, Bistro, Wine Cellar, Chemist, Dry Cleaner, Post Office and Hairdresser. Campbell is about 1 km from the Australian War Memorial, and Mt Ainslie Nature Park; and 2km from the northern shore of Lake Burley Griffin and the same distance from the Canberra CBD. Cycle paths around Lake Burley Griffin provide access to the National Museum, The National Gallery, The National Library, Hight Court Building and Questacon. You can also ride to Parliament House and Old Parkiament House which are both a little further away from the southern shore of the Lake. A network of fire trails in the Mt. Ainslie Nature Park can be used of "off road" cycling and there are marked walking trails to the summit of Mt. Ainslie for spectacular views accross Lake Burley Griffin to Parliamant House. There are several easy walks in the vicinity of the Scout Hall that can be included in your weekend Programme. The Campbell Memorial Parks Walk starts and finishes at Campbell Shops and takes in the urban parks around Campbell that are dedicated to our servicemen and women. The walking trail to the top of Mt Ainslie is a memorial to the Kokoda Trail. Combining either of these walks with a trip to the Australian War Memorial can qualify your Cubs for the Their Service Our Heritage Badge. As mentioned in a previous e-mail out Venturers are happy to act as guides on the weekend.


Cotters Reserve
Saturday 1 Dec Time 06:00 06:15 09:30 09:55 10:30 11:15 12:30 12:45 13:30 14:30 17:30 18:00 18:15 21:30 Location Arrive scout hall Depart scout hall Arrive Canberra Walk to War Memorial War Memorial War Memorial Return to hall Scout hall Parliament House Cotters Reserve Depart for hall Dinner Depart for Observatory Return to hall Activity

Planetarium & Observatory
Additional Full cub scout uniform Own cost Cordial, tea, coffee, fruit, biscuit or slice $1.10 per head Admission free (?) Admission free (?) Leader 1 Rolls, salad, cold meat, cheese, drink, fruit


Arrange seating, last minute packing Stop for (second) breakfast Goulburn Unpack, morning tea Meet Venturer guide Discovery Zone War Plane Museum Diorama, Pool of Remembrance, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier etc Game Lunch Tour Walking, cave tour, swimming, games

Game equipment, towels, swimmers, water shoes, sunscreen

Scout hall, kid showers, unpack bedding Planetarium Observatory Supper, bed, movie Parents time out

BBQ, salad, chips, dessert $10 Adult $12 Adult $6 Child $8 Child

Hot or cold milo, cakes or biscuits

Sunday 2nd Dec 06:30 07:00 08:00 08:45 09:00 12:30 13:30 14:00 17:00 Early walk Breakfast Clean up hall Depart hall Questacon Lunch Embassy tour Depart Arrive 1st Waitara Scout hall Go home Have lots of fun In a park / around Lake Burley Griffin $10 Child $15 Adults Salad rolls, fruit, leftovers Pack up clothes and sleeping stuff For those who cannot sleep… Eggs, bacon, tomatoes, toast, juice, coffee or tea Organise morning tea and lunch

The Town on the $5 Bill

War Memorial


Parent Information for Pack Holidays - Including a Gear List
Banned on all pack Holidays • Pocket Knives or similar. • Music machines and electronic games. • Chocolates, lollies, chips etc. • Pressure pack insect repellant (roll-on or cream OK). Rules for pack holidays 1. The responsible adult providing transport MUST speak to the leader and check cub(s) into and out of camp. 2. ALL medications are to be handed to the designated leader by an adult. All medications must be provided with precise WRITTEN instructions (These should be discussed with the leader if necessary). 3. Thongs are NOT permitted NOR are bare feet

Camp Gear - NAME ON EVERYTHING !!!!!!!
Toilet Gear • Toothbrush • Comb/brush • Toothpaste • Soap & washer • Bath towel & beach towel Mess Gear • Plastic Mug • Plastic Plate • Plastic Bowl • Knife, Fork & Spoon Odds & Ends • Torch • Sunscreen • Roll-on insect repellent or cream • Sun hat • 2 plastic bags to keep dirty clothes separate • Water bottle approx 400mls Sleeping Gear • Pillow & Pillow Slip • Sleeping bag • Foam Roll or Airbed Clothes – Labeled • 3 changes of underwear • 3 changes of knock about clothes (shorts/jeans, T shirts) • 1 track suit • 1 warm jumper or sloppy joe • 1 pair of sports shoes (these can be the ones initially worn with the uniform) • 1 pair of old shoes for swimming - IMPORTANT • At least 3 pairs of socks • 1 pyjamas • Raincoat – No umbrellas • Swimming costume Uniform (always worn to and from camp) Remember that it helps to reduce the size of the swap-a-thon after camp if as much gear as possible is named or coded so that it can be easily recognized. Brothers and sisters must have separate packs and gear.

New South Wales Branch “The Bunyas” 5 Rogers Avenue P O Box 115 Haberfield NSW 2045 Phone: 02 9799 9244 Fax: 02 9799 5460 e-mail:

FORM A1 (09/99)


1st Waitara Cub Scouts ACTIVITY Canberra Trekker Family Weekend LOCATION Duntroon-Campbell Scout Hall in Blamey Place, Campbell ACT LEAVING TIME DATE 1 December, 2007 PLACE 1st Waitara Scout Hall 6:30 AM RETURNING TIME DATE 2 December, 2007 PLACE 1st Waitara Scout Hall 5:00 PM Name of Activity Leader Phone ( 0402 ) 176 116 Akela (Ian Palmisano) Method of transport to and from activity Private transport to and from venue Cost $ 0.00 payable to by (date)

Cub scout uniform, permission note, Equipment as detailed in Parent Information Form Be at the hall by 6:10 AM. Be sure to bring something to sleep on.
EMERGENCY CONTACT If you feel that your son or daughter is overdue in returning from the activity, you should contact:

Alan Liddle
The activity The activity Both male and female Leaders will will will

Home Phone will not will not will not

(02 ) 9482 4009


(0415 ) 947 312

be under direct adult supervision involve both male and female youth members be present

PARENTS - PLEASE KEEP THE ABOVE FOR REFERENCE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PARENT CONSENT: I CONSENT TO MEMBERSHIP NO ADDRESS ATTENDING THE ORGANISED BY from OF


Ist Waitara Cub Scouts


Canberra Trekker Family Weekend 1st Waitara Cub Scouts


6:30 AM

1 December, 2007



5:00 PM


2 December, 2007



Can he or she swim?


MEDICARE NUMBER IN CASE OF EMERGENCY CONTACT I consent to his/her participation in: swimming activities



(if applicable)

water/boating activities

I authorise any officer, member or servant of The Scout Association of Australia, New South Wales Branch, in the event of any accident or illness to obtain such urgent medical assistance or treatment for the abovenamed youth member, including the administration of any anaesthetic or blood transfusion as he or she may consider expedient and for this purpose to engage any first aiders, ambulance officers, doctors, dentists, nursing assistance or hospital accommodation and in this event I agree to pay the said Association on demand all such doctors', dentists’, nurses', ambulance and hospital fees (other than fees and expenses recoverable by the said Association under any policy of insurance). Signed: Dated
FORM A1 ....1/3

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